The Number Eight: is one of the most powerful numbers in numerology. 8 represents ambition, materialism, success and justice. People with the number eight in their charts are born for achievement, success and leadership.

They thrive on rising through a hierarchical organization and manipulating those working alongside of them to become part of their own vessel. They love money and grandeur and may stop at nothing to achieve their desired success.

Their life lesson is how to hold onto this money they earn. They also play with people from all walks of life and cannot always blend them together in one room. This is the number many people wish that they had in their numerology profiles. Why? It’s because 8 is the number of money and everything that goes with it. 8s are destined for fame, power, and fortune.

Eights are also known for being charitable, wise, successful, sincere, reliable, spiritual, and considerate, a leader, courageous, ambitious, kind, and understanding. This number drives towards wealth can also lead them to become power-hungry, egotistical, dictatorial, power mad, depressed, and vain.

Eight – Vibrates to Saturn – ruler of Capricorn (Saturn is vulnerability, lessons to be learned in life. Restriction, limitation, fear, structure. Number of Power. An 8 crystal will stimulate the power to assert and express yourself. Wisdom. Learning through experience. Stability. Patience and responsibility. Financial security. Caution. Restriction. Self-Discipline and self-control.

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