Ready to take an inspirational journey of self-discovery?

Andrew’s lyrical prose, passionate writing, and note-worthy affirmations will provide you with a road map to overcome life’s obstacles. In this light and lyrical work of passion, poetry, and positive affirmations, you will learn valuable lessons on self-acceptance, self-love, understanding heartbreak, graceful aging, coping with death, and finding happiness.

Pearls of Light: Passion, Poetry, & Positive Affirmations

– Discover practical solutions to bring life into focus
– Unravel life lessons and embrace joy
– Change your life with thought-provoking questions and quotable remedies

What is included in the book:
– Self-acceptance, confidence, and building good character
– Self-love, understanding heartbreak, and lessons of love
– Growing older, graceful aging, and coping with death
– Finding happiness, embracing joy, and capturing the moments in life, most dear

Don’t miss out on this inspirational journey of self-discovery to many of life’s most discerning moments.

The Path of Possibilities

“It’s not a smooth, straight forward road that leads us to a place of change,

but more a winding, jagged path that trips us up and offers options, often strange…

to us or those around us who are baffled by the choice.

Yet trusting just your instincts while you listen to your inner voice,

can be the most rewarding gift by holding still and strong.

Tho’ sometimes it is slow and painful, thinking it has all gone wrong.

Steadfast and consistent, are the little tricks I’ve found can work.

Instead of watching fear and desolation creeping where it should not ever lurk,

‘round each and every corner and in every little crack,

distracting and confusing every single hope we seem to lack.

So, keep those thoughts and dreams a movin’ forward as you find your pace,

and possibilities will blossom, blessing you with hope and grace.”

~ Andrew Pacholyk MS LAc.


“This purposeful reason…

is enough to change the direction of your life.

It is the spark that ignites the lucid dreams of wanting.

Yet, without striking the match, further efforts will go undone.

It is not enough to desire…

for without effort, intention stays just that…

an unfulfilled dream.”

~ Andrew Pacholyk MS LAc.


“Our weakest link…

points of instability.

Seeing change as impossibility.

 Yet, it is the unfolding of our strong resolve; 
we find when we dig deep to solve…

the problem we’re about to face…

to shake up and reveal to us,

the brand-new person it will make.”

~ Andrew Pacholyk MS LAc.

“Pearls of Light by Andrew Pacholyk is a compilation of poems inspired by the author’s personal experiences... This book contains teachings on self-love, confidence, character development, and lessons on love, aging, happiness, and capturing life’s most essential moments. Read Pearls of Light to learn everything you might need to know about life. Andrew Pacholyk’s Pearls of Light is, without a doubt, one of my favorite books… This book has enlightened me on my life perspectives and made me feel grateful for the wonderful and unpleasant things life has given me. “The Winds of Worry” is my favorite poem because I could relate to the meaning behind it. It brilliantly emphasized the value of replacing worry with happy thoughts, making me recognize the significance of one’s mindset in one’s growth… I can’t imagine how difficult it was to compose an entire book full of life lessons that are really helpful, but Andrew did it as beautifully as only a talented poet like himself could. This was well worth the read. Excellent work!”

Jessica Barbosa


As I journey towards enlightenment, I discover that with age, I grow more aware of my own serendipitous essence. Maybe we all experience this epiphany at some point, only realizing it when it truly matters. It’s difficult to tell for sure. One thing I can say with certainty is that my younger self was far from sharing wise quotes and insightful tips – back then, I was merely a crude tool. Indeed, wisdom seems to accompany age. Each stumble we take and every sacrifice we make only serves to deepen our understanding and bring light to essential truths.

Now, at 60…

the phrase “youth is wasted on the young” rings truer than ever. Despite feeling young at heart, being offered a senior discount can be a sobering reminder of my actual age – more than just a slap in the face, it’s a wake-up call to reality. Perhaps I truly am in the “winter” of my existence. Nevertheless, I’ll continue embracing my inner eternal summer where I’ve always found solace.
 Joy has continuously played a significant role in shaping my life. With an inherently positive outlook (for the most part), I have allowed the Universe to guide me along its path.

Now, I am eager…

to share the extraordinary life lessons and secrets I’ve accumulated over the years, diving into this final quarter-century chapter without hesitation or remorse. This book serves as both an educational resource and a participatory workbook designed for interaction—so join me in this enlightening journey. These words represent a collection of experiences and emotions that have deeply impacted me – from moments of happiness or adversity, praise or resentment, love or loss. My hope is that they offer you fresh perspectives or empower you in your personal journey of self-discovery and growth.

