11th Moon of the Celtic Year – (Sept 30 – Oct 27) (The Survivor) – Giver by nature, spiritual, charismatic. Ivy is associated with rebirth and tenaciousness. Ivy has attributes of restraint of fear and dealing with emotions. Ivy grows in a sacred spiral, which symbolizes reincarnation, from lifetime to lifetime, and from minute to minute, day to day.

They are the people that are always willing to help those less fortunate and in need. They have great compassion for others and a sharp intellect.They have an ability to withstand and go through many obstacles with grace and perseverance. They are good at communicating with others because of their perception and reasoning skills, seeing both sides of a situation.

They are determined to be successful in life. They can have intense passion and emotions about things they care deeply about. They are incredibly resourceful and resilient. They have tremendous willpower and a very deep character. Although they can often be indecisive, they are not weak and will tackle difficult projects with an infectious optimism. They are sociable, have a good sense of humor, and people are naturally drawn to be their friend. They dislike and try to not offend others.

These are fun and positive people to be around. They are cheerful and have a magnetic personality that easily makes them the center of the party. They have strong powers of reasoning sprinkled with their gift of imagination and intuition. They can also be the opposite side of this coin when they are insecure, feeling doubtful and hesitant of themselves.

In personal relationships they can be jealous and obsessive. If they feel that someone has crossed them they can become very revengeful, spiteful and will hold a grudge for longer than most people. Their strong aggressive nature can make them insensitive to the feelings of others. Sometimes they can come across as superficial and may shun people, giving them the impression they are secretive.

If their energy turns negative they can become manipulative, sarcastic and controlling, yet they dislike other people who are controlling towards them. They can sometimes be lazy and restless. They sometimes need to watch out for their pride. At times their egos can make them appear difficult to understand because of their over confidence. They can be on the shy side, but have a very social nature. They are charismatic and charming and can be quite a delight in social situations.

The Ivy moon rolls in at the end of the harvest season as the year comes to a close and Samhain approaches. Ivy often lives on after its host plant has died — a reminder to us that life goes on, in the endless cycle of life, death and rebirth. The Celts called this month Gort, pronounced go-ert. This is a time to banish the negative from your life. Do workings related to improving yourself, and placing a barricade between you and the things that are toxic to you. Ivy can be used in magic performed for healing, protection, cooperation, and to bind lovers together.

Ogham Alphabet: Gort
Meaning: Survivor
Animal: Butterfly
Crystal: Opal
Planet: Venus
Element: Water, Air
Symbolism: rebirth and tenaciousness
Birds: hummingbird
Color: Rainbow colors
Deity: fairy Guinever
Folk Names: Sacred Spiral, optimist, grow on you

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