The Number Two: Almost the complete opposite of the number one, The Number Two represents synergy and diplomacy. The number 2 represents duality, compromise, emergence, and discourse. Not interested in becoming great leaders, people with the number two in their charts are content to work behind the scenes supporting and encouraging others.

Gentle, sweet, supportive and loving, number twos have a tendency to allow others to walk all over them and influence their already fragile self-confidence and self-esteem. Depression and low self-confidence may become a problem for the number two.

People with number 2s in their numerology profile, especially in their Life Path numbers are known as the quiet and spiritual ones. Cooperation is also Key for 2s and they are described as ideal friends and partners in life. 2s are known for being gentle, artistic, tolerant, quiet, agreeable, reliable, friendly, graceful, understanding, self-sufficient, and forgiving. 2s can also come off as shy, with no ambition, depressed, insipid, listless, and malleable.

Two – Vibrates to the moon – ruler of cancer (the moon is the unconscious, feelings and emotions, nurturing, habits, instinctual response – the mother). Reaching out – caring and sharing – imagination – parenthood – conception – childbirth – dreams. Two crystals joined together represent partnership and sharing.

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