Justice: the card of balance and truth
Key Words: Objectivity, Analysis, Truth, Balance, Justice, Equality, Congruence, Admission, Examination, Accountability

Justice is truth in action.” This is a perfect summary for the Justice card.

It is time for the scales to balance. Action will have fair consequences. Everything falls into place, just as it was meant to be. Truth, responsibility and fairness will prevail.  Even though, at times it may not seem this way. The Universe always finds its way back to harmony, even after chaos.

Logical thinking, not emotional overdrive is the message here. List the pros and cons of a potential decision.  If you have been feeling out of balance, now is the time to find your center.

Key Symbols:

Crown: represents a relationship with the divine. It is the intersection between the conscious mind and spiritual communication. The “crowning achievement” represents the highest efforts and most practical, as well as knowledgeable position.

Bench: represents a time to pause and a time for reflection.

Pillar: Two pillars, as seen as in some Tarot cards, represents balance, or taking the middle ground. The vertical orientation of a pillar symbolizes the drawing down of the spiritual and intellectual to the material realm.

Scale: The scale is a symbol of equality and balance. It is a perfect visual measure when something is “out of balance”. When the scale is tipped more to one side, we know we need to take some corrective action. It is the ultimate symbol for justice, truth and fairness.

Sword: Swords symbolize the element of air and the activities of the mind. The sword also indicates that self-examination may be uncomfortable – but the clearing is for the best and as we cut away the clutter we will inevitably benefit. The virtues of honor, communication, rationality and elimination are all symbolism of the sword.

Veil: the veil is symbol of hidden things, illusion and virginity. Veils can be removed and used to symbolize initiation into a secret and mysterious world.

Key Questions :
When the Justice Tarot card comes up:

Is my life out of balance?
What can I do to be more balanced?
Am I being honest with myself?
Am I taking healthy responsibility for my actions?
Where do I place blame for my actions and my life’s circumstances?
Have I been neglecting some of my obligations and commitments?
Do I need to take some time to re-examine my life because I’m out of balance?
Can I keep a proper equilibrium – do I have an even temper & even mind?

Major Arcana
Chakra: Throat Chakra, Third Eye Chakra
I Ching: Shi Ke
Runes: Gebo, Tiwaz
Number 11 (see number 2)
Element: Air
Planet: Venus
Rules: Libra
Colors: Red, Yellow, Indigo
Crystal: Bloodstone, Emerald, Jade, Carnelian

Characteristics: Lovers of beauty and harmony, peaceful, fair, artistic, inconsistent, social, talkative. Balance, security, virtue, considerate, harmony. Justice is the authoritative figure enforced even more by the tools she holds. The sword in her right hand – representing the connection between heaven and earth and the scales – representing the balance of right and wrong. Again, two columns (representing the Tree of Life – Boaz (female), Jachin (male) and pillars of the temple of Solomon) flank Justice for balance and the number 8 itself suggest symmetry. The crown of Strength (Justice) depicts a solar emblem and its connection to the sun. (Please note: the A.E. Waite deck REVERSES the Justice card that traditionally appears in the number 8 position and the Strength card).


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