November is the season for giving thanks, a time for being grateful and the peak harvest time.  Those born in November, tend to think differently from others. With their sharp-minded, motivated personalities, they listen, but usually do not appreciate praise. November personalities are well-built and tough. They are often high-spirited individuals who love deeply and are emotionally connected (not necessarily in a good way). This romantic nature can be threatened if they feel they are too exposed, by giving too much of themselves.

Born in November? This season is the birth time of either Scorpio or SagittariusIf there is a will, there is a way and this is the way you have to be if you are born in November. Determined, with a never give up attitude , it takes a lot to get you angry, unless provoked. Those of you born in November can truly love to be alone. Those born in November have extraordinary ideas and are sharp thinkers. So much so, you have the ability to tap into a strong clairvoyant tendency. You are always thinking, are inquisitive, dig deep for secrets and can have a dynamic personality.

If you were born in November, you are most likely a strong, resilient, and bullheaded individual. But, behind your many tough walls, there is a heart of gold. You sometimes struggle to express yourself, but that’s because you tend to feel everything all at once. You are sensitive and caring, and you love to laugh. You are very charming and bold, so you always make a big splash wherever you go. Nothing makes you happier than rolling up your sleeves and doing a job well.

You sometimes struggle with the past,, but the minute you let go of all that, your life will bloom and change in ways you never imagined. You will soon experience a great release. One you’ve been yearning for, for quite sometime now. Don’t fight it. It’s for the best, and you will be so happy for it.

People born in November can also tend to be pessimists. Scientists in a 2005 Swedish study theorized this is because they’re deprived of dopamine, the “happy chemical” that’s also released with exposure to sunlight, after birth. The study surveyed 30,000 people on how “lucky” they felt, and November babies ranked the lowest.

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