The Number One: The first of all numbers, the Number One is also the Leader of all numbers. One represents unity, independence, creation, assertiveness and the self. People with the number one in their charts are creative, energetic, independent, and intuitive.

These are the people that exude self-confidence from their every pore and silently beckon us to follow them. But even though number ones tend to be very generous, they can also become self-obsessed and insolent, deluding themselves into believing they are almighty and all-knowing. The number 1 essentially denotes leadership.

As an individual you are most likely drawn towards leadership roles and you find yourself happier at the head of the group instead of being a follower. Ones are also highly intelligent individuals. Other positive traits for people with a 1 in their profile include: pride, courage, independence, positive, individualistic, authoritative, inventive, ambitious, daring, dynamic, and a visionary.

Inversely, Ones can be stubborn, domineering, selfish, didactic, demanding, depressed, cold, hypersensitive, and tactless. One – Vibrates to the sun – the ruler of Leo (the sun is conscious, the ego, self, masculine energy – the father). The beginning – new beginnings – inspiration – ideas and confidence – instinct.

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