The Love Test

Ahh love! That exhilarating, complicated, fulfilling and masterful art of two people bonding in life! Is it forever and always or just two ship… Find out what your subconscious knows! Learn more about who YOU are and how you handle your love life. Are you really ready for love or do you still need to play the field? You may find the answers shocking!

Evaluate your deeper feelings

Find the true meaning to your answers! As soon as you read a question, write the answer right away. Make sure to answer questions 1-6.

Read the following questions, imagining the scenes in your mind, and write down the FIRST thing that you visualize. Do not think about the questions excessively.

Welcome to your Love Test

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You are walking to your boy/girlfriend's house. There are two roads to get there. One is a straight path to take you there quickly, but is very plain and boring. The other is significantly longer but is full of wonderful sights and interesting things. Which one do you take to get to your significant other's house, short or long?


On the way you see two rose bushes. One is full of red roses, the other full of white. You decide to pick 20 roses for your boyfriend/girlfriend of any color combination. What number of white and red do you pick? (you can pick all of one or any combo of the two).


You finally get to their house. A family member answers the door. You can have them get your boy/girlfriend or go get them yourself. Which do you do?


You go up to your boy/girlfriend's room, but nobody is there. You decide to leave the roses. Do you leave them by the windowsill or on the bed?


Later, it's time for bed. You and your boy/girlfriend go to sleep in separate rooms. In the morning when it's time to wake up you go in their room and check on them. When you arrive, are they awake or asleep?


Now it's time to go back home. Do you take the short, plain road or the longer, more interesting road?

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