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Energy Medicine Therapist Directory

Crystal Healers and Therapist are energy workers who use the subtle, yet profound work with gemstones, rocks and minerals to achieve energy balance and wholeness and to align the body's many energy fields and levels.

* Metaphysical/Healing Properties
* Tumblestones
* Crystal Jewelry
* Yoga Jewelry
* Spheres & Eggs
* Crystal Pouches
* Crystal Fountains
* Raw, Rough & Clusters
* Unique Crystal Gifts
* Crystal Quiz
* Aura/Chakra Correspondence
* Wands, Pendulums
*Using & Cleansing Crystals
*Crystal Remedy References
* Crystal Therapists
* Crystal Homestudy Courses

United States * International

AL * AK * AZ * AR * CA * CO * CT * DE * DC * FL * GA * HI * ID * IL * KS * KY * LA * ME * MD * MA * MI * MN * MS * MO * MT * NE * NV * NH * NJ * NM * NY * NC * ND * OH * OK * OR * PA * RI * SC * SD * TN * TX * UT * VT * VA * WA * WV * WI * WY


Michelle Lamb
Location: Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona
Holistic Health Practitioner, Reiki & Karuna Master,
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Aromatherapy & Essential Oils, Bio-Energetic Medicine/Bio-Feedback
using the L.I.F.E. System, Distant Healings and much more!
I am here to assist others in their beautiful journey of self healing
and discovery. I work with adults, children & pets!
Contact: (928) 254-0355
Email: michelle@reikiontherocks.com

Lacy Weatherford
Location: Snowflake, AZ
Certified "Crystal Witch" Practitioner
Email: laceybug35@yahoo.com


Marcia Nelson
Located in Mountain Home, AR.
Internationally known Psychic and Spiritual Medium
25 year history with LAPD
Marcia's faculties have enabled her to "feel/hear/see/sense" events
Hourly Fee: $200.00
Paypal or Money Order
Email: marcian@centurytel.net
Telephone: 870-425-9058


Ariel Argon
Located in San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Holistic healing which incorporates gemstone therapy

Rev. Judith Billson a.k.a.
The Corn Mother & Three Moons
Email: medicinewheel@malacti.com

Rev. Amelia "Ellie" Barrett
Location: California and Idaho
Certified Crystal Ascension Reiki Therapist
Alcohol & drug counselor, minister, empath, meditation and Yoga teacher, Holistic Life Coach Offering Local and visiting Reiki and crystal healing sessions; self empowerment and stress relief thru Chakra balancing and mental centeredness.
Sliding scale fees available.
Tel: 208-771-4796
Email: Bayofpugs@gmail.com

Susan Buonocore MA
Location in Beverly Hills, California
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Certified Indigo Healing Therapist for Adults and Children
Susan is an Integrative Arts Therapist
She gives workshops and individual sessions.
For a private mailing list with notification of events,email:
Email: goodheartstudio@sbcglobal.net
Tel: 310 502 0469

Cindy Cabalo
Location in Redondo Beach, CA
energy medicine, energy therapist, anti-aging
holistic therapy, metaphysics, reiki, tantra
Email: the_healing_spa@hotmail.com
Tel: 310 543-5060

Marilyn Campbell, R.N
Location: Santa Barbara, CA
Energy therapist trained in Reiki level 1 & 2
Matrix Energetics and the Yuen Method
Email: MarilynWaterstone@msn.com

Mindy Canter
Located in San Francisco, Ca.
Therapeutic Diamond and Gemstone Therapist
A Fantastic Healing Paradigm Through Touch And Crystal
Email: mcanter1@comcast.net
Tel: 415-388-8059

Reiki and Seichim Master
Email: love@skyenet.net

Karen Clark
Location: Pleasant Hill, CA
Reiki Master/Massage Therapist
I offer Reiki Treatments, Distant Healing, Crystal Therapy, and Massage Therapy. I often incorporate crystals in my Reiki sessions.
Tel: (925) 451-6608
E-mail: angelichealingclinic@gmail.com

Dr. Heaven Conquistadore, PhD.
Location: Anaheim, CA
Specialties: Usui Reiki Master, "Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist,
Spiritual Healing Consultation, Oracle Readings, Lectures, Gemstone and Crystal Sales
Web: www.Violet-Aura.com
Email: hc@violet-aura.com

LaVonne Deguma
Location: Corona, Ca.
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist utilizes the subtle energy of gemstones,
crystals and stones to align the body's many energy fields
Email: shambhala7@yahoo.com

Jastin De Los Santos
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Certified "Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Tel: 626-373-5017
Email: justinefreedom@gmail.com

Denise Fall
Location: Turlock, Ca
Certified "Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Certified Crystal Massage Therapist
Usui Reiki Master/Teacher
Angelic Reiki Master
Crystal Reiki Master
Crystalotherapy Practioner (Level 5-6)
Email: reikiangel@charter.net

Rev. Rosalba Fontanez
Located in Los Angeles, CA.
Vibrational Medicine Practitioner
Shamanic Healing -I assist people in releasing trauma and blockages from the energetic body.
House Calls, Distance Healing through skype or phone.
Website: www.rosalbafontanez.com
Email: fontanezrosa@aol.com
Telephone: 818-257-0407

Jami Gibson
Location: Valencia, Ca.
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist utilizes the subtle energy of gemstones,
crystals and stones to align the body's many energy fields.
Email: jami.gibson@att.net

Barbara Ellen Gilkeson
Located in San Carlos, CA
Reiki Master, Healing Touch, Raindrop Therapist
Certified Massage Therapist specializing in prenatal and oncology massage
Telephone: 650-595-0888

Dee Gleason
Location: San Diego, CA.
Reiki Master/Teacher
I offer B.E.S.T. balancing techniques.
Reconnective Healing Practitioner for local or distance healing.
Certified to perform The Reconnection.
Modalities for animals as well.
Email: deegleason@hotmail.com
Tel: 760-415-0986

Jeanne Jesmore
Location: Vista, California 92083
Distance healing crystal layouts for people and pets
I utilize a mandela/grid which allows for up to 16
stones and take a digital picture of the layout, which
is sent to you with the schematic of stones placement.
E-mail with subject line "Crystal Inquiry"
Reiki Master
Email: JJesmore@yahoo.com

Peggy Jentoft
Location: La Mirada, Ca. (Los Angeles County)
Crystal Therapist utilizes the subtle energy of gemstones,
crystals and stones to align the body's many energy fields
in person and remote treatment,layouts, grids and energy work.
I also developed and teach The Crystal Deva Empowerments energy work system.
Email: skygreen@comcast.net

Rev. Nancy Kimes
In distant healing work I use Reiki and
Magnified healing, directing healing requests for the
highest good of all concerned.
Reiki Master/Teacher, & Master Teacher

Joanie Lane
Location: Santa Rosa and Kelseyville, Ca
"A Positive Light" Healing Arts
Massage Therapist / Reiki Master Teacher
Life and Spiritual Coaching
Meditation Teacher, Qigong Leader
Contact: 707-328-6072
Email: joanie@apositivelight.com

Susannah Lin, CLP
Location: San Francisco CA
CLP (Certified LifeLine Practitioner) offers sessions, workshops, and healing circles in The LifeLine Technique, a kinesiologically-based, quantum healing technique. The LifeLine is non-content and effective for people of all ages and even your pets.
Email: LifeLine@ATreeWithin.com
Website: www.ATreeWithin.com

Marissa Massie
Located in Anaheim, CA.
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Email: marissa.moondaughter@gmail.com

Elaila de Mello
Location: California
Registered Massage Therapist and Reiki Master
I have always wanted to be "of service"
in helping to return ourselves and this beautiful
planet to the wholeness we were created in.
Email: Elaila@nbn.com

Anna Michelle Merville, M.A., Ph.D.(c), C.N.H.P., C.S.C.
Location: Walnut Creek, CA
Peacefulmind.com Guided Imagery Therapist
Expert in Natural Health and Wellness Counseling.
Specializing in Immunity Foods Nutrition, Natural Health Care, Herbalism
Sacred Sexuality and Grief Therapy.
Tel: (831) 241-8888
Website: www.radiantremedy.com
Email: info@radiantremedy.com

Macaya Miracle
Location in San Diego, CA
Accelerated Light Healing, Quantum Lightweaving, Pleiadian Light Reiki, Archangel Michael Healing
Tel: 310 543-5060
Email: macaya@acceleratedlighthealing.com

Patricia Padgette
Location:Oceanside, Ca.
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist utilizes the subtle energy of gemstones,
crystals and stones to align the body's many energy fields.
Email: paspadgette@cox.net

Alexandra R.
Located in Norwalk, CA
Energy Healing, Gemstone Reflexology,
Chakra Balancing, Crystal therapy,
Massage and Crystal jewelry
Email: Alexshealinghands@hotmail.com
Tel: 562-916-5727

Michelle Ragghianti
Location: Los Angeles, CA
Certified "Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Email: michelleraggs@yahoo.com

Joseph Rapisarda
Location: Covina, CA
Certified "Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Email: stickswizzarddragon@gmail.com

Mimi Searfoss ASID, CID
Located in Los Altos, CA (San Francisco Bay area/San Jose)
Sustainable Environments design group
Specializing in Interior Design and remodel, color consultation,
and healthy, and peace giving living environments.
Telephone: 650-428-1117
Website: http://web.mac.com/mimisearfoss

Dr. Kathleen Seelye, PhD.
Location: Fallbrook Ca.
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist utilizes the subtle energy of gemstones,
crystals and stones to align the body's many energy fields
Other Specialites: Naturology, Healthology, Reiki/Karuna Master,
Energy Therapist, Consultant in Nutrition, Fitness and Health,
Relaxation Therapy, Certified Matrix Practitioner, Youthlight treatments.
Phone: 760-822-5412
Email: shantihealer@yahoo.com

Urbara Scott
Located in San Rafael, CA
Certified "Crystal Medicine" Crystal Therapist
Gem Elixirs, Essential Oils, Infused Oils
Telephone: 415-499-0892
Email: urbara@yahoo.com

Zachary Selig: Spiritual Consultant
Find Everything That You are Looking For
Love, Money, and Health Issues
Location: Beverly Hills, CA
Internationally acclaimed Artist, Author, and Filmmaker Zachary Selig
is one of the leading authorities of Chakra and Color Sciences.
He is a notable pioneer of Talismanic Art in the contemporary
art world and has a 25 year professional history of consulting
private clients worldwide. Zachary Selig delivers a universe of
benefits by sourcing answers through his gift as a Spiritist to
individuals' emotional, financial, and wellness challenges.
Author: "Kundalini Awakening - A Gentle Guide to Chakra Activation
and Spiritual Growth"
Web site: www.zacharyselig.com
Email: contact@zacharyselig.com

Lorraine Venner
Loretta Elaine's Gems For Friends
Located in Northern California (San Francisco Bay Area)
I have been doing this work for over 8 years.
Gemstone therapy, Bioenergy Balancing and several other modalities.
1-510-528-8072 (voice/fax)
Lorraine Venner's Gem Work

Georgia Vlahos
Location: Poway, CA
Usui Reiki Master Teacher
Shamanic Healing
Crystal/Chakra Therapist
Website: www.georgiavlahos.com
Email: georgia@georgiavlahos.com

Lynn Walker
Located in Los Angeles (Studio City), CA
Intuitive Life Coach, Healer & Spiritual Guide
specialize in people with chronic pain & illness as well as
depression/anxiety issues.
Reiki Level I & II which I use in my intuitive work to support
the body as it heals spiritually, emotionally and physically.
Email: ldee500@sbcglobal.net
Website: www.awakentospirit.co
Telephone: (818) 287-6428

Marja West
Located in Northern California (San Francisco Bay Area)
Extremely effective; Does phone consultations.

