Angel of Healing

Angel of Healing: Raphael

“For those who take the first step in healing, will always feel the support of the promise of life returning.”

Ruler of the Second Heaven, as well as the sphere or level of angelic influence, Cherubim. Raphael is named as one of the seven archangels in the Book of Enoch, who “stand before God”. Raphael is the “physician of the angelic realm“. According to the New Testament, he is the angel who is known as the “angel of travelers” and chief of the guardian angels. Raphael allows us to find our inner guidance, inspiration, love, compassion and balance in order to be able to heal others, as well as ourselves.

Virtues: Healing, Harmony
Associations: Compassion
Gemstone: Emerald
Color: Green Rainbow Ray
Chakra: Heart Chakra
Essential Oils: Clove, Juniper, Lavender, Pine, Rose
Herbs: Echinacea, Goldenseal, Oatstraw, Black Walnut
Element: Air
Direction: East
Season: Spring
Planet: Mercury
Body Healing: Angelic Healing
Mind Healing: Forgiveness, Healing and Love
Spirit Healing: Transformation
Your Angel Reading: Healing
Angel Meditation: Nurturing