Massage has been in my life for over 20 years and music for over twice that amount of time. I have accumulated hundreds of incredible songs for this therapeutic art form! I have written about how doing massage has given me so many gifts and has taught me so many lessons. It has helped me to attune to my intuitive power of touch, has given me a better understanding of anatomy and the insightful ablity to interpret other’s energetic bio-sphere. Touch therapies are the connection between matter and etheric levels of our energy. Adding music and its therapeutic aspects, can bring together the power of heighten awareness, moving the healing process to another level. You can learn more about the incredible combination of massage and music: the marriage of touch and harmony and learn some of my best techniques for creating a wonderful experience.

I thought it would be a wonderful opportunity to share some of my most favorite music for massage. These melodies cross several eras, styles and themes and ring true for me through their message, rhythms and tempo. Discover how touch can be expressed in song. I call this list:

Andrew’s Etheric Massage Play List

1. Ultimate Massage Relaxation, Pure Massage Music
2. Awakening Meditation Relaxation Massage Music, Conrad Askland
3. Spa Lounge Massage Music, Massage Therapy Ensemble
4. Healing Massage Music, Ahanu Healing Massage Music
5. Music for Massage, Steven Halpern
6. Mozart For Massage, Various Artists
7. Musical (Crystal) Massage Synergy, Atlantic Arts Ensemble
8. Mediterranea Spa Music, Spa Music Collective
9. Musical Massage Balance, David Darling
10. Aromatherapy Massage Retreat, Various Artists
11. Destination SPA, SPA Music
12. Spa Southwest, Peter Kater
13. Merlin’s Magic Reiki: The Light Touch, Merlin’s Magic
14. Enchanted Forest (Nature Sounds), Soundscape
15. Chakra Healing and Balancing, Chakra Meditation Specialists
16. Pachelbel in the Garden, Dan Gibson
17. 99 Most Essential Relaxing Classics, Various Artists
18. Healing Massage, Llewellyn
19. Lifescape (Healing and Meditation Music), Relax Music
20. Vol. 6-Buddha-Bar, Various Artists

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