Dreams of Kids, Kaleidoscopes and Kisses

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A kaleidoscope is a cylinder with mirrors containing loose, colored objects such as beads or pebbles and bits of glass. As the viewer looks into one end, light entering the other creates a colorful pattern, due to the reflection off of the mirrors. Dreams of a kaleidoscope can be interpreted as an idea or changing your thoughts about something that you previously had a different view about. What is this change referring to in your dreams? The colors in dreams convey different ideas based on our cultural differences. Although, universal dreams occur in all cultures, they express different meanings. Symbolism, (that right brain activity), color and interpretation are ultimately best transcribed by the individual. Some of the folklore on the symbolism of color and dreams can be an interesting discovery. A rainbow of colors or kaleidoscope dream is associated with the comfort or increased feeling of security with this change. It is the feeling of being comforted in a blanket of protection and hope.


Dreaming of kids or children are dreams about innocence, playfulness and joy. Children are happy by nature. We acknowledge their joy and growth, creative spark and openness. Children often say what others are thinking while it is usually difficult for adults to express themselves. Dreams of kids can be about our own self-discovery, naive nature or our inability to express ourselves efficiently, such as a small child. Take a look at the kids in your dream. Are you one of them? Are you the adult looking on? Is there one child or many? What is the setting they/you are in?  A playground, school or home?  What are the kids wearing? What are the kids doing in your dream? Are they singing, crying? making fun?  Playing detective in your dream, can allow you to look much deeper at your subconscious connection to kids.


The context of these dreams has much to do with the angle from which is is viewed in your dreams. Are you the killer or are you being killed? In our dreams, this is the association between the one being in power or being the vulnerable one. Does the actual act really occur or is it an attempt? This is the difference between a conscious or unconscious act. Dream analysis argue that killing is an expression of anger, guilt or vengeance while others see this as a way for the dreamer to avoid confronting, coping or otherwise deal with a certain situation in their waking life. Regardless, take a look at where the act is taking place. Note the surroundings. Look up the surroundings (lake, field, apartment, office) What is the weapon being used? Look up the weapon in this dictionary. What is the situation surrounding this killing? Is it a family member you want to kill or are they killing you? Discover the association between the two parties. Is the conflict or jealously in real life? What are you running from or angry about? Killing can also represent change that is positive such as getting rid of the old and bringing in the new (idea, love, job, career). Life conflicts often play out this way in our dreams. The violence (or lack of it) can relate to the degree of your fear, anger or disappointment. Planning a killing is related to your attempt to make a wrong situation right due to intolerance, feeling slighted or social immorality. If the killing is by accident, then considering looking at worries that are unjustified.


A dream of kissing is the deep connection between two parties. It often refers to the desire to become more familiar, intimate or closer to someone in real life. Kissing is an expression of inner spirituality and the way we relate to others on a daily basis. Are you a good kisser? Does your dream reveal a deep longing for a desired one? Who are you kissing? Where are you? Why are you kissing? Look up the situations associated with this dream.


A knife, often paired with a fork can seen as a balance between two people (harmonious relationship, boss-employee, husband-wife, male-female friend/lover). The quality of the knife often mirrors the dream relationship. Is it rusty, old, sitting in a drawer? This can be the association between yourself and the relationship of another. Is it shiny and new? This can mean the start of a new relationship. How is the knife used? Eating dreams can represent that your life or dream are being nourished. Used as a weapon, the knife can be a warning to look at current relationship you are having difficult with (boss-employee, husband-wife, male-female friend/lover). What is being cut? Are you severing ties with a person or job? Are you prematurely ending a project, job or relationship? Who is using the knife and in what way? Are you unable to cut with the knife? This could mean that you are frustrated with a certain situation in your waking life. Pay attention.

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