Those born in April crave attention and love every second they can spend in the spotlight. They don’t take orders well, instead preferring to do things their way and lead others. April is the time we often celebrate the holiday of Easter, the promise of Spring, fertility and regeneration!

Born in April? You are either an Aries or a Taurus. Regardless, you both have horns and you are not afraid to butt heads, if need be. Being born in April gives you an active and dynamic personality. You are strong, mentally (and don’t mind showing off that fact) which explains why you love the attention.

You are generally a friendly person who likes to solve other people’s problems. You are diplomatic, consoling, brave and fearless, which also makes you adventurous. This is why you are good when it comes to motivating yourself and others.

But, when you are “off your game” or unsure of yourself, you become the exact opposite. You become emotional, aggressive and hasty, which in turn, may cause you to make decision that you tend to regret (especially in the words your choose). You know this too, because you tend to get sick with issues that often affect the head, neck and upper chest.

In most cases, though you are a loving and caring person, who is suave and generous, attractive and affectionate to oneself and is one who is always moving.

You are famous for your good memory, strong stance and opinion and are good at taking control of a situation.

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