Angel of Grief

Angel of Grief

Grief is a normal and natural response to loss. Though we often expect to grieve the death of a family member or friend, many other significant losses can also trigger grief.

Examples include:
*The end of a relationship
*A move to a new community
*A much-anticipated opportunity or life goal is suddenly closed to us
*The death of a pet

Someone we love contracts a potentially life-threatening illness Grieving such losses is important because it allows us to ‘free-up’ energy that is bound to the lost person, object, or experience –so that we might re-invest that energy elsewhere. Until we grieve effectively we are likely to find reinvesting difficult; a part of us remains tied to the past. Grieving is not forgetting. Nor is it drowning in tears. Healthy grieving results in an ability to remember the importance of our loss — but with a new-found sense of peace, rather than searing pain.

No two people are likely to experience grief in the same way. The way we think and feel, the way our body functions, and the way we interact with others may all be affected.

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