The Number Six: represents the home, family, love, beauty and romance. This number represents perfection, harmony, balance and domesticity. People with the number six in their charts are very loving, kind, and gentle.

They are affectionate and tender and are natural born parents. And yet, since most of their decisions come from their heart it may be impossible to reach these soul creatures with reason. Add to this their unrelenting and fixed natures, and they can become difficult to live with, possibly even leaving the nest if they feel the love is no longer deep enough to sustain them.

People with sixs in their numerology profile are known as the peacemakers in life. Aside from being peacemakers, 6s are also known for being charming, sympathetic, home loving, unselfish, just, intelligent, artistic, persuasive, creative, angelic, truthful, caring, and honorable.

On the flip side, sixs can also come off as vain, meddling, picky, intrusive, nagging, self-righteous, stifling, and underhanded.

Six – Most crystals possess six facets. Vibrates to Venus – ruler of Taurus and Libra (Venus is sexual female receptivity, attraction, art, culture, beauty, money, harmony). The number of love and romance. The Number of balance, harmony. A six crystal will help you bring into balance your relationship with yourself and therefore with others. Opening your heart to unconditional love.

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