The Number Eleven (11= 2): represents spiritual truth and communication.

People with a number eleven in their charts are often highly intuitive and have a great message to share with the world. However, they may never be heard unless they can overcome their impulsive tendencies to transpose their faults onto others. It is the number of a women.

This is due to the fact that women have 11 apertures. Culturally, some believe that the number 11 represents excess, extravagance and elaboration. As 10 is considered the number of wholeness and completion, 11 is just too much.

The Eleventh hour conveys our sense of urgency with time running out. Unaware of your personal power, you are extremely sensitive, sensing you are different from others. You have the uncanny ability to act as a bridge between the unconscious and the conscious.

This also instills worry in your own mind and in order to be emotionally and psychologically stable and at peace, you must learn to control this flow of energy. Your mission is to ground yourself with strength. The more you are able to summon up your own person power, the greater your capacity to take advantage of your uncanny awareness.

The eleventh card in the Tarot is often confusing as it is not only the midpoint between the deck, but it is sometimes referred to as Justice and sometimes, Strength. Also because of the Fool card at the beginning, (which is 0), the eleventh card can make the total number of cards confusing.

In Numerology, eleven is considered a “Master Number“, with a message it conveys to the world and should not be reduced down to a single number.

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