Dreams of Unicorns, Underlings and Umbrellas

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Dreams of a UFO or unidentified flying object shows us a look into the unknown. Dreams of UFOs express a feeling of uncertainty in your waking life. It relates to the far reaches of the unknown that we are willing to look into, yet not understand. The dream’s content, will depend on what it is trying to tell you. Did you see it all of a sudden? then you have experienced sudden trauma or shock in your life. Did it come to you and linger for some time? Then it is the power of observation from another that is upon you? What are they looking for? Were you abducted by the UFO? A dream of abduction is the loss of self control. You may have the feeling that you are being influenced by someone else usually against your own will or desires. Some interpretors believe an abduction is a dream about being desired. The dreamer wishes for attention or to be noticed.


Dreams of an umbrella are representative of protection. Is the umbrella open or closed? Open refers to protection while closed means your defenses are down or your feel confident. What is the color of the umbrella? Are you using it for something other than rain? Color plays a role in our dreams. Be sure and look up the color of the umbrella. When used for something other than rain, it is still for protection, but is considered a crutch. Depending or leaning on someone or something for no reason other than your own fear of letting go.


A unicorn is a mystical creature with one horn in the middle of its head. Usually white, dreaming of a unicorn often represents purity. They are associated with femininity and chastity, as it was believed that only virgins could capture them. Throughout history and in different cultures, dreams of unicorns were associated with different meanings. The Greeks linked the unicorn to the moon while in Christianity, the horn represented the Virgin Mary or Christ and in Judaism, the horn represented unity of spirit. In China and Japan, the unicorn is sacred and gentle. Often appearing right before times of prosperity and peace.


A uniform can represent authority, professionalism or an association to a group. What is the particular uniform? What does it represent to you? For example, for a man, a navy uniform or armed forces can represent power, respect and discipline while a maid uniform can have a sexual connotation. For a women, the same outfits may reverse symbolism. A man in uniform has more sexual connotations for women while a maids uniform represents work, service or duty.

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