Ethical Sourcing of Sustainable Products

Our success is linked to the success of the producers, farmers and suppliers who grow and create our products.

Helping people to thrive, helps ensure the long-term sustainability of the premium products we provide. Whether it’s essential oils, herbal teas, herbal remedies or manufactured goods, we’re committed to offering ethically purchased and responsibly produced sustainable products of the highest quality.

Our holistic approach to ethically sourcing the highest quality ingredients helps foster a better future for all communities.

We follow through by offering members in our free and open communities, the information and updates that are important to our health and well-being. utilizes growers, importers and ethical garden distributors of over 1,200 botanical ingredients and natural products from all over the world. We strive to continuously provide the highest quality, pure and natural essential oils and botanical ingredients. We work tirelessly with reputable suppliers and small farmers locally, and from around the world, to offer our products to our customers at fair market value. Through this pricing, we are proud to assist other small business entrepreneurs in growing their own businesses. also recognizes the importance of accountability and all of our products, both organic and wild-crafted, including all of our Chinese and Ayurvedic herbs and oils are state grown and governed by the strictest policies and certification providers. We are proud to support local farmers, beekeepers tea growers and other property owners in their sustainable agricultural practices. Our devotion to the environment exemplifies our efforts to assist our neighbors to prevent unnecessary waste and to help support a healthy environment.

From the merchandise on our shelves to the thought process behind their inventions, cares about the way in which these products are made, and about the workers who make them.

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