by Andrew Pacholyk MS L.Ac

First and foremost, angels are found within our own hearts. The heart that seeks peace within, can find angels anywhere. Tools can be used to bring more awareness and open us up to greater possibilities of understanding, love and truth. Here are ways to become attune to your angel consciousness:

1. Breathing: Aligning your energies through your breath is life essential! Air is the primary exchange of electrons and flow of energy. It is so important that you breathe without thinking. Your breathing is the voice of your spirit. It’s depth, smoothness, sound, and rate reflect your emotional mood. If you become aware of your breath and breathe the way you do when you are calm, you will become more in tune to the rhythm of nature around you. Practicing regular, mindful breathing can be connecting and energizing. It can bring us back to our center of peace and make us aware of the angel within.

2. Meditating: Angel meditations can help bring about peace, guidance, love, cleansing and healing. Meditating for angelic assistance can start by closing your eyes and allowing to “be with yourself”. It can bring more self awareness and inner peace. Try closing your eyes and taking some deep breaths. This is the perfect start to connecting with your guardian angel, your body and the environment around you.

3. Herbs: Using herbs and herbal remedies to connect with angels can be a powerful approach to healing body, mind and spirit. Herbs can be used in many forms, (teas, oils, decoctions) to address a whole host of issues in our lives. Herbs such as rose, lavender, olive leaf, angel’s breath… all have an association with angels and are just a few of the many gifts nature provides.

4. Crystals: are often used for clearing your mind, helping with emotional awareness, meditation and energy therapies. The crystals we chose often give us the insight as to what we need on a angelic-emotional level. Even their names are somehow associated with a higher vibration due to their mineral make-up.

5. Scents: trigger the power of memories and brings back the familiar. When we are seeking out our angels, the use of aromatherapy essence can recall a particular association. These essential oils can restore balance, encourage spiritual contact and harmony to your body and to your life.

6. Journaling: is a fantastic way to bring about change. It is a written account of your joys, hopes and struggles. It allows you to express yourself outwardly, as well as being able to create your future. Journaling helps you to open up and encourage the process of growth through the help of your angels, spirit guides or archangels.

7. Music: Angels have been known to come to us through dreams, in person, or even through a strain of music. You could surely think of some musical associations in this moment, that bring you closer to the heavenly realm. There have been thousands of songs and incantations written for angels and to encourage their presence.

8. Affirmations: are a positive word, empowering expression or term to guide us and give us reassurance. Asking our angels to help reinforce our words, can be part of the process. Saying affirmations out loud, affirms the truth. Saying them to a mirror is also a great tool, for it makes us look at ourselves in a re-affirming way. Affirmations are about “energy following thought”.

9. Light/Color: Angels have always had an association to the light because they are beings of energy or light. Streams of sunlight, colors in a rainbow and the visible light spectrum have always had a healing effect by calming your mind, soothing your nervous system, creating a sense of serenity.

10. Praying: brings us in direct contact with our higher power! The talking and expressing of our feelings, hopes and aspirations can be one of the most rewarding and centering actions we can do for ourselves and others. Our prayers to God, encourage the call to our angels for heavenly guidance and assist us in our lives when and where we need it most.

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