by Andrew Pacholyk MS L,Ac ~

Self-love is probably the most important love we can do for ourselves AND others. It is very important that we love ourselves, first. When this truly occurs, the Universe allows all things to fall in to place very nicely!

Self examination is the only way to know.

1. To live feeling fully alive is our own choice and responsibility.
There are many examples of people living their passions from many different walks of life. These choices re-affirm the love and respect for ourselves.

2. Self-Love is NOT Selfishness. Selfishness is always voluntary, showing regard to our own interests and gratification, which is sought after and indulged at the expense, and sometimes, to the injury, of others.

3. Having the courage and determination to feel good is our personal business.

4. Deciding to feel good, to whatever degree we can manage, is the most important decision that we can make.

5. Spending even a few moments each day doing something
that simply delights us, increases our feeling of well-being and makes it easier to do even more of our soul’s passion and allows us to find the confidence to love and respect ourselves that much more.

6. The renewal and invigoration received from doing the activities we find absolute passion in, is so vital to the quality and performance in all aspects of the rest of our lives, that without this “fire” for our creative soul’s desire, all else positive in our lives begins to diminish and become depressed.

7. When something is so wonderfully important to our overall well-being, it is essential that we pursue it!

8. Self-love can often be found by doing something that brings out the passion in our lives. Doing exactly what it is that makes us happy. When we follow the path that we long to follow, we can always find this love in ourselves.

9. It is this passion, which gives us reason in our lives. It allows us to “see” the reasoning behind why we are here in the first place.

10. Bring your love and light to others by truly loving and respecting yourself, first.