September is the official start of the Fall Season.  The minute September arrives, there is a newness that seems to take over. A fresh new start, the beginning of school or the looking forward to a new season  As an expression in nature, this is the time when crops are harvested. Leaves are changing to brilliant colors as they float gently to the ground. Gathering and elimination are the traits of this season and can be seen in nature as well as human health.

Born in September? This season is the birth time of either Virgo or Libra.   Those born in September are both suave and compromising. They tread carefully in most decision, are cautious and can be very well organized. Stubborn, quiet, clever and knowledgeable. Those born in September are often good public speakers or have no trouble speaking in front of crowds.

Ruled by Mercury, they are mercurial in nature what with their moods swinging to a polar extreme. This very trait can get overwhelming for them as well!  They must control themselves when criticized. They can hardly show emotions and tend to bottle up their feelings. Very choosy, especially in relationships. They have a very rude, sarcastic side to their personality, which can be their downfall. Also, their constant nagging for things to be perfect and over detailing can result in them working alone. However, if they learn to calm down and take a few things in stride, they can make anything work!

When they are calm, they can then be sympathetic, generally, concerned and detailed oriented. September born people are known to be perfectionists. Therefore, they make great doctors, teachers, designers and so on. If you were born in September, the number 9 is important to you. You are destined to play many roles in your lifetime because you are so intelligent and flexible.  Loyal. hard workers, often  very confident, sensitive and generous, September born people have good memories, love to look for information and do research.

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