Emerald is a symbol of love and good fortune. This stone is used for abundance, growth, peace, harmony, patience, love, fidelity and honesty. It used against negative energy and has been used in many forms of divination. Most effective on the Heart Chakra, perhaps because it access desires held deep within. Emerald provides inspiration and helps those in need of balance, healing, and infinite patience. Lifts depression, helps with insomnia, knowing the heart and peaceful dreams.

For Heartfelt Rituals

Emerald helps the wearer gain physical, emotional, and mental equilibrium. Emeralds are valuable in meditative work, as well as healing due to their deep color. It gives wisdom from the mental plane, so that the possessor is motivated to give love and wisdom to others.

Emerald can be used to attract love (particularly later in life), heal a damaged love or abuse.

Emeralds have been used throughout history to strengthen memory, to assist in eloquence and to reveal the truth or falsity of a lover’s oaths.


Associated Crystal: beryl family
ChakraHeart Chakra
Flowers: Hellebore, Cymbidium Orchid, Green Daylily, Gladiolus
Oils: Eucalyptus, Melissa, Verbena
Gods/Goddesses: Demeter, Gaia, Isis, Shiva, Venus
ZodiacTaurus, Gemini
Sabbat: Litha, Lammas, Mabon
Tarot: The Emperor

Emerald Elixir

A crystal elixir or gem essence combines the energy of your crystal that is infused in either water or oil. It is often placed in the sun in order for the crystal to imbue the water or oil with the crystal’s energy or Qi and then the decoction is used for healing and anointing.

Here is what you need: A glass container filled with about 12 ounces of water. If you are going to be placing your essence outside, be sure to cover it.   Read more here

Harmony and Recalling with Emerald

This stone is regarded as a powerful remedy for all problems of impaired imbalances, therefore, creating harmony. When there is an imbalance in love, work or family, use emerald for meditation to help find a solution.

Emerald is excellent for past-life recall and is good for banishing nightmares that interfere with dream work.  Regression work is strengthened by the use of emerald due to its structural rings, which help “communicate”.  They can be used with any prosperity ritual or used in binding rituals against psychic attack.

Cleansing & Charging Emerald

~ Cleansing a crystal is always a good idea to rid it of energies (negative or otherwise) that it may have picked up during handling and excessive use.

~ Charging a crystal is bringing its energy levels back up, after use and cleansing. Like re-charging a battery after it has lost its energy.  A great way to do this (and remind you that it is time to do so) is during a full moon.

Crystal Cleansing: method 1 – 3 and method 5 – 8

The Power of Color

Color plays a major role in determining how your crystal can help you.  A crystal’s color is due to its combination of minerals, which give it it’s own personality.  It contributes in what attracts you to it.  The psychological aspects of color determine how a crystal’s healing properties work.

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