Location: Long Beach/Huntington Beach, Ca.
Chakra Balancing/Crystal Healing
Tel: 562-544-7181
Web site: www.myspace.com/massagesbylauren
Email: LAdam1218@yahoo.com


Heal, Create, Thrive with Aprylisa Healing Arts
Location: Boulder, Colorado
Distance Healing, Life transitions, Trauma Recovery, Pain,
Offering private sessions, Reiki trainings, and Creative Art Adventures.
Advanced BodyTalk, Reiki, Matrix Energetics and Christic Clearings
Tel: 720.297.7175
Email: info@healcreatethrive.com

Naomi Bauer
Location: Colorado (Denver area)
Physical Crystal Energy Sessions which include Polarity Energy Balancing, Meditation for Intuitive Guidance for stone placements ($95). Long Distance or Remote Sessions Classes and workshops also available. Naomi is available for Crystal Parties.
Website: www.YourRadiantSelf.com
Email: naomi@YourRadiantSelf.com

Melanie Bennefeld
Location: Colorado Springs, Colorado
Certified "Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Email: melynnie73@yahoo.com

Margaret Chancellor
Located in North Boulder, Colorado
Professional Addictions Counselor
Energy Work using the V.I.B.E. Machine for people and their pets.
Chakra balancing and other energy balancing tools
Website: http://www.vibe-machine.net
Email: azurlake@gmail.com

Penny Conable
Located in Colorado
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist utilizes subtle energy of gemstones,
crystals and stones to align the body's energy fields.
Other Specialties: Native American Healing Tarot and Oracle readings.
Email: ArabelaGreenleaf@aol.com

Lori Laingor, L.Ac
Location: Boulder, Colorado
Distant and on site Acupuncture, NAET (allergy elimination),
NADA (addiction/detoxification), PSYCH-K (changing self-sabotaging beliefs),
Past Life Regression, Radionics,
Email: lorilaingor@comcast.net
Tel: 303-440-7200

Linda Lile, PhD, BCST, ABD
Locatioin: Boulder, Colorado
GEM Practitioner and Instructor
Specializing in Gemstone and Diamond Therapy and Instruction,
Craniosacral Therapy, Trauma Resolution
extensive background in pre and perinatal psychology
Offering private sessions, workshops and consultations in person and by phone
Tel:. 303.525.0161
Fax: 720.565.1842
Website: www.gatewaystotheheart.com
Email: LindaLile@msn.com

Donna Murray
Location: Durango, CO
Intuitive Healer, Medium and Teacher for 25 years (working locally and long distance)
Tel: 970-247-9076
Website: www.bodyandsoulhealing.com
Email: donna@bodyandsoulhealing.com

Phyllis Shaffer
Located in Meeker, Colorado
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist utilizes subtle energy of gemstones,
crystals and minerals to align the body's energy fields.
Email: pracmom@aol.com


Diana Berriman
Location: Unionville, CT
Certified "Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Reiki Practitioner, Levels I and II
Email: River.Spirit@comcast.net

Jacqueline Bloom, LCSWR
Location: Connecticut
Aroma therapist and Teacher- Certified In Chinese -Medical Aromatherapy
Connecticut Instructor with The East-West School on Herbal and Aromatic Studies
Certified in Gems and Stones Treatment from The Chinatown Wellness Center
Email: Jacq1616@aol.com

Diane Fallacara, M.Sc.
Location: Bethlehem, CT.
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Certified "Crystal Medicine" practitioner
Crystal Medicine Practitioner, Energy Therapist, creator of Empowerment Session Techniques (EST's), Reiki Master, Spiritual Coach, non-denominational Minister, Author, Member of the AADP.
Tel: 860-417-8001
Email: ReikiandBeyond@aol.com
Website: www.ReikiandBeyond.org
The Sleepy Soul...

Cristina Fragale
Located in West Hartford, CT.
Certified "ProAcuLift" Acupressure Facials

Sonja Michael
Location: Enfield, CT.
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Email: smichael43201@cs.com

Isabelle Morton
Location: Hebron, Connecticut
Founder of GEMFormulas gemstone medicine natural remedies
Founder of the Isabelle Morton Gemstone Therapy Institute
In the 1980's Isabelle began researching the properties of spherical gemstones and, under the name Ginny Katz, co-authored the book, Gifts of the Gemstone Guardians with Michael Katz. In 2009 she was given the technology to imprint mandalas made of gemstones into oral remedies. Isabelle offers Diamond and Gemstone Therapy via remote telephone sessions to individuals around the world.
Website: www.GEMFormulas.com / www.LearnGEM.com
Email: isa.morton@gmail.com
Tel: 1-877-4GEM-GEM (1-877-443-6436)

Pat Piorkowski
Located in Branford, CT
Diamond/gemstones/Reiki master and teacher


Cheryl De Luca
Location: Bethel, DE.
Certified "Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Email: ladybeth19931@comcast.net


Maria Alejandra Borjas
Located in Coral Springs, Fl.
"Color Elite" Color Therapist
Reiki Master and Akashic Records Readings
Tel: 954-812-9742
Email: maleborjas@hotmail.com

Cherrise Boucher
Located in Jacksonville, Fl.
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Transformational Life Mentor, Reiki Master/Teacher
Email: cherrise@cherriseboucher.com
Website: www.cherriseboucher.com

Joanne Burgess
Location in Miami Beach, FL
Certified "Color Elite" Color Therapist
Email: jburgess_commitment@hotmail.com

Carolyn Caliendo
Located in Tampa, Florida
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Masters Degree Parapsychology and Esoteric Studies
Reiki level 1 & 2, Chakra Balancing, Gemstone Layouts
Custom-made gemstone jewelry creations
Email: Sedona318@aol.com
Website: www.urnecksbestfriend.com

Jacqueline Cannella
Location: Spring Hill, FL.
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Email: JLCannella@aol.com

Linda Cloward
Located in Loxahatchee, Florida (Palm Beach Area)
Licensed Massage Therapist, License#MA46425
Cert. Craniosacral Therapist (Upledger Method)
and Cert. Lymphatic Drainage Therapist
Reiki Master, Cert. in Crystal Healing and continuing classes
Email: cloxahatchee@aol.com

Caroline A. Cook
Located in Niceville, Florida
Massage Therapist
Reiki Master/Teacher
Work with crystals and drumming
Telephone: 850 830-8255
Email: cookca@cox.net

Beonca Durling
Location: Pompano Beach, Fl
Holistic energy healer for 10 years as a spiritual medium, massage therapist, crystal/chakra bowl healing
Tel: 586-306-4861
Email: beoncaspirit@yahoo.com

Billy Jacob Estes
Located in Starke, FL.
Certified "Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Email: billyestes76@yahoo.com

Sandra Eubanks
Location: Port St. Lucie, Fl
Certified "Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Email: s.eubanks@yahoo.com

Mikaela Fernandez
Located in Boynton Beach, Florida
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist, Energy Therapist, Reiki Master
I also create gemstone jewelry using the healing energies of
crystals. Each finished "peace" is nourished with a soothing
blend of aromatherapy oils.
Email: mikaelafernandez@aol.com
(201) 927-3083

John Georgalidis, LMT
Location: Tampa, Florida
Long distance healing using Brennan healing science.
Email: knagual@hotmail.com
Website: Johngmassage.com

Karan Landkroon
Located in Orlando, Florida
Certified ProAcuMed Acupuncture Facialist
Email: klandkroon@gmail.com

Shannon Meagher N.D.
Located in Safety Harbor, Fl.
"Color Elite" Color Therapist
I write a Color Blog that can be found at http://celticspirit7.blogspot.com/
An Essential Essence Blog at http://celticspirit117.blogspot.com/
Email: CelticSpirit7@aol.com
Website www.crimsonmoon.com

Monika Montgomery
Located in Fort Lauderdale, FL
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist,
Clairvoyant/Psychic & Energy Healer
Artist Paintings Oil on Canvas with focus on Healing/Therapy art
Email: monikamontgomery@comcast.net

Bonnie Morrell
Located in Deerfield Beach, Florida
Crystal Light Crystal Therapist
Reiki Master & Teacher
Universal Life Minister
Email: earthlyangels@ymail.com

Sandra .I. Riveau
Hallandale Bch, FL
Certified Crystalline Angel Therapist
Certified Ayurvedic, Reiki and Crystal practitioner, ayurvedic products, crystals and gems retail
Website: www.sandriayurved.com
Email: sandriayurved@gmail.com
Tel: 888-849-4546

Peggy Sealfon
Location: Naples, Florida
Certified Crystal Medicine Therapist
Stonewater Studio Gemstone Jewelry for Wellness, Wellness Specialist offering programs for business groups & individuals. Stress Buster System tm for Businesses, Integrative Relaxation, Amrit Yoga & Yoga Nidra.
Classes & Private Sessions available.
Website: www.StonewaterStudio.com
Tel: 239.821.2266
Email: Peggy@StonewaterStudio.com

Shoko Slack
Located in Pensacola, Florida
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist and Reiki Master
Email: slackrc@cox.net
(850) 497-8938

Angela Valentine
Location: Sarasota / Bradenton / Lakewood Ranch, Florida
Certified "Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Certified Crystal Medicine Crystal Therapist
Usui Reiki Master, Mayan Reiki Shaman, Pranic Healer, Rising Star Healer, Ordained Minister, Certified Medium, Certified Family Herbalist, Certified Detoxification Specialist and educator of holistic health topics. Insured.
Website: www.CrystalHealingExperience.com
Email: Angela.Valentine@yahoo.com
Tel: (941) 713-7130

Robert Ziegler
Location: Casselberry, FL
Certified Tachyon Practitioner
His practice is devoted to bringing balance to the mind, body and spirit
complex through the utilization of Tachyon Energy.
Email: Tachyon-NRG@cfl.rr.com


Livia G. Boian, Doctor of Natural Health
Location: Duluth, GA
Certified Holistic Health Practitioner
Certified "Chackracology" Therapist
Certified "Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Crystal therapy, Reflexology, Bio-energy, Biofeedback using SCIO system
for stress detection and stress reduction Practitioner. I offer natural therapies
which are helpful for the mind, body and soul.
Phone: 678-957-9042
Email: health@artofhealingcenter.com

Dr. Margaret A. Garcia-Mathier, MA, D.Div
Located in Rabun Gap, Ga.
Shining Star Center
psycho-spiritual healing & development
Tel: 706-982-4435
Email: shiningstarcenter@yahoo.com

Yves Gray
Located in Atlanta , Georgia
Energy Therapist / Reiki Master
Licensed massage therapist
Email: thereikione@gmail.com

Joan Hatten
Located in Baxley, Georgia
Certified "Guided Imagery" practitioner .
Email: sandjhatten@yahoo.com

Shelton Hatten
Located in Baxley, Georgia
Certified "Guided Imagery" practitioner .
Email: sandjhatten@yahoo.com

Vikki Haygood, DCH, Ph.D.
Location: Atlanta, Georgia
Public Speaker/Intuitive Life Coach
Hypnotherapist/Reiki Master-Teacher
Best Selling Author of 'Bouncing Back-Thriving in Changing Times'
Tel: 770-905-4637
Email: Believe.nYourself@ymail.com

Shari Mongold, DD, Naturopath
Located in Woodstock, GA
Renaissance Life Centre
specializing in natural, homeopathic, alternative and quantum therapies. Distance etheric adjustments available FREE consultation
Email: Truthisatreasure@aol.com

F Darlene Swaim
Located in Lawrenceville, Georgia
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist, Chakragologist, Reflexologist,
Reiki master and Aromatherapist
Certified "Color Elite" Color Therapist
Certified "Crystal Medicine" practitioner
Email: darlene@swaim.com

Adele Wang
Located in Atlanta, Georgia
Certified energy medicine therapist, also using Reiki and flower essences.
Phone: (404)966-2466
Web site: www.safehavenhealing.net
Email: adele@mindspring.com

David Whaley
Location: Atlanta, GA
Energy Healing: Polarity Therapy, Reiki Master, Intuitive Healer, Sound Therapy
Massage Therapy: LMT, Deep Tissue, Swedish, Hot Stone
Certified Member : Associated Bodywork and Massage Professionals
Tel: office: 404-264-9006
Website: www.energy-healing-atlanta.com
Email: davidwhaley6@mac.com


Rev. Amelia "Ellie" Barrett
Location: Idaho and California
Certified Crystal Ascension Reiki Therapist
Alcohol & drug counselor, minister, empath, meditation and Yoga teacher, Holistic Life Coach Offering Local and visiting Reiki and crystal healing sessions; self empowerment and stress relief thru Chakra balancing and mental centeredness.
Sliding scale fees available.
Tel: 208-771-4796
Email: Bayofpugs@gmail.com