“Andrew Pacholyk shares valuable life lessons in Pearls of Light: Passion, Poetry and Positive Affirmations. The main element of this work is poetry, but there are also short anecdotes, reflections, affirmations, and open-ended questions to help us understand ourselves better. The author’s purpose is to empower readers and he seeks to inspire us to be better people and learn to express our feelings. The book offers an optimistic perspective that encourages individuals to strive toward being their best. I liked the healthy values taught by Andrew Pacholyk. He writes about the need for unconditional love, based on understanding and humility. He also emphasizes the importance of good deeds. He does not ignore topics such as anger and finding a balance between our lives, thoughts, and emotions. His poems have a personal touch and are supported by insights and advice, which add significant value. I loved Pearls of Light because of the level of attention to detail. This work is ideal for building self-confidence and focusing on a path to happiness and balance.”

Diana Lopez

~ “When we give up control and go with the flow, we may be surprised to learn just how little we truly had in the first place.”

“The joys of life are always in a comparative relationship to our fears.”

~ “Happiness is not a perfect life. Happiness is weighing what brings you satisfaction against what doesn’t. It’s what you choose to focus on that determines your contentment.”

“Andrew Pacholyk, again inspires his readers in a well-thought out work of passion, poetry, and positive affirmations. Using his years of experience as a natural healer, athlete, and world-traveler, Pacholyk laces these talents together and produces a relatable journey of self-love and new discoveries. His poetry is lyrical and beats with the rhythm of a clock. I enjoyed his snappy insights on our emotions, his stargazing child, and his poetic look at passing on. I can’t imagine the creativity that fills his mind. By looking at the table of contents, you can see how he takes us on a journey from the unconscious to the conscious. This is a lavish and heartfelt trip that echos in his other books, especially, Barefoot. I highly recommend picking up a copy of Pearls of Light. It not only offers practical advise on topics such as love, finding happiness, and following your path, but is a great reminder of the self-confident and empowered souls we really are.”

Ken Burns

Proprietor , The Reader's Circle

The Angst of Love

“The angst of love’s befallen me.It’s hard to think, to find my thoughts.

I feel as if a blanket wet with snow is lying long on top.

I’m in a daze and without root…as if I’m simply drawing lots…

to choose in which direction that my happenstance provides.

Is this the one or one of many, strolling through my eager life?

How crucial can this next step be to invest the time in them… in me.

These times in life, I’m so unclear, I move through season’s tides.

Perhaps a better sleep tonight, Will help to ease my foolish mind.”

~ Andrew Pacholyk MS L.Ac

The Loot We Pay

“Ducats, chavo, wampum, stash…we’re always spending so much cash.

Chippies, moola, chicken scratch…I just let go of another batch.

It went to rent, it went to food, it went for things I’m sure, who knew?

Fortune, bank roll, kale, wealth, my bank account is in poor health.

I’m spending pittance, petty cash, whatever’s left I feed the cat.

Long greens, cabbage, pocket change,

I’ve spent it all, I’m broke again.

I guess I have to wait until…

More lolly comes and fills my till.”

~ Andrew Pacholyk MS LAc

Table of Contents

 Welcome 7.
The path of possibilities 8.
Whether we like it or not 9.
Transitions 10.
Moving on 11.
Blank 12.
What do you say? 13.

Potential 14.
Intention 16.
Intuition 18.
Art of wandering 20.
Stargazing child 22.
Creativity 24.
Creativity journal 26.

Worry 28.
Anger 30.
Guilt 32.
Fear 34.
Trust 36.
Blessings 37.
Balance 38.

A braver day 40.
All the things 42.
Ego 43.
Believe that we can 44.
Wants to be noticed 45.
Being brazen 46.

Shine on 47.
Wildflower 48.
Happiness 49.
Boundaries 51.
Action 52.

Escape 53.
Facing life head on 54.
What not to expect 55.
The harder lessons 56.
Bird and the ocean 57.
Lesson from rose 57.
A clear mind 57.
Your presentation 57.
It’s always better 58.
The root of most problems 58.

Desires 59.
Message of love 60.
The promise 61.
So this is love 62.
Value privilege 63.
You will find 63.
Love’s secret 63.
Not realize 64.
The angst of love 64.
Heartbreak 65.
The courage it takes 66.
Why we need love 67.

