People born in March are highly creative and imaginative. You live inside your own head, quite often. If you are born in March, you are either a Pisces or an Aries. This month is looked at as the start of new beginnings, as it is the time of the Spring Equinox. We also celebrate the Celtic holiday honoring St. Patrick. This is the month of luck and opportunity!

Born in March? You have the distinct advantage of an attractive personality. It is probably due to the fact that you can be affectionate, yet shy and reserved. Because of this, you can sometimes be perceived as secretive, but really you are naturally honest, generous and sympathetic. You are the type of person that loves to have peace and serenity surround you, which is also why you tend to be more sensitive to others.

It is within your persona to serve others, but when you see something or hear something that is not inline with your honesty and generosity, you tend to get easily angered and can even be revengeful. But the well-balanced person born in March is truly trustworthy, appreciative and returns kindness to others, as you feel it is really apart of your karma.

You are very observant and keenly assess others. This tends to weigh on how much respect you feel for them. Although, you usually do not express it, you can show it in your moodiness.

You love to fantasize and can really get lost in you daydreams. You can always seem to imagine “what it would be like if…” This is also why you love attention! Sometimes, (sometimes?) it could just be all about you! It can lead you to hasty decisions in choosing partners or making decisions.

Your love for travel is what makes you more savvy and knowledgeable about many things. It gives you an appreciation for the finer things, things that are “special to you” and therefore, a love for home decor, especially yours. This also gives you an appreciation for music and your ability to express your musical talents.

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