by Andrew Pacholyk MS L.Ac

The New Year brings the opportunity for a new beginning. Although, we are lucky enough to be able to start a new, each day, some people need the turn of a New Year to find the motivation to do so.

The Top 10 Most Common New Year Resolutions include:

1. Lose weight
2. Stop smoking
3. Stick to a budget
4. Save or earn more money
5. Find a better job
6. Become more organized
7. Exercise more
8. Be more patient at work/with others
9. Eat better
10. Become a better person

Choosing a New Year’s resolution is usually the easy part. Committing to your choice is another story. By the end of the second or third week, some of us even forget what our goal was! Here are ten ways to see your resolution through and achieve your goal:

1. Choose a resolution that is realistic.
2. Take your choice and follow it through on a day to day basis.
3. Reward yourself in two week or one month increments.
4. Keep a journal of your progress.
5. Get others involved or find like people working toward the same goal.
6. Keep motivated with a calendar, friends, diary, partner.
7. Be patient!
8. Be grateful that you have the opportunity to do this.
9. Find the fine line between motivation and obsession.
10. Make your goal a lifestyle change, not just a means to an end.

Making major changes in our lives is never easy. Especially when it is a habit or an addiction that we have had for many years. Use every resource available to achieve your goal. Laziness and complacency are the biggest culprits, when it comes to achieving a resolution or goal. Stay focused, Stay motivated, Stay happy.

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