The Number Nine: As the number one is the beginning of all things, the Number Nine is the end. It represents humanitarianism, compassion, tolerance and both spiritual and material success. Mental achievement, wisdom and spirituality are the most powerful aspects of 9.

People with the number nine in their charts are idealistic mystics that long to leave the world a better place. They are blessed with more charm and compassion than all of the numbers added together. Unfortunately, they can become too idealistic, forcing their beliefs onto others and/or becoming prejudiced against those who do not follow the path they themselves have chosen.

In learning the meaning of numbers, you will find out that the 9 is considered the culmination of all the numbers and all their traits. Nines are highly sensitive individuals, which makes them keen in responding to their environment.

Nines are also known as intelligent, adventurous, intuitive, understanding, sensitive, peaceful, emotional, loving, leaders, talented, romantic, philosophical. Nines are also known to be lonely, depressed, over-emotional, prone to self-pity, and are also wasteful.

Nine – Vibrates to Mars – ruler of Aries (Mars is male sexual drive. Energy. Assertiveness. Anger. How we get what we want!). Number of mastery over lessons of life. If life is a school, a Nine crystal will enable you to pass all your final exams. Overcome the challenges of illness. Loss of Job. Change on any level. Courage. Conflict.

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