Erin Heaven
Location: Boise, Idaho
Specialties: Clairvoyant Chakra and Aura Healing, Chakra and Auric Analysis, Energy Healing
Tel: (951) 878-5878
Email: erin@guaranteedhealing.com
Website: guaranteedhealing.com

Jacqueline Kennedy
Location: Boise, Idaho
Specialties: Reiki, Shamanic Healing, Crystals, Prana Rain, Massage
Tel: (208) 429.9999 or (208) 353.0604
Email: jacqueline@reikiehc.com
Website: www.reikienergyhealingcenter.com


Eileen Cipriano / GEMLORE
Located in Oak Park, Illinois
"Crystal Light" Therapist
Gemology and Art Therapy incorporating gems and crystals
Gem and Crystal Divination
Email: jezebeljewels@comcast.net

Linda Epstein
Located in Island Lake, Illinois
Reiki, TTouch, EFT, Flower and Gem Essence Therapy, and Crystal Therapy for Animals and Humans. Long distance sessions include with the phone consultation a picture of the grid or mandala.
I am also a faculty member of Animal Spirit Healing & Education Network
Telephone: 1-847-487-7313
Email: dodoe@mac.com
Website: www.linda-epstein.com

Jennifer Isham
Location: Chicago, IL
Crystal Therapist/Reiki Master/Quantum Touch
/Esoteric Therapist and Sexologist
Individual appointments; phone and email consultations.
I integrate crystals and other therapies to align
the body's energy fields, eliminate self-limiting beliefs
and behaviors, gain richer self- awareness and understanding,
and celebrate and live life authentically.
Tel: 773-250-2387
Tel: 815-455-9580
Email: jennifer@inspirationcoaching.com

Dr. Kelli Jansen - The Angel Whisperer
Location: Illinois
Transforming Souls Around the Globe at www.theangelwhispers.org
Email: admin@theangelwhispers.org

Rae McAlpin, Hearthstone Creations. LLC
Located in Elmhurst, IL (20 minutes west of Chicago)
Jewelry to enhance the Spirit ? Intention jewelry, chakra bracelets, talismans
Personal talisman readings using meditation to receive information from your Higher Self
about semi-precious stones/crystals, natural materials, metals, symbols, colors, animal totems
beneficial to assist you on your journey of discovery.
You will receive an interpretation explaining the purpose of each of the elements.
Web site: www.hearthstonecreations.com
Email: rmcalpin@hearthstonecreations.com

Barbara Robins
Location: Illinois (Distance Healing Worldwide)
Developed Into This Moment Healing (a powerful advancement to the Yuen Method.)
Yuen Method Master
Shamballa Reiki Master
Private Sessions, Vibrational Healing CDs and Mp3s, Home Study Courses
Focus: Fully Engaging Your Meaningful Life.
Tel: 847-566-6559
Web: www.zemirahealing.com
Email: zemira@zemirahealing.com

Sue Walker
Location: Savanna, IL
Reiki Master Teacher
/Esoteric Therapist and Sexologist
Raindrop technique using 9 therapeutic essential oils.
Certified Life Coach through the JFK University in San Francisco
Tel: 805-216-5643
Email: kurtiswalker2@yahoo.com
Web site: www.higherselfcoaching.com

Donald Zumwalt
Location: Montgomery, Illinois
Peacefulmind.com Certified Guided Imagery Therapist
Sound Meditation Specialist
Tel: 630-338-7579
Website: Essentialenergycenter.com
Email: Donzumwalt@yahoo.com


Trista Evans
Location in Des Moines, Iowa
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Email: tpevans1@yahoo.com

Josie Noecker
Located in Waukon, Iowa
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
I am a Reiki master who also does Energy Work,
Chakra Balancing/Clearing, and Animal Communication.
I will also offer consultations on which crystals will
benefit you the most in your every day life and your
pet/pets' lives as well.
Email: Jols84@hotmail.com

Jamie L. Thompson
Location: Parkersburg, Iowa
Certified Crystal Light Crystal Therapist
Certified Registered Reflexologist
Reiki Master
Non-denominational Ordained Minister - Wedding Officiant
Tel: 319-830-4908
Email: toadilyjamie@gmail.com


Empathy Curtis
Location: Lexington, KY
Intuitive Life Coach , B.S,/ Gemstone Healer
Website: http://www.blessedbeauty.co/
Email: staff@blessedbeauty.co

Richard Furman
Location: Lexington, Kentucky
Certified Crystal Massage Therapist
Email: rfurman@windstream.net


Esther Marie Rainwater
Location: Keatchie, La
Reiki, Kundalini Reiki, Shamballa
Tel: 318-933-9921
Email: mrainwat1@msn.com


Kelly Dakin
Location: Augusta, Maine
Reiki Level II Practioner
The Usui System of Natural Healing
The Reiki Room
112 State Street, Suite 1
Augusta, Maine
Email: reikiroom@yahoo.com
Web site: www.myspace.com/reikiroom
Sessions available by appointment (207)852-1129


Kristie Farley
Baltimore, Maryland
Certified Crystal Medicine Therapist
Custom made chakra, color, crystal/gemstone jewelry designer.

Wendy Goldinak
Location: Charles County, Maryland
Specialties: Melody Arrays, Chakra Cleansing
Telephone: (301) 743-3714
Email: gwgoldinak@peoplepc.com

Kathleen Lester
Location: Baltimore, MD
Reiki Master (specializing in Animal Reiki)
Tel: 443.986.1516
Email: klester@zubhaa.com

Christine Schreibstein L.M.H.R.C.B. C.S.C.
Location: Phoenix, Maryland
Specialties: Licensed Crystal Therapist, Archangel Enlightenment, Soul Coaching, Reiki Master
Email: innerbalance@mac.com
Web site: www.InnerBalanceForYou.com and www.LivingSymbols.com

Maria Wey
Location: Rockville, Maryland
Specialties: Consultant for Treatment Plans for Pain and Stress
Email: naturalcomplements2000@mail.com


Ms. Dana DaCosta
Location: Bridgewater, MA
Specialties: Reiki Master Teacher
Web: www.danadacosta.com
Email: danadacosta@gmail.com

Lisa Foster
Location: Dracut MA
Usui & Lightarian Reiki Teacher, Adv. IET, Access Bars Practitioner, Angel Healing Therapy practitioner
Tel: 978-328-8037
Website: www.reikihugz.com
Email: lisa.foster222@hotmail.com

Teri McDonongh
Location: Lynn, Ma.
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist utilizes the subtle energy of gemstones, crystals and stones to align the body's many energy fields
Massage Therapist
Email: tmcdonou05@northshore.edu

Susan Moukalled
Location: East Bridgewater, MA
Certified Crystal Medicine Therapist
Email: smoukalled@comcast.net

Sollena K. Morginn
Located in Massachusetts
Core Alignment Master Coach
Polarity therapist and vibrational aroma-therapist
Email: sollena@msn.com
Tel: 413.203.1199

Audra Pinkham
Location: Lowell, Massachusetts
Crystal Healing Therapist
Certified "Crystal Medicine" Crystal Therapist
Usui Reiki Master/Teacher
Karuna Reiki Therapist
Pendulum Dowsing
Paranormal Investigator
Email: ecto_audra@verizon.net

Michael John Preston
Location: Osterville, Ma.
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist using the power of minerals,
crystals and stones to align the body's aura and chakra energies.
Email: cybermusic@comcast.net

Kim Turcotte
Location: Blackstone, Ma.
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Email: morganlefay33@comcast.net

Marie Watson
Located in Beverly, Ma.
Certified "Color Elite" Color Therapist
Certified Hypnotist, Stress Management Consultant
Reiki Practitioner, Empowering Women, Certified Laughter Leader
Goddess Belly Dance Parties
Email: winddancer@comcast.net
Website: www.solitudehms.com


Kim Dockery
Located in Coldwater, MI
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist utilizes the subtle energy of
crystals and stones to align the body's energy fields.
Email: naiproud@charter.net

Robin Emmerick
Located in South Eastern Michigan
Usui Master and New Earth Reiki, Intuitive and Medium
Monday - Friday 9am-8pm
Tel: 248-255-6476
Email: Reikiwithrobin@hotmail.com

Suzy Glas
Located in Kalamazoo MI
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Usui Reiki practitioner levels 1&2
Tuning fork therapy
Healing with Reiki, gemstones, crystal and stones to align
the body's energy fields.

Michael Ireland
Location: Farmington, MI.
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist utilizes the subtle energy of
crystals and stones to align the body's energy fields.
Email: michael@theirelands.org

Tracy Jones
Located in Bellevue, Michigan
Reiki, Quantum Touch, Massage Therapy, Crystal Therapy,
aromatherapy, Herbalist, angel intuitive.
Email: ldyshkspr68@yahoo.com

MJ LaDuke
Location: Nevi, MI
Yogini, Bhakti Yoga
Assess chakras through dowsing and crystals and use yoga asanas
Contact: 586-929-0806
Email: mj@bhaktiwellness.com

Amanda Loew
Located in Shelbyville, MI
Certified "Crystal Medicine" Crystal Therapist
Email: amandaloew@yahoo.com

Carolyn Mack
Location: Canton, MI
Certified Crystal Light Crystal Therapist
Reiki Master, Angel Therapy Practitioner
Geologist, & Healing Jewelry
Tel: 734 756 5899
Email: cmack@vibrantenergy.info

Renee Peel
Location: Grand Blanc, MI
Holographic Memory Resolution and Reiki
Tel: (810) 695-6398 Website: www.energywithinhmr.com Email: rpeel@energywithinhmr.com

Pamela Schaming
Located in Grand Rapids, MI
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist utilizes the subtle energy of
crystals and stones to align the body's energy fields.
Email: p.schaming@yahoo.com

Karen Thomas, CMT/EnergyWorker
Located in Kalamazoo, MI
Energy Worker (local & distance)
Holistic Health
Tel: 269-598-6081
Web site: www.easeintuit.com
Email: energyofgrace@gmail.com

Laura Vorndam
Location: Monroe, MI.
Certified "Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist utilizing the subtle energy of crystals and stones to align the body's energy fields.
Usui Reiki Master
Healing Touch level 2 student
Relaxation, stress management, chakra alignment
Email: laura42268@gmail.com
Tel: 734-755-0320

Crissy Weems
Location: Clinton Township, MI
Certified "Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Email: cjcucinella@yahoo.com


Bonnie Flores
Located in Burnsville, MN
Holistic Healthy Healing
Psychic Readings, Sound Therapy, Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy
Spiritual Counseling, Chakra Cleansing
Tel: 952-217-6105
Website: www.holistichealthyhealing.com

Jeremy Hanson
Location in Minneapolis, Minnesota
"Color Elite" Color Therapist
Email: jhanson_30@yahoo.com

Tera Maxwell
Location: St. Paul, Minnesota
Energy Coach, Energy Intuitive
Calyco Healing practitioner
Phone Sessions, available
I remove mental and emotional clutter and balance your energy so that you can thrive.
This modality is simple, non-invasive, and extremely comprehensive.
Clients often report profound results.
Website: http://www.teramaxwell.com
Email: tera@teramaxwell.com

Patricia (Peacemaker - shewalkswiththewind)
Location: Coon Rapids, MN
"Crystal Light" Therapist utilizes the subtle energy of
crystals and stones to align the body's energy fields
Usui Reiki Master Instructor, Shaman
Email: lancelot107@hotmail.com


Constance Ashleigh Rogers
Location in Biloxi, Mississippi
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Email: ashleighrogers81@yahoo.com


Nancy Lankston, RN, CST
Located in Kansas City, Mo.
In practice for 11 years specializing in sacred flow, energetic healing and craniosacral therapy.
Long distance phone sessions available. $90 per hour
Website: www.heartofhealing.com
Tel: (913) 206-4531
Email: nancy@heartofhealing.com

Marilyn Painter
Located in St. Charles, MO
Certified Metaphysician and Spiritual Healer: offer several types of healing sessions
in which healing energy is channeled to heal and balance chakras.
Certified Medium: offering channeled readings for the purpose of
bringing love, light, and healing to others.
Tel: (636) 634-1936
Email: marilyn@ahtahsanctuary.com
Web site: www.ahtahsanctuary.com

