Urdhva Mukha Shvanasana

Ūrdhva mukha śvānāsana or Upward Facing Dog Pose is an asana.

Strengthens: Arm, Vertebral column, Wrist
Stretches: Shoulder, Abdomen, Thorax, Lung
Preparatory poses: Bhujangasana, Setu Bandha Sarvangasana
Follow-up poses: Tadasana, Virasana
Pose type: Backbend

Lie on the floor, face down. Place your hands, palms down, fingers spread, under your shoulders. Inhale your head and chest from the floor. Push up into the pose so that only your hands and the tops of your feet are touching the floor. Lift your sternum, roll the top of your arms outward, and rotate your pelvis back. Release your shoulders away from your ears. Descend your shoulder blades toward your hips. Activate your arm muscles and the front of your thighs.

Feel the energy coming up the front of your body from the front of your toes, up your legs; up the front of your pelvis; up the front of your torso; over your shoulders. Feel the energy continue over your shoulders, down your back, buttocks, legs, and out the bottom of your feet. Keep your feet parallel to each other. Throughout the pose breathe through your nostrils, comfortably. Relax your eyes, ears, throat, and neck. To come out of the pose, exhale your body back to the floor.