The Dosha Test

An imbalance in a dosha will produce symptoms that are related to that dosha and are different from symptoms of an imbalance in another dosha. Imbalances may be caused by an unhealthy lifestyle or diet, too much or too little mental and physical exertion, or not being properly protected from the weather, chemicals, or germs.

The following test will give you a good idea of the levels of your doshas. We have to remember that everyone has all three doshas, but in varying degrees. After reading each description, mark 1, 2, or 3 to answer each question.

1 = Vatta
2 = Pitta
3 = Kapha

Evaluate your energies

If you’d like a better sense of your own state of wholeness and balance, and to be able to identify your strengths and weaknesses, then answer the following 23 questions.

Each response is based on who you are and your likes and dislikes. We suggest you pick your best answer.

Your choices will create your dosha make-up.   You will find a very helpful evaluation at the end of this quiz with great suggestions for improving your goals, NOW!


Welcome to your Dosha Test

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Best way to explain your thirst?
Looking at your skin, how do you describe it?
Conflict makes you?
Stamina, in general?
How would you describe the majority of your schedule?
How would you describe your body frame?
In your climate?
Your lips seem?
How would you describe your sleep patterns?
Wealth meter is about?
Socially you are able to?
Your hair is?
Your speech?
Your eyes are?
After eating, best describe your digestion
Your over all personality is?
Your activity level is?
Your emotions would be summed up as:
In regards to your weight? Do you...
Your general mood is?
How would you describe your chest?
How would you describe your appetite?
Basically, your hips are considered?