Sherry Smitherman
Location: Kansas City, MO
Certified "Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Email: caspersls2@gmail.com

Dena Watnes
Location: (Enchanted Willow) Saint Robert, MO.
Certified Crystal Light Crystal Therapist
Website: http://enchanted-willow.webs.com
Tel: (573) 336-2329
Email: watnesd@hotmail.com


Mary Lingo
Located in Kalispell, MT
Montana's Crystal Mystique
Yellowstone River Agate Jewelry
Animal Spirit Jewelry
Customized Crystal Jewelry For You And Your Pets
Natural Gifts From Mother Earth
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Usui Reiki Master and Karuna Ki Reiki Master
Specializing in Animal Reiki
Email: mountainbearspirit@yahoo.com
Web site: www.etsy.com/shop/mtcrystalmystique

Rachel Ray
Location: Troy, MT
Certified Crystal Medicine Therapist
Email: rachel_ray06@hotmail.com

Renee Talbot
Located in Billings, MT
Blessing from the Heart Inc.
Long distance energy healing, reiki, color therapy, EFT.
Email: joyfulsoulutions@gmail.com


Location: Lincoln, Nebraska
Athena is an international spiritual leader and an extraordinary gifted Akashic Record reader.
Athena is an expert in one of the most advanced forms of healing by providing readings of the
Akashic records for individuals invested in transforming their own lives.
Her readings reveal soul secrets, wisdom, knowledge, and healings to transform every aspect of life.
Website: www.ascension-now.com
Telephone: 402-805-5025
Email: athena@ascension-now.com

Jennifer Hatch
Located in North Platte, Ne.
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Email: jahatch77@gmail.com

Sheri Pixler
Located in Trenton, Nebraska.
Certified "Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Email: bluefeathers@gpcom.net

Debra Want, EFT-CC
Located in Lincoln, Nebraska
Specializing in Stress Relief and Weight Reduction
using the awesome power of EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
to help you quickly & easily create the changes you desire!
Reiki Practitioner
Email: deb@changewitheft.com

New Hampshire

Located in Lincoln, New Hampshire
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Crystal therapy for people and pets. Custom healing pouches.
Email: circe278@verizon.net

Darlene Meehan
Located in New Hampshire
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist utilizes subtle energy of gemstones,
crystals and minerals to align the body's energy fields.
Reiki 3 Practitioner, Ordained Reverend
Email: Majickeyes1126@yahoo.com

Marcy Mikutowicz
Located in Concord, New Hampshire
Crystal Healer, Reiki Master, Medium
Website: www.NHallnatural.com
Email: Marcy@nhallnatural.com
Tel: 603-748-2920

Mary Winslow
Located in Berlin, NH
Reiki practitioner using crystals.
Empath working with others energy to heal emotional wounds, grief and guilt.
Astrologer with 25 years experience crafting birth charts.
Email: mystymystic@yahoo.com

New Jersey

Maria Favocci
Location: Wayne, New Jersey
Certified "Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Certified Yoga Instructor
Certified Reiki Master
Tel: 201-965-8191
Email: Mariavf2@optonline.net

Hayley Kamis
Location: Berkeley Heights, NJ
"Guided Imagery" practitioner
Email: hayleykamis@verizon.net

Suzanne Owens
Location: West Deptford, NJ 08096
Crystal Healing and aromatherapy
Web site: www.mbscenter.com
Email: suzanneowens21@verizon.net

Sandra Rezende
Location in Newark, New Jersey
"Color Elite" Color Therapist
Email: usa0616@aol.com

New Mexico

Pat Burkitt
Located in Santa Fe, New Mexico
Very supportive gemstone therapy for
humans and animals; Colorworks

Mahria D'Elia
Location: Taos, New Mexico
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Email: faybiefairy@yahoo.com

Nancy "Spirithawk" Roy
Location: Corrales, NM.
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist utilizes the subtle energy of gemstones to align the body's many energy fields.
Email: smokiedeebar@yahoo.com

New York

Rev Andy Arecco
Located in Oyster Bay, NY
Certified "Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Certified "Crystal Medicine" Crystal Therapist
Usui Reiki Ryoho Reiki Master
Psychic Spiritual Counselor
Please visit my yahoo group "Psychic Spiritual Help" where my services are always free.
God inspired and directed. http://tech.groups.yahoo.com/group/psychic_spiritual_help/
Telephone: 516-238-0690
Email: zito51@yahoo.com

Brian Ault LMT, YT
Location: Brightwaters, Bay Shore (suffolk County) Long Island, NY.
Massage Therapist, Crystal Healer, Sound healer
Tel: 631-456-9637
Email: Ooceanflux@gmail.com

Jen Baker
Located in Brooklyn, New York.
Certified "Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Email: baker7jenz@yahoo.com

Capri Calandra
Location: 1075 Portion Rd, Farmingville, NY
Serenity Healing Center
Emotional Freedom Technique
Email: seawitch949@yahoo.com
Website: serenityhealing.net

Vera Cangro
Location: Staten Island, NY
"Color Elite" Color Therapist
Intuitive specializing in Angel and Tarot card readings and chakra energy alignment
Tel: 917-525-9233
Email: planetvenus9@yahoo.com

Nicole Dantzler
Location: New York, NY
Reiki, Crystal Therapy and Angel Card Readings
Tel: 718.915.7550
Email: nicole@sacredhealingnyc.com
Website: http://sacredhealingnyc.com

Dave DeWolf
Location: Ballston Spa, NY
Reiki Master/Teacher, Chelation Energy Therapist, and Certified "Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Practicing as "One Heart Spirit: Pathways to Wholeness".
Remote, distant healing sessions are available upon request.
Workshops and classes are also available.
I own and operate, "Saratoga Metaphysical Boutique" and I'm the author of, "Lofty Whims of Grace: An Arcane Journey."
Website: www.DaveDeWolf.com
Email: Dewolfmoon@hotmail.com

Judi-Lynne Filomio
Location: Bronx, NY
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Reiki Therapist and Master Esthetician
Email: skinprojudi@gmail.com

Joanne M. Fletcher, LMT
Location: Penfield, New York
Integrated Energy Therapy, Muscle Release Therapy
Hot Stone Therapy and Relaxation Massage
Tel: 585-752-3195
Email: joeyfletch@frontiernet.net

Melissa Fox
Location: Long Island New York(Suffolk County)
Certified Crystal Light Crystal Therapist
Utilizes subtle energy of gemstones,crystals and minerals to align the body's energy fields
Crystal therapy, chakra balancing,reiki, meditation also crystal massage and crystal facials
Email: guida0711@hotmail.com

Cephora Grundman
Location: Crystal Connection, 116 Sullivan St, Wurtsboro NY 12790
Specialties: Crystal Healing. Certified by Katrina Raphaell's Crystal Academy
Tel: 845.232.0939
Email: Cephora@CrystalConnectioHealing.com
Website: CrystalConnectioHealing.com

Barbara Galiszewski
Location: Staten Island, NY
Certified "Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Email: BarbaraRonacher@msn.com

Olga Horvat, MA
Located in Brooklyn, New York
Certified "Color Elite" Color Therapist
Pet Color Therapist - Pets may develop diseases and allergies because they pick up negative vibrations, or illnesses from their owners. Color Therapy can help, both you and your pets.
Telephone: (516) 287-0150
Website: www.royaldogsgallery.com
Email: ohorvat1@gmail.com

Ruth Hosenfeld, IARP, RMT
Located in Webster, New York
Usui Reiki I, II and Master Classes - Treatment Sessions by appointment
Distance Reiki and Pet Reiki
Kundalini Reiki Attunements
Gold Reiki Attunements
Ethereal Crystals Attunements
Tacyon Reiki Attunements
Tel: 585-451-3440
Email: gentle.touch.reiki@hotmail.com

Denise Juana Rasayana
Located in Forest Hills NY
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Certified Metaphysical Counselor
Certified Pranic Healer, distant Pranic Healing
Cosmic Clock Astrologist; an individualized astrology
that treats you as a cosmos. It is calculated
according to your specific time of birth, based on
Cosmic and Mayan configurations. If time of birth is
not known It is configured to your personality.
Email: juana.rasayana@gmail.com

Terry Leone, RN
Location: Bethpage, New York
Certified "Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Email: TCL00218@aol.com

Alla Leybinsky
Location: Brooklyn, New York
Certified Crystal Medicine Therapist
Certified Chakracologist
Email: alla68@hotmail.com

Shannon McCarthy-DiCarlo
Location: New York, NY.
Certified in Guided Imagery utilizing visual and guided imagery
techniques for dynamic healing.
Email: shannonmccar3123@aol.com

Mary C. McGrann, M.S., C.Ht.
Location: Staten Island, NY
Guided Imagery Certified Practitioner
Hypnosis for weight loss, smoking sessation, ADD. EFT certified.
Website: http://www.marymcgrannvpweb.com

Myriam Oliveras, Certified Empowerment Coach
Located in New York, NY
Energy Practitioner of Quick Pulse, ACT Belief Alignment and the Emotion Code.
Local and distance healing. Combines coaching and energy healing to heal past, remove blocks and empower you to create an optimal life.
Phone: 212-300-4308
Email: myriam@myriamolliveras.com
Website: www.myriamoliveras.com

Andrew Pacholyk, MS. L.Ac.
Located in New York City, NY
Licensed Acupuncturist & Board Certified Herbologist
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Certified "Crystal Medicine" Crystal Therapist
"Color Elite" Color Therapist
Tui Na Massage Therapist
Music Therapist
917 843 3623
Email: yogiguruji@aol.com

Cristina Pena
Located in Long Island, NY
Certified "Crystal Medicine" Crystal Therapist
Psychic Spiritual Counselor, Chakra Cleansings
Energy Healer and specializing in Distance Healings
Pain management
Mediumship, Spiritist, and Holistic Healer
Website: www.spiritualandfaithhealer.com
516-474-1796 or
Pricing ranges from $150-$300 (depending on condition)
Email: Spiritgirl78@gmail.com

Sharonah Rapseik MS, Licensed Esthetician
Location: New York, New York
Licensed esthetician and holistic health counselor,
specialize in holistic skin care and wellness
Certified "Crystal Medicine" Crystal Therapist
Email: sharonah2@earthlink.net

Aida Ortega-Rodriguez
Located in Larchmont, NY
Reiki, Akashic Records Consultations
Tel: 914-924-0786
Email: aidareiki@yahoo.com or akashicreader1@yahoo.com

Bonnie Schwartzbauer
Location in Pittsford, New York
"Color Elite" Color Therapist
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Email: contact@thehummingbirdssong.com

Carol-Ann Shams
Located in Amherst, NY
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Email: grav2417@aol.com

Nina Shapir N.D.
Location: Brooklyn, NY
Certified Chakracologist
Certified Crystal Medicine Therapist
Email: naturalvillagecafe@gmail.com

Mary Sivers
Location: Liverpool, New York
Certified "Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Email: msiver1@gmail.com

Lisa Smith
Location: Valley Stream, New York
Certified Crystal Medicine Therapist
Email: lisa4682@hotmail.com

Juliet Tang
Locations: New York, NY and Long Island City, NY
Usui Holy Fire Reiki Master
Akashic Records Practitioner
Certified Crystal Light Therapist
Email: juliet@jewelshealinggarden.com

Steven Weiss, D.O.
Location in New York, New York
Altar of Creation Healing (my work)
(integrating osteopathic manual healing - cranial/biodynamics)
energy medicine, sacred geometry, embryology
Integrate specific crystal/stone healing into my practice.
Work with trauma, post traumatic stress, pregnant moms and babies… performing arts and sports.
Tel: 212-414-9435
Email: sjwdo@medlodgenyc.com

North Carolina

Melissa Bailey
Located in Raleigh, NC.
Crystal Therapy, Reiki, Life Coaching/Spiritual Advise, Meditation Guide
Website: www.shadowtosun.com
Email: Melissabailey@shadowtosun.com
Telephone: 919-902-0672

Kathleen T. Egan, CCMT, RMTP, Rev.
Located in Burnsville, NC (north of Asheville)
Certified "Crystal Medicine" Crystal Therapist
Email: kathyegan@thehealingvillage.org
Website: www.thehealingvillage.org

