by Andrew Pacholk MS, L.Ac ~

Herbal medicine is a natural and healing form of therapy that can be very beneficial, long term. There are common sense precautions that must be take when using herbal medicine internally. Whether it is herbal teas or vitamins, supplements or minerals, be sure and consider these precautions…

*Never take herbal medicine internally if you are nursing or pregnant.

*If unusual symptoms occur, stop taking the formula and usually symptoms will disappear rather quickly.

*When also on prescribed Western drugs, great care should be taken. Anti-inflammatory drugs and antibiotics can upset the stomach and irritate the intestinal tract. Herbal formulas can tax the digestive tract. Do not take herbal medicine and anti- inflammatories/antibiotics together at the same time.

*Blood thinners prevent clots from forming in the blood vessels. These are very strong western drugs that must be monitored carefully. Drugs used to thin the blood, often interfere with herbs for trauma, since they both have the same action. The combination can interfere with western drugs and may cause dizziness or fainting. Do not take blood thinning herbal medicine with western blood thinners.

* Heart medications and herbs used for trauma both effect the circulation of blood. Although these herbs have a different method of action, in conjunction with heart medication, there can be unwanted side effects.

*Seizure medications work on brain function and in conjunction with Chinese herbs, should not be taken at the same time and should only be done under supervision.

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