The Number Five: symbolizes change, rebellion, and freedom. The number 5 represents gregariousness. It is the number of sensuality and pleasure.

People with the number five in their charts value freedom above all else, oftentimes rebelling against the status quo, going where no one has dared go before, and refusing to allow others to dictate any control over them. Number fives often have trouble with commitment and can be talented at many things, but specialized in none.

Because of this lack of commitment, people with the number five in their charts can begin to feel overwhelmed, having started many projects but finishing none. Change is a hallmark of a life lived in the numerological number 5. If you have 5 in your numerological profile then there is a good chances that your life if full of changes.

Fives also value their freedom above all else and are often restless and unhappy in an environment that boxes them in. 5s are also known to be literary, adventurous, dramatic, flamboyant, passionate, dramatic, intelligent, free-thinking, free spirited, creative, humorous, probing, and versatile. On the other hand, Fives can also be fickle, unreliable, depressed, impulsive, jealous, envious, inconsistent, sarcastic, and moody.

Five – Vibrates to Mercury – ruler of Gemini and Virgo (Mercury is of the mind, intellect, short journeys, siblings). Freedom, versatility, expansion, the number of the perfected man with his feet on the earth and arms reaching for the stars. A five-faceted stone will help you to move beyond restrictions.

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