Kim Hageman, DD, DMP, CLT
Location: Asheville, North Carolina
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist, Spiritual Healer, Doctor of Metaphysics,
Doctor of Divinity, Doctor of Religious Science
Email: khageman@bellsouth.net
Tel: 828-275-2755

Soumayah Nanji
Location: Charlotte, NC
Certified Crystal Medicine Therapist
MA, Human Services- Marriage & Family Therapy
Soumayah works with adults and children as a Wellness Coach at TRUHeart Wellness Center. She offers services in Adolescent Development, Body Wisdom, Career Counseling, Disease Prevention, Relationships (Couples, Familial), Self Empowerment, Spiritual Counseling, Women's Wellness. Products are available for purchase.
Available for classes, lectures, workshops, and Motivational Speaking,
Tel: 331-999-0132
Website: www.truheartcenter.com
Email: truheartcenter@gmail.com

Shelly Shafer, LMBT, LE, CT
Located: Rutherfordton, NC
Certified "Color Elite" Color Therapist
Email: rainbowmedicine@yahoo.com

Deborah Welch
Located: Raleigh, NC
Certified "Chakracologist" ,
Kundalini Yoga, Chakracology, Meditation
Email: debwelch@nc.rr.com


Lee Fitterer
Located in Cincinnati, OH.
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist, Licensed Massage Therapist, Tuning Fork Therapist.
Specializing in pain and stress management using several modalities. Reiki, Prenatal Therapy
Email: poweroftouch@fuse.net
Phone: (513)-521-3900

April Graham
Location: Columbus, OH
Advanced Reiki Practitioner and Energy Healer
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Phone: 614-327-1467
Email: aprilgraham.info@gmail.com

Melody Lynn Jenkins
Located at P O Box 67. Galloway, Ohio 43119
Barefoot Path offers healing through reiki energy, tuning fork body harmonization,
massage, detoxifying foot baths, light & sound therapy, color & crystal therapy,
chakra balancing, intuitive beadwork, meditation, and many other modalities.
Web site: www.barefootpath.org
Email: melody@barefootpath.org
Telephone: 614-446-9972

Janelle Martin
Location: Chillicothe, OH
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Email: Rapdavila@juno.com

Journey Studios- Su Nimon
Location: Canton, OH
Energy work, reiki, Classes, massage therapy
Website: http://www.journeystudios.com
Tel: 330-232-1888
Email: info@journeystudios.com


Judith Albay-Davila
Location: Cornelius, OR.
"Color Elite" Color Therapist
Email: Rapdavila@juno.com

Iris Garcia
Location: Portland,, OR
Certified "Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
utilizes the subtle of gemstones, crystals and stones to align the body's many energy fields.
Tel: (503) 750-8090
Email: iris_amatista@yahoo.com

Sondra Holtzman
Certified Hypnotist and Reiki Master
Certified "Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Professional Artist and Creativity Coach
Art Workshops
Inward Journeys of Discovery through Hypnosis, Reiki, Crystal Therapy,
Creativity Coaching and Art.
Creator of Artful Escapes: one day art retreats by kayak
Telephone/Fax: 541.388.5458
Email: islandgirl@bendcable.com

Shirley (Rainy) Howell
Location: Cottage Grove, OR.
Certified "Crystal Medicine" Crystal Therapist
Certified Chakracology Therapist healing the subtle energy centers, on a mental, spiritual, physical level and find ways to re-align, balance and manage your energy in a positive way!
Email: Rainy56@q.com

Jackie Koppany
Location: Hermiston, OR
Certified "Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Healing with energy using gemstone therapy, music & aura cleansing
Chakra, Pendulum, Custom Gemstone Pendants & Pendulums
Retail & Online Store, Beads, jewelry findings, rocks, gemstone gifts & much more
Tel: 541-567-8369
Email: jkoppany_1@hotmail.com
Website: www.feelingstonebeads.com

Jill Smith
Location: Scappoose, OR.
Certified Crystal Massage Therapist
Email: mineralsisters@gmail.com


Jennifer Beniquez
Location: Sinking Spring, PA
Certified Crystal Medicine Therapist
Email: crystalmedicineforwomen@yahoo.com

Kathryn Chacosky
Location: West Chester, Pa
Certified "Color Elite" Color Therapist
Email: K8withAK@yahoo.com

Amanda Edley
Located: Ashley, Pa
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing and Herbology
Email: TheCrystalGardens@Hotmail.com

Ellen Shapiro Esposito
Located in Yardley, Pa
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist,
Reiki II
Email: efespo@mac.com

Cheryl Finn
Location: Plains, Pa.
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Email: rainboedancer@aol.com

Rev. Barbara Ann Giannetti
Located in Wilkes Barre, Pa.
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist, Ordained Minister, Energy Therapist, Reiki Master, Instructor of Reiki and Karuna Reiki.
Certified Hypnotherapist, Aromatherapist and Flower Essence.
I have been an energy worker for 30 years and are a
Magnified Healing and Integrative Energy Therapist.
Ancient Healing Secrets Revealed
Email: agardenofangels@aol.com
(570) 983-9338

JoAnn Hailwood
Located in Erie, Pa.
Specialty: Reiki/ Master Energy Medicine Techniques,
Swedish and Deep tissue massage, Hot Stone Therapy,
Clinical Aromatherapy.
Tel: 814-572-2504 or 814-456-0390
Email: timeout@myosage.com or joannh@glit.edu

Gay S. Hilton, N.D. & Associates
Location: Erie, PA
Naturopath, Homeopath, Colon Hydrotherapy, Massage, Reiki, Cranial Sacral, Emotional/Spiritual Clearing, Flower Essences through brainwave analysis, thermography aka thermal imaging.
Tel: (814) 459-2030
Email: llvsoto@yahoo.com

Rev. C. L. Klepsky, Prs, BS, CHT, RP
Located in Irwin Pennsylvania
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Healing with Seichim and Usui Reiki, Crystal Grids
Chakra Balancing and Aura Cleansing
Gemstone and Crystal Jewelry crafted to heal specific ailments
Unique Custom Crystal Healing Bags
Tarot Counseling
Tel: 724-515-7786
Email: Clk790@yahoo.com

Jeffrey Leoni, RMT/IARP
Located in Exton, PA
Reiki Master Teacher, Reflexology
Tel: 610 299-5388
Email: drjeffleoni@yahoo.com
Website: www.infinitereiki.org

Stephanie Long
Healing Energy Practitioner for Moonstone Holistic Emotional Support
Location: Phoenixville, PA USA
Certified Crystal Light Crystal Therapist
Reiki Practitioner, Level II
Kundalini Reiki Master
Tel: 610-389-2598
Website: www.moonstoneholistic.com
Email: stephanie@moonstoneholistic.com

Kelly Miller "Reiki Hands On"
Located in York, PA
"Certified Crystal Light" Therapist
Gendai & Usui Reiki
Master Practitioner, Astrological Chart Interpretation.
Telephone: (717) 968-3631
Email: reikihandson@gmail.com

Rev. Kathryn Strick, M.A., CLC
Location Erie, Pennsylvania
Reiki, Sound Therapy, Laser Spray, Allergy Antidotes, Geopathic Stress Clearing
Tel: 814-528-2182
Website: www.kstricklifecoach.webs.com
Email: kstricklifecoach@hotmail.com

Judith Swanson
Located in Pottstown, PA
Certified "Crystal Medicine" Crystal Therapist
Reiki Master, Long Distance Healer, Animal Communicator, Certified Angel Card Reader
Tel: 610-389-1891
Email: theuniquetouch@gmail.com

Lisa Tarves MS.
Location: Pottstown, PA
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Master's degree in Metaphysical Science, Metaphysician, Holistic Counselor, Energy Healer, Life Coach, Intuitive, Usui and Tibetan Reiki Master
Crystal and Color Therapist
Website: www.lisatarves.com
Telephone: 484-686-0118
Email: lisa@lisatarves.com

Diane M. Zielinski
Location: Richlandtown, PA
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist utilizes the subtle energy of gemstones in healing.
Reiki Master, Integrated Energy Therapy, Reiki charged gemstone jewelry
Phone: 215-499-9862
Email: dzielinski@verizon.net
Website: www.crystalartz.etsy.com

Rhode Island

Adonya Wong
Location: Providence, Rhode Island
Usui, Kundalini, & Imara Reiki Master, Magnified Healing(r) Master/Teacher, Spiritual Counselor
Website: http://takeysumreiki.com
Email: adonya@takeysumreiki.com

South Carolina

Shelly Shafer, LMBT, LE, CT
Located: Spartanburg, SC
Certified "Color Elite" Color Therapist
Email: rainbowmedicine@yahoo.com


Sally Hinkle
Located in Nashville, TN
Intuitive Energy Consultant, trained to clear and re-balance multi-dimensional
levels of energy for people, pets and environments.
Usui Reiki Levels 1&2, Life Alignment, Vortex Alignment, Transference Healing.
Email: Sally@SallyHinkle.com

Veda Pugh
Location: Fayetteville, TN.
Certified "Crystal Medicine" practitioner
Email: vedapugh@gmail.com

William Trammell
Location: Lebanon, Tn
Certified "Crystal Medicine" practitioner
Email: billtrammell@ymail.com


Rachel E. Adams BA/LMT
Location: Houston, Texas
Certified "Chakracology" Therapist, Licensed Massage Therapist
Sanctuary Spa
Website: www.experiencesanctuaryspa.com
Email: frontdesk@experiencesanctuaryspa.com or rae_adams@yahoo.com
Tel: (713) 622-7722

Kim Balstad
Location: Cedar Park, TX
Certified "Crystal Medicine" practitioner
Other Specialites: Usui & Tibetan Distance Reiki Sessions
Web site: www.VibrationTherapies.Net
Email: healinglight@vibrationtherapies.net

Terri Blassingame
Located: Lubbock, Texas
Essentially Angelic Holistic Center
A Holistic Wellness Center for the Body, Mind and Spirit
Certified "Color Elite" Color Therapist
Certified Usui Reiki Master/Teacher, Certified White Wolf Essential Oil Drop Session, VibroAcoustic Therapy, Various Modalities of Detoxing, Classes and more.
Tel: 806-445-2213
Website: www.essentiallyangelic.com

Craig Flentke
Located in Austin,Texas
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist,
Web site: Expansionality.com
Web site: Alignwithlove.com
Email: Craig.flentke@gmail.com

Deb Garibay
Located in North Houston, Texas
I am a Reiki master and I use healing
techniques which include working with
Reiki energy, crystals, acupressure and meditation
via phone, email, or in person.
Motivated with spirit and smiles.
281 288 4539
Email: deb_garibay@lycos.com

Dawn Gilbreath
Location in Houston, Texas
Specialties: Reiki Master/Teacher, Massage Therapy, Shamanic healing, Qigong Therapy, Life Coaching,
Sports Injury Rehabilitation, Trance Work
Email: windtraveler@windtravelerwellnessarts.com
Tel: (832) 683-0677 or (281) 968-0504

Azita Gonzalez
Located in Denton, Texas
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist,
Usui Reiki Master /Teacher (Usui Teate Reiki, Organic Reiki, Usui Shiki Ryoho);
Spiritual Channel; Crystal, Mineral, Stones, and Energetically-charged Jewelry Sales
Email: azitak@yahoo.com

Rev. Clayton Griffin
Location: Ranger, Texas
Certified Crystal Light Therapist
Email: claytongriffin@ymail.com

Darla Meng (abrinaus)
Location: League City, Texas
Energy Healing, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Implant Removals, Attachment Removals,
Balancing of Merdians, Clearing Blockages
House Clearings
Tel: 832-683-8325
Website: http://distantenergyhealing.com
Email: darla@distantenergyhealing.com

Alicia Mongaras
Location: Austin, Texas
Certified Usui Animal Reiki Practitioner
I specialize in Reiki Treatments for animals that promote healing for emotional, behavioral, physical illnesses and injuries that is natural and noninvasive.
Website: www.anireiki.com
Email: amongaras@anireiki.com

Sabrea Munz
Location: Houston, Texas
Certified Chakracology Therapist
Licensed Esthetician and Owner of Sanctuary Spa
Web: www.ExperienceSanctuarySpa.com
Tel: 713-622-7722

