Dreams of Journeys, Jackals and Jury Duty

~ Dream symbols and archetypes can show us where our subconscious lies. Unwind the architecture of our dreams!

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The jackal, or wild dog, like the coyote, is a Native Indian symbol for a trickster and like the fox; a deceiver; is considered an opportunistic scavenger.Sometimes associated with death as with crows and vultures, according to Egyptian lore, these animals, who are able to see in the dark, were seen as a pathfinder in the underworld (also our unconscious) and lead the dead to the other world. The jackal behavior takes advantage of others to benefit themselves at the expense of someone else.


Dreaming of jam can mean the yearning for a sweeter life. it can refer to a pleasant surprise or the desire to journey (sometimes, just beyond your comfort zone – or half way around the world) in order to find what seek. To dream of making jam,refers to a happy home and appreciative friends. If you are spreading jam then it has to do with you and how you are giving of yourself for others. Are you “caught in jam” or a situation.you are having trouble getting out of?

Jasper (Gemstone)

To dream of receiving a jasper stone is the greatest omen of good luck. If you then dream that you lose it, or it is stolen from you, then you will see your luck fade away and turn to ill. To place a jasper stone in your mouth means you will soon hear the truth about a matter.
Jasper stone is the chameleon of the mineral kingdom. They are have so many looks and varieties that they are literally named by location, named for their purpose or named by whom ever discovered them. This versatile stone is often associated by it “personality” that will take on it own, based on its color or its mineral make-up.  By in large this is a stone of true and methodical ways of doing something. They have a purposeful act and help one to way their options carefully.

Jerusalem Cross

Any symbol in a dream, must be looked at within the context of that dream. As symbols have many different meanings, it is best to discern how to interpret your dream by trying to understanding the connection between the symbol and it’s dream meaning. This Jerusalem cross represents Christ’s command to spread the Gospel around the world, a mission that started in Jerusalem. It was part of the coat of arms of the short-lived Jerusalem Kingdom (1099-1203 AD). Originated by the Crusaders, it symbolizes the five wounds of Christ. The five wounds are small crosses for the hands and feet, and the large central cross for the spear wound in His side. Other interpretations include a combination of the Old Testament teachings (the four Tau Crosses) and the New Testament teachings (the four Greek Crosses) The four evangelists, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, with Christ in the center Christianity (central cross) broadcast by missionaries to the four corners of the world.


Dreaming of taking a trip or a long journey is often a dream about adventure. Often dreams will “pick-up” in the middle of the trip so it is important to figure where you are, why you are there, what you are doing and the action involved in the moment you have arrived there! Dreaming of travel can sometimes suggest that we are in need of a vacation, looking for more adventure in our lives or seeking something we cannot seem to find in our waking lives. What is the purpose of the journey in your dream? Is it work or pleasure? Are you traveling to escape or just find something that is lost (within you?)  Journeling about your dream journey can lead you down a path that helps you to discover (usually over time) the end result or the path you must (should) be taking. Notice the weather in your dream journey. It is a place that is familiar or a place that is other worldly?  Are you traveling alone or with someone? If with someone, who is it? If you are traveling alone, what are you wearing, are you in the water, air or land?  Every detail is a step closer to the purpose of your waking life intention!

Jury Duty

Dreams of jury duty are often about justice. Is justice being serviced in your dream? Are you the one judging or are you the one being judged. Blind justice is a dream about someone getting justice while others look the other way. If you dream of being on a trial of jurors….what is the case that is being tried? Are you making a decision in your dream? Does the decision seem to mirror one in your waking life? How are you dressed? Are you wearing dark colors? If so, your outcome may not be favorable. If you are wearing light colors, your outcome may be favorable. It will all depend on what side of the table you are on. Do you have a big decision to make? Your dream maybe giving you the answer. Pay attention!

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