People born in the month of August tend to be heart sensitive, caring and even psychic. You are natural born leaders and inspire others by your actions. They can be bossy and opinionated, and not afraid to stand on their own with their opinions. August is the time of late Summer and is the time when most people take their vacations, as the lazy August days (in the northern hemisphere) are slow and languid.

Born in August? You are either the sign of Leo or Virgo. The Lion is the most dominating, opinionated and flamboyant celestial sign. They are natural born leaders who need and give great recognition. Most of all, they are extremely loyal to those they have put to the test and trust. Leo is a “fix it” sign and are able to move mountains. The Virgin is very detail oriented and therefore a worrier. They are critical and skeptical, as they draw boundaries and categorize others. The Virgo is practical, industrious, efficient, intelligent, spirited, thorough, methodical, exacting, precise, and detail-oriented.

For those born in the month of August, you have the ability of thinking too much and can get locked inside that rigid, methodical approach to life if you aren’t careful. People born in August do well in careers that involve critical thinking and analysis, because they see life in a logical, step-by-step way. They don’t express their emotions well, however, so seeing the more “human” side of them can seem difficult at times.

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