Eileen Page
Location: Austin Texas
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Sound Healing Therapist
512-458-9292 (yaya)
Email: yayagathering@yahoo.com

Rev. Elda A. Rojas
Location: Fort Worth, Texas
Certified Chakracology Therapist
Certified Sound Healing Practitioner
Heal your Spirit: Nurture your Soul
Providing Chakra balancing with authentic raw crystals and Vibrational sound healing using Tibetan bowls, shamanic instruments, singing & crystals.
Email: Vibrasenergyhealing@gmail.com

Shana Pate, Ph.D. Austin, Texas
Lightworker, Spiritual Healer
angel readings, chakra balancing, spiritual life coaching Website: www.singingheartspiritualhealing.com Email: beetlebug68@hotmail.com

Jennifer Pittman
Vibrational Medicinals
Location: 2819 Sandage Ave
Fort Worth, TX 76109
Specializing in mental disorders, anxiety and depression
Email: jenpittmantaj@hotmail.com

Elda Rojas
Location: Fort Worth, TX
Certified Chakracology Therapist
Email: elle.a.rojas@gmail.com

Sacred Healing Women Therapy
Location: Dallas area, Texas
Earth Medicine, ThetaHealing, EmoTrance, Reiki,
Swedish Massage, Lypossage, Heart2Heart, Shamanism
Contact: Patricia DancingElk
Web site: SacredHealingWomen.Com
Email: Patricia@SacredHealingWomen.Com

Tabitha Szilagyi
Location: Victoria, TX
Certified Crystal Massage Therapist
Email: tabithaszilagyi@hotmail.com


Jennifer Betts
Location: Salt Lake City, Utah
Certified Crystal Therapist specializing in Crystal Healing Layouts, Manifestation Grids, and Rose Quartz Facials
Tel: 801-309-8422 cell
Website: Essentialsciencespa.com
Email: essentialsciencespa@hotmail.com

Carolyn Cooper
Located in St. George, Utah
Intuitive Healing Specialist, Tai Chi Instructor,
Founder of Calyco Healing, which heals on an emotional,
mental, physical, and spiritual level. In addition, it can quickly
locate and repair flaws in the DNA, some of which have been
in the lineage for many generations. Clients report profound and
life-changing results.
Calyco Healing Training Seminars, individual phone sessions available.
Website: www.CarolynCooper.com
Tel: 1-888-399-FLOW (3569)
Email: carolyn@carolyncooper.com

Morgan Hensley
Location in Ogden UT
Certified "Crystal Reiki" Ascension Therapist
Email: soulevolution23@outlook.com

Asher Hewett
Location in Ogden UT
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Master esthetician (skin therapist)
Email: zestyash@comcast.net
Tel: 801 644-5203

Julie Phillips
Location: Midvale, Utah
Custom made energy healing jewelry
Phone: 801-604-6688
Email: jewelsgemstonejewelry@gmail.com
Website: www.jewelsgemstonejewelry.com

Bonnie Pratt
Located in Vernal, Utah
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist utilizes subtle energy of
crystals and stones to align the body's energy fields.
Email: prattsafari@yahoo.com


William Binaxas
Location: Fredricksburg, Virginia
Certified Crystal Light Crystal Therapist
Email: wbinaxas01@aol.com

Diane Black
Located in Reston, Virginia
Certified crystal therapist with other vibrational techniques such as sound and aroma. Healing Touch, Level one.
Tel: 703-787-5714
Email: Info@Crystal-Therapist.com
Website: Crystal-Therapist.com

Lisa D'Arcangelis
Location: Stephenson, Virginia
Certified Crystal Medicine Therapist
Email: lisamarie447@gmail.com

Michelle S. Earnest, RN MSN CFNP EEMP-CP
Located in Fredericksburg, VA
Specialize in Eden Energy Medicine (certified)
Email: enhealing@gmail.com
Website: www.fredericksburgcomplementarytherapies.com

Red Hawk aka Cheryl Trammell
Located in Leesburg, VA
Certified Crystal Light Crystal Therapist
Specializing in Reiki, Crystal Healing, Guided Meditation, Spiritual Coaching, Tarot Readings
Email: redhawksmystichealing@gmail.com
Website: https://sites.google.com/site/redhawksmystichealing


Jenette St. George
Located in Yakima, WA
Divine Guidance & Therapeutic Touch.
My practice incorporates Reiki ( I am a Reiki Master), Therapeutic Touch and Healing Touch.
I also provide angel intuitive readings.
Website: www.divineguidance444.com
Tel: 509-307-4908
Email: divineguidance444@msn.com

Rev. Christopher StandingBear RMT
Located in Granite Falls, Washington
Certified: Reiki Master/Teacher, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) practitioner, ThetaHealer
Tel: 425-387-5307
Website: www.bearfoothealing.org
Email: www.bearfoothealing.org/contactrevchristopher.aspx

West Virginia

Barbara Bowman
Located in Squire, West Virginia
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist


Mary Baxter
Location: 1993 State Road 92, Mt. Horeb, WI 53572
Phone: 608-832-6315
Website: www.thefiberofeden.com
Email: marysclearings@yahoo.com

Cheryl Bielefeldt
Location: Altoona, Wisconsin
Certified Color Elite Color Therapist
Email: sharisoul@gmail.com

Althea Mitchell-Thayer
Directions to Self Healing
Location: Riverton, Wyoming
Website: www.directionstoselfheal.com
Email: altmitchell@gmail.com

Tracie Nichols
Located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Licensed massage therapist and empath.
Website: www.tracienicholsmassage.com
Email: nicholstracie@rocketmail.com

Colleen Prasad
Located in West Bend, WI.
Certified "Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Email: colleenprasad2@gmail.com


Gaele Arnott
a nutritionist, medical clairvoyant, herbalist, counsellor,
vibrational therapist, Reiki/ Seichim Master
Email: gaele@powerup.com.au

Ericka Naomi Baker
Located in Mundaring, Western Australia
Certified "Color Elite" Color Therapist
Certified "Crystal Medicine" Therapist
Reiki Master/Teacher practitioner, a Sekem/ Seichim Reiki Master, Crystal therapist/practitioner,
Massage therapist and hot rocks
Email: sunspur55@yahoo.com.au

Sandra Beecher
Located in Point Cook, Melbourne, Australia
"Crystal Massage" Therapist
Certified "Crystalline" Angel Therapist
Angelic & Classic Tarot Readings
Seichim Master Energy Healing
Meliae Intuitive Energy Healing
Worldwide distance healings available
Website: www.sandrabeecher.com
Email: sandrabeecher@bigpond.com

Location: (Suburb) Cammeray, (city) Sydney, Australia
Energy/intuitive massage, sound therapy & crystals with massage
Website: www.be-jewelled.org
Email: be.jewelled@y7mail.com

Jennifer Bell
Location: Geelong Region, Melbourne, Australia
3 Blackroses: Natural Therapies and Aura Photography
Certified Crystal Light Crystal Therapist
Reiki Master
Angel Intuitive - Angel Card Readings
Aura Photography
All therapies carried out in a comfort of a Tipi
Tel: 0438 304 369
Email: 3blackroses@skymesh.com.au

Morning Clouds
Located in Northern, Australia
Being drawn to go to New Zealand, she was gifted
the colour cottons by Les Elphick, who at the age
of nineteen, was cured of a terminal illness using
colour cottons.
Web site: http://www.colourcottontherapy.com
Email: yelfor@westnet.com.au
Tel: 61415390395

Vicky DaCosta
Located in Hampton Park, Melbourne, Australia
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Certified "Crystal Medicine" Crystal Therapist
"Color Elite" Color Therapist
Reiki practitioner, Crystal light balancing Practitioner
(Meridian balancing technique with coloured light torch, also incorporating Gem essences)
Houses of Life Space clearing and Blessing practitioner
Western Geomancy practitioner
Tel: 61422310944
Email: vicknco@bigpond.net.au

Robyn Fahlstrom
Located in Tootgarook Vic, Australia
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Emotional freedom technique therapist
Email: robynfahlstrom@gmail.com

Kim Gorden
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Queensland, Australia

Jenny Tyler
Located in Townsville Queensland Australia
Energy Healing Counsellor
Rainbow Crystal Essences practitioner (my own essences)
Feng Shui Consultant
Space Clearing and Sacred Space Consultant
Tel: 0417718420
Email: jennytyler@iprimus.com.au
Web site: www.jennysholisticpathways.com


Cristina Abreu D.M.D
Location: Petropolis, RJ, Brazil
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Email: cabreu.dmd@gmail.com


Saiyra Akbar
Location: Laval, QC Canada
Noor-I-Nargis Healing Gardens
Certified "Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist utilizes the subtle energies of Crystals and gemstones to balance and align the energy systems of The human body.
Chakra healing with sound and crystals
Email: Purplequartz99@gmail.com

Paula Battenberg
Reiki Master/Teacher, Intuitive, Artist
Email: raqueent@interlog.com

Jane Bessey
Located in Canmore, Alberta, Canada
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist utilizes subtle energy of
crystals and stones to align the body's energy fields.
Email: jbessey@shaw.ca

Donna Blanchard
Location: Keswick Ontario, Canada
Certified Crystal Medicine Crystal Therapist
Specializing as a Healing practitioner since 1994. Reiki Master, Life Coach, Counsellor and Crystal Healing.
Website: www.aspiringedge.com Tel: 905 967 2192 Email: donna@aspiringedge.com

Sherri Booth
Location in Galiano Island, British Columbia, Canada
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Email: sherri235@hotmail.com

Philippe Brennan
Located in Cafe Namasthe, Ormstown, Quebec, Canada
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Massage and reiki
Tel: 4503744775
Email: cafenamasthe@gmail.com

Vidushi Bundhun
Location: in Montreal, QC, Canada
Master Teacher of Magnified Healing
Offering workshops and healing services in the following: Magnified Healing, Magnified Healing 'Light' Phase healing, Reiki, Space clearing, Ancestral Chart/Family tree healing
Website: www.essenceofnilaya.wordpress.com
Tel: 514 249 7251
Email: essenceofnilaya@gmail.com

Kimberly Carey
Location: Ontario, Canada
Certified Crystal Light Crystal Therapist
Reiki Therapist --combining the power of crystals and Reiki
Tel: 705-690-1892
Email: kimcarey@eastlink.ca

Alice Chalifoux - Chacra Wellness Inc.
Location: 4807-48 st. Leduc, Alberta, Canada
Usui Reiki Master, Karuna Reiki Master, Heart Centered Therapist
Pranic Practitioner Level 2, Color Therapist, BioPulsar Aura and Chakra Analyst.
Tel: 780-980-6465
Email: chacra@shaw.ca

Elaine Comeau
Location: Saulnierville, Nova Scotia, Canada
Certified "Hot Stone" Therapist
Healing with crystals
Usui Reiki Master, Shamballa MDHS Master/Teacher
Ionic Detox Foot Baths
Email: eellobs@ns.sympatico.ca

Patricia Core-Bowers
BEAR-FOOT The Natural Path
Email: pcorebowers@sprint.ca

Merlin Dergham
Located in Montreal Quebec
Specialized in stress release and depression free in just 3hours.
Licensed by ANQ as NaturoTherapist, by CRA as Reiki Master/Teacher, by INHA as International Healer.
Website: www.multihealing.com
Email: merlin@multihealing.com

DJ Evans
Location: Kitchener,Ontario
Chartered Herbalist, Crystal Therapist
Email: devans@rogers.com

Shana Lee Gibson
Located in Port Coquitlam, BC Canada
Psychic Medium and Spiritual Healer
I have also been trained in Therapeutic Touch
Web site: www.shanaleegibson.com
Email: info@shanaleegibson.ca

Mary Jane Gottschlag
Location: Burnaby, BC, Canada
"Color Elite" Color Therapist
Other Specialities: Holistic Color Consultant, BIO Feedback, Color Testing
AURA/Chakra Analysis, Aromatherapy Chakra Oils, Color Therapy Products
Dr. Bach Registered Practitioner, Homeopathic Flower Remedies
Healing Gems and Crystals
Tel: 604-657-9997
Web site: www.colourhealing101.com
Email: gottcha91@hotmail.com

