Ruler of the Fourth Heaven, as well as both the spheres or levels of angelic influence, Seraphim and Principalities. Michael, who’s name means “who is like God”, is the commander-in-chief of the seven archangels found in the Book of Enoch, (those who stand before God.) Michael is the “protector of humanity“. He leads his legions of light against the forces of evil and darkness. Most associated with the sun, and fiery power of the solar plexus, he is also associated with sapphire blue due to the color of his sword. Micheal is found in almost every religion.

In the Jewish tradition, Michael is the guardian of the people of Israel. In Islamic culture, he is Mikal, the provider, who (along with Gabriel) purifies the prophet Mohammed’s heart for his ascension into heaven. Michael (along with Gabriel) are the only two angels mentioned by name in the Old Testament and New Testament. Read about St. Michael on Earth.

Virtues: Wisdom, Truth
Associations: Sunrise, Protection,
Gemstone: Lapis Lazuli
Color: Blue Rainbow Ray
Chakra: Throat Chakra
Essential Oils: Eucalyptus, Lavender, Rose, Sandalwood
Herbs: Lavender, Peppermint, Sage
Element: Fire
Direction: South
Season: Summer
Planet: Sun
Body Healing: Angelic Healing
Mind Healing: Empowerment, Protection and Strength
Spirit Healing: Truth
Your Angel Reading: Communication
Angel Meditation: Protection

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