Solar Eclipse

A solar eclipse occurs when the moon comes between the sun and the earth. This blocks the light of the sun from the earth.

A solar eclipse emphasizes new beginnings as they occur on the new moon. They may have a way of changing perspective. They can help you do things you never thought you could do. A solar eclipse is a very meaningful new moon. This makes this moon a time of dramatic change, both within and without.

Since the Sun and Moon are in the same zodiac sign, the energies of that sign are supersized. It’s a concentration that can greatly impact you.

Usually a new moon is often a restful atmosphere of quiet and darkness. A solar eclipse blocks the Sun, a symbol of radiating outward and conscious awareness, along with all worldly attributes. The Sun is vitality, personal will, making this a highly charged, yet internal moment. It’s how we see ourselves (identity), and our own shared reality.

Dreaming of an eclipse of the sun shows a warning that continued excesses will cause some major health problems if the dreamer does not mend his ways. This is the conflict between the external and internal emotions.

Gain more moon power…

New Moon Meditation

A time of new beginnings. It is about starting afresh, planting new seeds and connecting to your higher self. It is a self healing and self discovery meditation. It empowers you with the knowledge and fact that once you can attend to yourself you can attend to others with ease. It is about renewing yourself, rebirthing new ideas and activating creative life force in yourself and around you.

Essentials for a New Moon

Throughout history, the attraction to our only revolving natural satellite has been recorded and classified, written about and worshiped. Gods have been dedicated to the moon, along with herbs, flowers, crystals, oils, song and poetry. All of these created and admired as tokens to this fascinating, celestial body!  Here is some of the most intriguing “gifts” to this lunar landscape!

The Great Solar Eclipse

On August 21, 2017, millions of people across the United States will see nature’s most wondrous spectacle — a Total Solar Eclipse.A total solar eclipse occurs when the moon completely blocks the Sun, revealing the Sun’s beautiful outer atmosphere known as the corona. Often eclipse energy instigates and pushes us forward giving us warnings of what is ahead.

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