Deborah K. Grose-Russell (QTP)
Location: Port Perry, Ontario, Canada
Specialties: Certified Grief Counselor, Reiki Master in Usui
Intuitive Reiki with Crystals and Tera Mai, Reiki
certified Crystal Healer and Teacher, Spiritual Counselor
Reiki and Quantum Touch Energy Healer with Horses
Nature Specialist and a Quantum Touch Practitioner.
"I teach Alternative Lifestyle modalities at Durham College, in Ontario Canada"
AngelWay - (905) 982-0163
Email: Debrakgrose@aol.com

Nicholas Hart
Location: Montreal, CA
Energy Healer
Website: http://www.wix.com/nicholas444/healingenergy
Email: nicholas444@gmail.com

Paola Imbrogno-Sbrissa
Located in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Email: paolasbrissa@hotmail.com

Christine Laprise
Health and Harmony (located in Full Circle Health and Nutrition)
Located at 311 Merritt Ave. Chatham Ontario, Canada
"Crystal Light" Therapist
First Degree Reiki in the Usui System of natural healing
Tel: 519-355-4009
Email: joe_chris_1982@hotmail.com

Dorota Liszewski
Location: Mississauga, Ontario
Certified Crystal Medicine Therapist
Email: liszewskid@hotmail.com

Michael Long
Location: Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Light & Love Energy Healing
Tel: 416-457-4075
Website: www.lightandlove.ca
Email: Michael@lightandlove.ca

Location: Toronto Ontario Canada
Crystal Rejuvenation Facials, Body work
Tel: 416-243-1972
Email: blissful_louiza@yahoo.ca

Shannon Lund
Location: Sherwood Park, AB, Canada
Certified "Chakracology" Therapist
Email: sjlundtl@hotmail.com

Branislav Madronic
Located in Paris, ON
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Email: creativitycircle@hotmail.com

Betty Mallery
Location: Prince Edward Island, Canada
Specialties: Certified "Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Certified Crystal Medicine Practitioner
Certified Crystal Massage Therapist
I specialize in crystals pouches, elixirs and spray's, massage and angels
Email: betty@bettysnaturalway.com
Website: bettysnaturalway.com

Talua Manning
Location: Edmonton, Alberta, Canada
Specialties: Certified Crystal Light Crystal Therapist
I specialize in crystals pouches, elixirs and spray's, massage and angels
Email: k.t.manning@telus.net

Marthe Martel, M.Sc. B.Msc
Location: Embrun, Ontario, Canada
Certified Chakracology Therapist
Masters from the University of Metaphysical Science
Graduated in Digestion from Alive Academy, obtained the 1st, 2nd and 3rd level of Technical Remote Viewing from the Technical Remote Viewing University (Psi Tech)
Certificate of Applied Magnetic Energy from the International School of Magnetic Therapy
Consultation office specializing with aura and chakra analysis with the latest technology by Innovative and Item RFI
Website: Ripple-of-the-Soul.com
Email: Marthe@ripple-of-the-soul.com

Tracy Martin
Located in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada.
Certified "Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Email: martinhypno@shaw.ca

Dawn McConnell
Located in Edmonton, Alberta
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
utilizing the subtle energy of crystals and gemstones
to align and heal the body's many energy fields.
Email: dawn@blackcatblades.com

Yvonne McKay
Location: Brooklin, Ontario, Canada
Specialties: Pleiadian light worker, aromatherapist, reflexologist
Tel: 905-655-7254
Email: weewisewoman@gmail.com
Website: mckaywellnesscentre.com

Yvonne Meier
Location: Alberta, Canada
Certified "Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Certified Chakracology Therapist
Email: y.meier@xplornet.com

Ze'ev E. Nissan
Location: Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Hands-on energy healing, Chakra diagnosis using pendulum and chakra balancing
Acu-pressure based massage, Sound therapy
Hypnotherapy (alleviating anxiety,phobias,compulsions,emotional blocks,limiting beliefs)
Geomancy (geopathogen removal via energy, crystal charging and sacred geometry)
Email: Zev.Got@gmail.com

Denise Obidowski
Location: Kelowna, BC, Canada
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist and Angel Healing.
Tel: 250-762-4377
Email: denisski@yahoo.com

Nathalie Picotte
Location: Barrie, Ontario, Canada
Reiki Master, Registered Massologist, Reflexologist, Energy Healing Therapist, Tuning Forks Healing Therapist, Spiritual Empowerment Teacher
Website: www.manatherapie.cjb.net
Email: manatherapie@gmail.com
Tel: (705) 309-0534

Veronica Potts
Location: Prince George, BC. Canada
Health Kinesiology, Energy work, Aromatherapy, Massage, Hot Stone Massage
Focusing on improving people`s quality of living by reducing pain, emotional tension, and stress.
Email: adventbodyhealth@live.ca
Tel: 778 349 5069
Website: http://www.adventbodyhealth.com

Tracy Riden
Location: 39 Pine Street, Belleville, Ontario, Canada
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist utilizes subtle energy of
crystals and stones to align the body's energy fields.
I also use colour, hot stone massage, Reiki and
face reading to assist my clients to take charge of their
health and improve their physical, emotional, and spiritual being.
Email: riden.c@sympatico.ca

Susan Rivest
Located in Saskatchewan, Canada
Usui Reiki background, 10 years and qualified teacher.
My speciality is Universal White Time Healing
Email: msmuffett@sasktel.net
Web site: www.metishealingwoman.com

Margaret M Robbs
Located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
HearthBeats Lifestyles
"Color Elite" Color Therapist
Everyday Style Consultant
Certified Reiki Practitioner
Email: mmrobbs@shaw.ca
Tel: 403-256-5561

Angel Rogers
Located in Calgary, Alberta, Canada
Certified Crystalline Angel Therapist
Email: ratchedd@hotmail.com

Jessica Romano
Located in Montreal, Canada
Licensed ANQ NaturoTherapist, CranioSacral, Reiki, Chakra Balancing
Shamanic Counseling, Mandala Art & Meditation
Email: info@intuitive-healing-arts.com

Andrey Safronov
Located in Vancouver,BC Canada
Certified Crystal Massage Therapist
A Fantastic Healing Paradigm Through Touch And Crystal
Email: canada.yep@gmail.com
Tel: 778-707-5477
Website: http://canadaheyday.wix.com/heyday#

Madison Sparrow
Location: Ontario, Canada
Certified Crystal Medicine Therapist
Email: sugarslip@gmail.com

Orlene Terryl Speight
Location: Kelowna, BC, Canada
Certified "Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Email: orlenet@hotmail.com

Trish Stanfield
Reiki II, Crystal & Gemstone Healing,
Herbal & Aroma Remedies,
Animal/Interspecies Communication
Email: trisha@mashell.com

Ana Sara Stanton
Location in Newmarket, Ontario, Canada
Certified Chakracologist
Certified Guided Imagery Therapist
Email: energyhealing2012@live.ca

Lynda Sutherland-Taylor
Location: Belleville, Ont
I am a Reiki Master Practitioner and a crystal healer
Email: freedom-angel@hotmail.ca
Website: www.thehealerwithinontario.com

Ylsi Trubiani
Location: Toronto, Ca (Yonge-Eglinton Area)
I am Energy Healer Therapist
Tel: 647 836 0571
Email: ylsiocando@hotmail.com

Iris Wagner
Location: Prince George, B.C., Canada
Certified Hot Stone Massage Therapist
Email: wagnerflower@shaw.ca

J.C. Young
Location: Williams Lake, BC. Canada
Certified "Crystal Medicine" Therapist
Email: jc@crystalclearcounselling.ca


Ricardas Baika
Location: Sutton-in-Ashfield, Nottingham, Great Britian
Certified Crystal Massage Therapist
Email: iluvataru@gmail.com

Fiona Barker
Location: Lancashire, UK
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Email: fiona74barker@msn.com

Susan Besly. MICCH. MIFA. MBRA.
Location: Par in Cornwall, England
I am a qualified & insured crystal therapist.
I am also qualified in Aromatherapy, Reflexology & Reiki.
MY fees are very reasonable.
Contact: Tel 07796 334906
Email: s.besly@virgin.net

Alison Bourne
Located in Wimborne, Dorset England
The Worldwide Colour Breathing Company Limited
Email: alison@colourbreathing.com
0800 473 0055

Sheila Bryant C.H.S.V.A.
between Bristol and Gloucester
In practice since 2000.
Contact: Tel 01454 294258
Email: tonshei@aol.com

Donna Dibb
Location: Northampton, UK
I am a crystal energy practitioner.
I am also a five elements and twelve meridian practitioner.
Email: silverwolfwoman@hotmail.com

Location: Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England
Bio Energy Healing Practitioner, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Hopi, Reiki, Crystal Therapy, Foot health practitioner & Beauty therapies.
Email: caroline.frost2@virgin.net
Website: www.time4upamperparties.com

Angela Gill-Jennings
Location: 116 Tom Price Close
Glos GL52 2LF
I am a crystal therapist with a C.H.S.V.A certification
from the Spirtual Venturers Association.
I am also a Reiki 11 healer.
Tel 01242 573883

Maria Goodwin
Location: West Sussex, United Kingdom
9 Frobisher Road
Bognor Regis
PO21 3LT
Phone: 01243 265985

Lee Hayward
Location: Saxilby, Nr Lincoln
Specialties: Chakra & Aura work
Absent/Distance Healing
Contact information: tel: 01522 809340 m: 07962 470256
Email: info@healingu.co.uk
Web site: www.healingu.co.uk

The Natural Health Centre,
24 Queen Street, Redcar.
Redcar Sue Rowland, Crystal Healer S.V.A.Lic.M
in practice since 1998
Sue Rowland Tel 01642 488044
Email: astro@lineone.net

Louise Page, BA(Hons) BRCP MSEC UKRF
Located in Wendover, Buckinghamshire UK
Energy & Emotional Healing Therapies & Training
Usui & Karuna Reiki Master Teacher
Metaphysical Practitioner & Workshop Facilitator
Advanced & Cosmic Metatronic Healer
Anusha Master Teacher
Reiki Drum Practitoner
Tel: 01296 696285
Email: holisticlouise@tiscali.co.uk
Website: www.wendovermetatherapies.com

Location: London - Hounslow
Reiki Master/Teacher
Crystal Resonance practitioner
Master of Crystallogy
"I offer Reiki Healing, Crystal Healing, Crystal Resonance Healing,
Crystal Earth Shamanism, Magnified Healing
Phone: 07969801511
Email: info@nikitas-ancienthealing.co.uk

Jim Small
Location: Trentham, Staffordshire
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Certified in Guided Imagery utilizing visual and guided imagery
techniques for dynamic healing.
Email: jim@drsmall.fsnet.co.uk

Josie Smedley
Location: Gedling, Nottingham, England
Email: smedley68uk@yahoo.co.uk

Chris Stebbings
Dorking practicing since 1996.
Location: Surrey Contact: Tel 01372 457507

Catherine Ward
Location: Oxford and London, England
Energy Healing- Brennan Healing Science and Reiki
Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT)
Email: catherine@joyfulmind.co.uk
Website: www.joyfulmind.co.uk

Lisa Whitehead
Grantham, Lincolnshire, England
Crystal Therapy, Reflexology, Reiki, Thermo-auricular therapy,
Angel& Fairy readings.
Email: Calma_healing@yahoo.co.uk / lw23babe@yahoo.com

Jane Williams
Location: Budleigh Salterton.East Devon, UK
I am a Reiki and Seichem Master, Master NLP and Master Hypnotherapist.
Zen Osho tarot for spiritual direction and guidance I have worked at The Awareness Centre Axminster and The Quiet Mind Health Centre. I use a combination of energy work, including EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques, often combined with hypnosis to allow deep healing of unconscious issues, stress, negative diagnosis, trauma confidence and self esteem.
I am insured and registered with The British Institute of Hypnotherapy.
Email: janecwilliams@yahoo.co.uk


Gentle Tides
Orne, Normandy.
In practice since 1982
Contact: 0033233368152
Email: Information@gentle-tides.com


Dimitra Paraschou
Location: Argolida, Greece
Certified Crystal Medicine Therapist
Email: dparaschou@yahoo.com


Anoop Agarwal
Location: Delhi, India
Crystal therapy and Aura analysis
Tel: +91-9899291202
Email: info@satyamani.org

