Dumortierite is the stone of tolerence and tranquility. It is a precious blue stone which promotes self-discipline, cleanliness, courage, trust, accomplishment, harmony, positive attitude, patience and tolerance. It highly reduces disorganization, scattered thinking and distractions. It helps make troublesome, daily tasks more tolerable. Dumortierite is said to promote a positive attitude to life and to help you to stay “young at heart“.

With Tolerance & Tranquility

Dumortierite encouraging you to speak out when you feel you are being treated unfairly and to help you to see the good in the people who are around you.

Two great reasons why it belongs on the Throat Chakra. It’s rich blue tone will induce relaxation, tranquility and a simple feeling of harmony. It’s association to the Third Eye Chakra is due to its ability to enhances your intellect and amplify your psychic abilities.

Dumortierite is a very spiritual stone. It is believed to facilitate communication with your angels and spirit guides and is a stone as rare as the blue moon it represents.


Associated Crystal: Aluminum boro-silicate
ColorBlue, Indigo
Chakra: Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra
Element: Water
Flowers: Blue Iris, Blue Orchids, Hyacinths, Hydrangeas, Columbine, Morning Glory, Forget-me-nots
Oils: Blue Chamomile
Gods/Goddesses: Ariadne, St. Brigid, Hokkmah, The Muses, Sarasvati
Zodiac: Virgo, Leo
Sabbat: Imbolc, Ostara

Spiritual Elixir

A crystal elixir or gem essence combines the energy of your crystal that is infused in either water or oil. It is often placed in the sun in order for the crystal to imbue the water or oil with the crystal’s energy or Qi and then the decoction is used for healing and anointing.

Here is what you need: A glass container filled with about 12 ounces of water. If you are going to be placing your essence outside, be sure to cover it.   Read more here

Cleansing & Charging Dumortierite

~ Cleansing a crystal is always a good idea to rid it of energies (negative or otherwise) that it may have picked up during handling and excessive use.

~ Charging a crystal is bringing its energy levels back up, after use and cleansing. Like re-charging a battery after it has lost its energy.  A great way to do this (and remind you that it is time to do so) is during a full moon.

Crystal Cleansing: method 1 – 3 and method 5 – 7

The Power of Color

Color plays a major role in determining how your crystal can help you.  A crystal’s color is due to its combination of minerals, which give it it’s own personality.  It contributes in what attracts you to it.  The psychological aspects of color determine how a crystal’s healing properties work.

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