Number 7

The Number Seven: is often seen as the most eccentric of all the numbers. Mystical, analytically deep, wise, psychic, magical and intuitive, people with the number seven in their chart are the quintessential loners who seemingly abandon society in exchange for their own personal quests of knowledge and wisdom.

But the number seven has many gifts and talents to share with the world and often makes a wonderful teacher. The number seven can become a bit out of touch with the needs of others if they withdraw too much; a balance should be sought.

This number represents intellect and mental pursuits. People with a 7 on their numerology profile are known to be intellectuals. They are also spiritual, mystical, probing, quiet, pensive, discreet, intuitive, artistic, and reserved.

Being intensely mental individuals, Sevens can also come off as cold, devious, stand-offish, moody, shy, calculating, critical, withdrawn, lonely, depressed, and slow.

Seven – Vibrates to Neptune – ruler of Pisces (Neptune is mystical, transcending the material world, music, art, etc). The number of the mystic. This will enable you to discover spiritual truths and find out about all the mysteries of life. Spirituality. Sensitivity. Mystery. Illusion and Delusion. Healing. Miracles. Faith and Dreams that come true.

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