Mrs Shalini Aggarwal
Located in Faridabad, Haryana, India
Certified Crystal Therapist and Reiki Healer
Tel: 0129 - 2442999
Email: aggarwalparth98@gmail.com

Dr.Jayant Gopinath Kulkarni
Located in Kalyan ,Mumbai. India
PhD (Gem therapy) NAI University,Italy
MD(AM) (IBAM) Kolkata
Research on Cardiovascular Disease esp clotting, blockage(only by use of gem)
Email: jayant.jaygokul@gmail.com, jaygokul@rediffmail.com

Dr. Pooja Anand Sharma
Located in Delhi and Bangalore, India
Psychologist, Reiki Grandmaster, Crystal Healer, Tarot Reader,
Vibrational Remedy Medicine (Bach Flower), Karuna Reiki Master/Teacher,
Magnified Healing Master/Teacher, Violet Flame Healing Teacher,Lama Fera Master/Teacher
Tel: +91 9911401645
Email: info@vishwashealingcentre.com
Website: www.vishwashealingcentre.com


Gloria Browne
Location: Dublin, Ireland
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Email: owna32000@yahoo.co.uk

Nyree Mayne
Carrickfergus, Co.Antrim, N.Ireland
Reiki Master, Crystal therapist, Metamorphic Technique Therapist,
Colour Therapist & Indian Head Massage Therapist
phone: 07752 193092
Email: Maynetouch_therapy@hotmail.com

Emer O'Neill
Located in Waterford and Cork, Ireland
"Color Elite" Color Therapist,
Artist, Crystal Therapist and Reiki practitioner.
I use one or a combination of healing practices depending on individual needs.
Each session is tailored for your specific needs. Through guided imagery and various
methods of energy balancing I bring clarity and a sense of stillness to my clients.
Through my Creative Insight workshops I instill a sense of self.
I hope to bring empowerment and self awareness to all who use my services!
Email: emernart@gmail.com


Luca Volpe
Location: Napoli, Italy
"Energy in Motion"
Certified Crystal Light Therapist
Certified Crystal Medicine Therapist
Chakra balancing,Color and Music Therapist
Intuitive and Oracular Readings
Mind to Mind Communication.
Email: info@lucavolpe.com
Web Site: www.lucavolpe.com


Abdalah Mustafa
Location: Amman - Jordan
a certified Energy healing specialist, in practice for over 16 yrs
Distant healer, anti-aging therapy, different kind of spells for (love, money, friends, etc…),
sexual health, helping possessed people, haunted houses. I work with adults, children & pets.
$70 per hour
Money transfer (western union)
Tel: 00962-788168911
Email: abdothehealer@gmail.com


Chandralosini D/O Chandrasagaran
Location: Malaysia
Specialties: Chronic weakness and mental disturbances.
phone: 016-9851956
Email: wfx7zx@yahoo.com

Victor Lu
Located in Malaysia-Selangor
Angel Reading/Healing, Crystal Therapist
Flower Essences and Ripples Energy Therapist
Tel: 016 2680 663
Website: www.AngelRipples.com
Email: AngelRipples@Gmail.com

Gunasunthari A/P Sandanam
Location : Subang Jaya, Malaysia
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Mindspa Brain Entrainment, AmPower AVS Therapy, Hypnotherapy, Energy Healing,
Aura Cleansing, Chakra Balancing, Crystal Elixirs, Dyslexia Remedial Tutoring.
Web site: www.astarapoint.com
Email: sunthari@astarapoint.com
Tel: 00 60 012 9529228

Faridah Hanim Schien
Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Certified Chakracology Therapist
Certified Psychosomatic Lifestyle Therapist, Face Reading, Body-Mind Analysis and Emotional Pain Trigger Therapy
Custom made chakra, color and gemstones jewelry designer
Email: cs@hermi4u.com, info@hermi4u.com
Website: www.hermi4u.com

Tan Kok Siang
Location: Penang, Malaysia
Certified Chakracology Therapist, Certified Crystal Therapist, Certified Reiki Master Trainer, Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist
Service/Course/therapy provided: Reiki, Hypnothrapy,Energy Healing, Meditation, Crystal Grid Healing
Email: ks.subtleflame@gmail.com
Tel: 0060164122604

Location: Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Specialties: All kind of illness or injury especially broken bones (the result can be felt almost immediately)
Email: oyamuna@gmail.com


Cedric Chow
Located in Singapore
Specialties: Crystal Resonance Therapy, Homeobotanical Therapy, Aromatherapy
Tel: +65 8138 1929
Email: contact@herb-stone.com Website: www.herb-stone.com

Desmond Ng
Located in Singapore
Specialties: Holistic Health Practitioner, hypnotherapist, quantum touch Practitioner, crystal therapist,
crystal healing, energy channeling, align energy centers and mind trainer.
Website: http://www.desmondjasonhypnotherapycenter.com
Email: desmondng@desmondjasonhypnotherapycenter.com

Bryan Gan Wah Teck
Location: Singapore
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist
Certified:Reiki II, Color and Music Therapist, Pschology affirmation
therapist, Dance therapy instructor
Email: info@omhealth.com
Phone: +6594895606


P.O. Box 2852
Location: Parklands Gauteng 2121
South Africa
27 -082-361-9261

Chandra Singh - Innervision Holistic Healing
Location: Musgrave, Durban Kwazulu Natal, South Africa
Tarot Reader/Counsellor, Reiki Master, Life Alignment Practitioner
Chakra balancing, Yoga, Meditation, Breathing, Creative Visualization
Email: info@chandrakanthasingh.com
Website: www.chandrakanthasingh.com

Michele Thomson
Location: Jeffreys Bay, South Africa
"Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist utilizes the subtle energy of gemstones,
crystals and stones to align the body's many energy fields.
Certified Chakracologist
Specializes in Chakra Balancing
Phone: 082 398 7009
Email: michian@igen.co.za


Karin Stenius
Email: karinstenius@centurytel.net


Sandra Fourcet
Location: Basel, Switzerland
Certified Crystal Massage Therapist
Massage Therapist, Aromatherapist, Energy Therapist
Website: www.feel-harmony.ch

Healing Crystals and Gemstones

Some of the most amazing tools for healing, are the treasures the earth provides us! Crystals and Gemstones are one of the most beautiful, mystical and profound "energy medicine" tools, which have been used for centuries throughout all cultures, religions and empires. Andrew has one of the most extensive collections of crystals and crystal information on the Internet. Search through our tumblestones, crystal jewelry, spheres, clusters, crystal fountains, or unique crystals and specialty gifts.

Book An Appointment with Andrew

Andrew Pacholyk has an extensive background in biomedical science and clinical training. Andrew has done massage, yoga and music therapy for over 15 years and brings his experience as an Acupuncturist and Herbalist to such health facilities as diverse as St. Vincent?s Hospital, The Body Center, New York Health Club, The Grand Meridian and his private practice, ProAcuMed Inc. in New York City. Andrew offers a safe and effective method with his diverse knowledge of the healing arts. Andrew is licensed in the State of New York and is accredited and certified by the National Boards in both Acupuncture and Herbology.

Andrew Pacholyk specializes in rejuvenating naturopathic therapies based in the ancient Chinese Medical approach to Endocrinology, Gynecology and Pain Management that encompass the increase of metabolism through hormonal balance, infertility, menopause and menstrual disorders, as well as increasing blood flow and vital energy in order to decrease pain, trauma and its associated symptoms. Andrew, through his New York City clinic, ProAcuMed, his many classes, private teachings, cross country lectures, health community and his website, has helped thousands of thoughtful people with his diagnostics and natural prescriptives.

The Energy Medicine Session:

Andrew offers a unique and personal path in developing, understanding and incorporating the power of our belief system and your own inner wisdom in the healing process. Andrew works with:

"I work with energy. Energy on every level. I am an acupuncturist and herbalist by trade so I know first hand the power of our Chakra centers and Aura field and how it relates to health. I have been a crystal practitioner for 15 years.

My session entails a rather extensive intake. For crystal therapy, it tends to center more toward emotions, emotional blocks and the flow of vital energy. After our intake, I do an energy scan of your body, first with my hands (somewhat how your reiki practitioner would scan your body and then I do it with crystals.

The next process is called the laying of stones. I lay stones on or around you to effect your energy in order to balance your Chakra, cleanse your Auric field and work on particular blocks, which you may be experiencing either physically, spiritually or emotionally. You will relax with the stone prescription for about 20-25 minutes. We then discuss the transitions you experienced and then I usually send you home with some crystals and some "healing homework".

Andrew has a five star rating! Read what everyone is talking about!

Call Andrew at his office, ProAcuMed at 917 843 3623 or by email Make An Appointment NOW with Andrew

- Have A Consultation NOW with Andrew

Andrew Pacholyk MS. L.Ac.
1-888-MY-ETHER ext. 04323401

Become a Teacher

Are you already a Crystal Light Crystal Therapist? Become a teacher of Andrew's renowned crystal therapy course. Share in the joy of being a teacher to others and share a part of the profits for your efforts by promoting this wonderful course.

For each course book you sell to a prospective student, you get 20% of each course. You can also go on to offer your students additional items and crystal tools for future crystal work such as chakra kits, pendulums, aura cleansing kits, sacred cleansing herbs and more. On all products you sell, you take there payment and make 40% of the profit from additional items. (see our Drop Ship Program).

The only cost for teaching the course to others is the cost of the Crystal Light Teaching Manual. This manual will guide you through each lesson and the ideas that should be taught and the specific points that should be made. Any additional questions can be sent to Andrew by email. Email Andrew.

Product Name: Crystal Light Teaching Manual $59.00 Add to Cart

*Are you an Energy Healing Therapist? List your practice. We ask that you Email Andrew :

customercare@peacefulmind.com Include your:
Specialties (if any),
Email address.

We will list your practice in our International Energy Medicine Therapist Directory.

*Are you looking for an Energy Healing Therapist? Find one now in our International Energy Medicine Therapist Directory.

*Are you looking to become an Energy Healing Therapist? Become one with us. We offer the most extensive crystal therapy and energy medicine healing programs. CLICK HERE.

You may also want to consider joining the National Association of Holistic Wellness (NAHW.net). This is the association who certifies and accredits our courses!

*Are you already a "Crystal Light" Crystal Therapist and are interested in teaching the course to others? Find out more information HERE.

Study Energy Medicine at Home

The Peacefulmind.com Homestudy Programs make it possible for anyone to study energy medicine at home, on your time!

*The Crystal Light Crystal Therapy Course This incredible course is our biggest and most popular course on the internet! This is the study of crystals and how to heal with earth's precious gems! Want to know more?

*Chakracology - A Workbook and Manual This workbook format allows you to look at the energy of the Chakra and how they affect us on a daily basis. The book allows you to work through each center on a mental, spiritual, as well as a physical level and then find ways to re-align, balance and manage your energy in a positive way! Want to know more?

*What's Your Heart Telling You? Finding Love and Romance - The Workbook and Journal Andrew Pacholyk, MS, L.Ac. has now published his newest work based on years of personal intimacy, clinical experience, counseling and client research on the ways to navigate love, sex, romance and relationships in a modern day world. Andrew has devised this very thorough workbook and journal with questionnaires, exercises, quotes, tips, meditations, feng shui, aromatherapy, massage and herbal applications for creating the perfect scenario for finding, coping and keeping love in your life! Want to know more?

*The Healing Art of Touch - Massage Therapy Homestudy Learn the art of touch and massage therapy through Andrew's very extensive course. Complete anatomy lessons, varied techniques and amazing information is offered in this course. Also learn the business aspects of massage, how to cope with clients that are difficult and energy transference are just a few of the many topics covered! Want to know more?

*The Feng Shui Journal The Peacefulmind.com Feng Shui Journal makes it possible for you to improve relationships, maximize career potential and enhance your environment! * We are honored to offer the Feng Shui Journal for beginner to advanced Feng Shui practitioners. This journal covers an extensive background on Feng Shui techniques history, usage, clearing, cleansing, manifesting and helpful information in order to bring balance back into your life!Want to know more?

What is your experience with crystal therapy? Sharing your own experiences often helps others. We'd love to know in the Peacefulmind Community.

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