Dreams of Xrays, Xmas and X Marks the Spot

~ Dream symbols and archetypes popular in every culture. Reach into the ancestral and ancient artifacts of your dreams!

~ What dreams may come…

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Xmas (see Christmas)


This transparency is interpreted in several ways. Are you able to see through a false situation that is occurring in your waking life? This transparency can also relate to you feeling like others can see through your soul, words, or promise. Are you being sincere? What is it you are able to see through? Is it something someone is telling you? Is it a plan or approach that does not seem possible? What is giving you the sense of transparency?

X (marks the spot)

Dreaming of an X marking the spot you need to go to, often refers to what you are seeking. Is someone standing on the X? They or the situation is “marked” for you in your dream. How does that relate to your waking life? Is a place marked with an X? This is the place you need to be. Are you opening a new business or buying a new house or moving into a new apartment? This is the place for you. Your subconscious is telling you so. Is the X on the surface of the water. Look deeper into your situation. This is where you should be, only you may feel unclear about it and need to “dive deeper” to find the meaning from within.

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