by Andrew Pacholyk MS L.Ac ~

“Traditionally, metaphysics refers to the branch of philosophy that attempts to understand the fundamental nature of all reality, whether visible or invisible. It seeks a description so basic, so essentially simple, so all-inclusive that it applies to everything, whether divine or human or anything else. It attempts to tell what anything must be like in order to be at all. The term metaphysics originally referred to the writings of Aristotle that came after his writings on physics, in the arrangement made by Andronicus of Rhodes about three centuries after Aristotle’s death”.

The Metaphysics of Prosperity can be explained as EMOTIONAL RICHNESS! Our belief system has much to do with prosperity at its core. We each carry our own emotional, psychological and symbolic ideas when it come to prosperity. Belief is one of our most powerful assets or one of our most destructive foes. With the ability to believe good things about our prosperous nature, we can accomplish nearly anything! The more we believe in ourselves, the more we will definitely become accomplished. Almost every decision we make, and so much of our personalities are formed by our beliefs in our prosperity.

Abundance comes to those who make room for it. It’s just as simple as that. When we face situations that are near physical or mental impossibilities, then it is our belief system, or belief in ourselves, that determines IF it is possible. Our belief system is one of the major factors that can get us through situations or can cause our life to crumble around us! How we “program” ourselves to see what our abundance is, shows us just how wealthy we are. Our self-confidence and self-love are often the key to opening and strengthening this portion of our thoughts which in turn emanates from ourselves, which in turn allows abundance to find us!

Appreciation offers insight into what we should be very thankful for. When we truly appreciate, we are truly prosperous. We hold the key in our hands. We are the owners of our destiny. Really appreciating what we DO have as opposed to what we would like to have, will make a significant difference. This is always an important element in a wealthy person that is often neglected.

Accepting compliments is one of the first steps in acknowledging your prosperity! When someone offers you a compliment, they are acknowledging one of your prosperous gifts, out loud. Accept it graciously and say “thank you”. You may even want to privately dwell on this gift of prosperity as you may not have even realized how wonderful it is!

Giving is a proponent of prosperity. Because if you do not give, you do not get back in return. This fundamental Universal truth is well known. The more you give, the more you will get. This law of nature flows freely with each gift you give. It does not necessarily have to be a gift of material means, but a simple compliment is a gift. You do not have to be rich in material wealth to give. The selfless expression in itself can change lives. Start changing others lives today. You will see how it echoes back to you!

Gratitude is the thanks you give yourself and others. It is the recognition that you are constantly grateful for every small blessing you receive each day. The gift of sight, a meal on your plate, a productive work day, your relationship. The possibilities are endless…and so should your gratitude be. Remember: Energy follows thought. Program thoughts of gratitude and your energy will reflect it!

Happiness is not just a life lived by accumulating moments of pleasure. Happiness is a rhythm, an order, a balance. We choose to be happy. Happiness is a long lasting enduring enjoyment of life. It is being in love with living. Happiness is your reward for achieving good character and personal, rational values in life. Generally being happy is the road to recognizing just how prosperous you truly are. Come on along, come on get happy!

Keep Healthy: It won’t matter how wonderful your job is, or how hefty your bank account is, if you aren’t healthy enough to enjoy it, you are missing the point! If you are not in top shape, you better start asking yourself why. Here are 10 ways to get healthy right now.

Recognizing new beginnings is the ingredient in bringing about prosperity, as it shows that if you are good at accepting change as you move and transform through life, you will have the greatest opportunities for prosperity. Flexibility is the key to prosperity. When you are able to recognize a new beginning, you will be able to start anew and recharging the battery.

Peace brings a sense of security, serenity and letting go that is unparallel in recognizing prosperity. It is one of the best gifts you can receive and the best gift you can give yourself. First and foremost, peace is found within our own hearts. The heart that finds peace within, can find peace anywhere. Find your inner peace.

Sharing is the willingness to give over to another that which is yours. So the question is… where did you get it? Someone shared something with you and it meant a lot. What was it? Do you remember how it made you feel? Do you remember how it made a difference for you? Pass it on. Share and share alike. My landlord gave me a beautiful antique angel that happened to belong to the previous owner of my apartment. When she died suddenly all her possessions feel into the hands of the landlord. This gift made me realize that nothing in life is really ours. It is simple passed along. Share your prosperity and you will receive it in return!

“Prosperity depends more on wanting what you have than having what you want.” – Abert F. Geoffrey

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