January is the beginning of the New Year.  If you were born in January, you are ruled by the number 1. You are independent, analytical and a born leader. You need to stand out from the crowd and are known for your creativity, ingenuity and ability to make things happen. People naturally follow you without question because you are so charismatic. Males will play a greater role than females in helping you find success in life. Chances are, you will lead a more traditional life than others.

Born in January? This season is the birth time of  Capricorn  and Aquarius.  These personalities are hardworking and productive, smart, organized and together. They have a tendency to be sensitive and have deep thoughts, which gives them much ambition. They know how to make others happy.

When unbalanced this personality is rather critical, always looking at people’s flaws and weaknesses and likes to criticize. When off balance, they need to improve social abilities, and are easily jealous and very stubborn. Sometimes, January personalities are perceived as being very bossy. The truth is, they are not bossy; they just have abundant ideas in their minds, which can be a main source of envy for many people around them. They will always be the best person in the group, while others around them are wishing to be in their spotlight.

When balanced, the January personality can be highly attentive and loyal. They can be a very smart and highly productive individual and tend to be diligent when truly motivated. These personalities also know the true meaning of self-control when their main goals are connected – not with the outside world -, but with their inner-selves. When they decide to get rid of negativity and start treating everyone with humility, their inner wisdom and broad personality help them to obtain results in anything they do.

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