June is busting out all over! With an explosion of light, senses, awareness and activity, June brings us the Summer Solstice, the Strawberry moon and a season rich with abundance.

Born in June? This summer baby thinks far with vision and insight. You are a fountain of creativity and ideas! Born either under the sign of Gemini or Cancer, you can be an extrovert that puts themselves out there, being brand conscious and who loves to dress up or you can be that person who is fussy, sensitive and hesitating.

June personalities tend towards being easily influenced by kindness. You are a sucker for someone emotionally challenged or sweet as shoe-fly pie! Your middle of the year persona makes you polite and soft-spoken, conscious of others and aware. You can also tend towards a delay in your decision making. This is often because you are overwhelmed and it is easier to put it on the back burner and look at it once you have a clearer mind. Your temperamental side can make you easily bored, picky, easily hurt and therefore, you take your sweet time to recover when someone hurts you.

Those who are more at ease with themselves and the world, can show their funny and humorous side. You love to joke, are friendly and know how to make friends. You have good debating skills, can be talkative when you are passionate about a subject and are a real daydreamer.

Although you have an active mind, you can be stubborn, seldom show emotion (unless you are that extrovert) and be very choosy…always wanting the best.

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