Good Luck
Herbal notions 68.
Manifesting luck 69.
Good luck 70.

Nine sacred woods 70.
Get lucky 71.

The current flow 72.
money 72.
The loot we pay 73.

The grace of aging 74.
A youthful heart 75.
Oblivion 75.
A dancer’s path 76.
Being with ourselves 77.
Stop and re-evaluate 78.
Our healing path 78.
The age of reason 78.
Thoughts 79.
Peacefulmind 80.
No greater calm 80.

A slip in time 81.
Direction: forward 81.
An ode to death 82.
Sacred spirit 82.
In repose 83.
My spiritual creed 84.
Spiritual Awakening 85.
Magnificent 86.


“Far away from inner thoughts, and all the stressors of the day…

I escape to where my heart is calm and find myself a better way…

to deal with things that grow and form and cause me drama in my life.

Which bruises every bit of ego. finding fault, and causing strife.

I know it’s just not where I run to that solves the problems and mistakes,

it’s how I learn to handle things that make the best escape.”

In Repose

“The calm and gentle rain befalls outside the window pane.

It taps away just like a clock. It’s keeping time – a gentle pace is playing on my brain.

It’s like a hypnotizing rhythm, swaying me both to and fro.

For all I need now is a soft and soothing wind to gently blow.

To rock me into calm repose and send me off to sleep,

where I can find a path to take me further and more deep…into a place where I can go…

 that offers up more peace of mind, my body still at ease.

I drift away in lost repose,

where dreams will never cease.”

So, This Is Love

“You look at me like no one else ever has.

Your pools of love draw me in.

Your eyes tell the story.

Welled with tears of joy, almost as if you can’t believe you found the one who could love you like no other. 

Who understands…Who goes with the flow…Who is there when you need them most…

 Your silent approval is obvious from the smile you can’t contain.

Again, shaking your head in disbelief.

 So, this is love.”

About Andrew

Andrew Pacholyk is an International best-selling author. His first career as a dancer/choreographer, director, and producer spanned 25 years. Pacholyk followed this up with a BA and BS from New York State University College at New Paltz, as well as a Masters and Doctorate from Pacific College of Health and Science leading to a career in the alternative health field for over 20 years. He is an expert in treating infertility, gynecological issues, as well as pain management…He is the founder of, an alternative health website that offers information on natural healing, meditation, and other wellness topics. 

Pacholyk has written several books on natural healing, including “Barefoot: A Surfer’s View of the Universe” and “Lead Us To A Place: your spiritual journey through life’s seasons.” He has also been featured in various media outlets, including The New York Times, The Huffington Post, OM Times, and CBS News.

Pearls of Light: Passion, Poetry and Positive Affirmations by Andrew Pacholyk is a shining collection that effortlessly weaves together the realms of verse, feeling, and uplifting affirmations. This is a heartfelt journey that embraces readers with its poetic verses while guiding them toward self-discovery, empowerment, and a renewed sense of positivity. At the heart of this book lies Pacholyk’s skillful blending of three distinct elements. This fusion creates a unique reading experience that speaks to the soul’s longing for inspiration and personal growth. Pacholyk’s passion for self-discovery is palpable throughout. His deep understanding of human emotions and the transformative power of words is evident in his thoughtful selection of both poems and affirmations. This blend creates a harmonious synergy that inspires readers to reflect on their own lives, acknowledge their inner strength, and nurture their dreams.

The poetry in Pearls of Light is both eloquent and accessible, making it a perfect companion for readers at any stage of their poetic journey. Pacholyk’s verses often capture moments of wonder, love, struggle, and triumph, painting a vivid picture of the human experience. His choice of words and metaphors creates an immersive atmosphere that allows readers to connect with the emotions expressed. The inclusion of positive affirmations elevates this collection beyond traditional poetry books. Each serves as a guiding light, offering readers a chance to validate their strengths, dreams, and worthiness. They act as a powerful counterpoint to the poetic verses, encouraging readers to embrace a more optimistic and empowered perspective on life’s challenges. The format, which alternates between poetry and affirmations, invites readers to engage with it dynamically. This book is a valuable addition to the shelves of those seeking poetic solace and affirmations that guide them toward a more positive and meaningful life journey.

~ Zahid Sheikh

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