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Crystal and Gemstone Therapy

Healing Crystals and Gemstones are one of the most beautiful, mystical and profound "energy medicine" tools, which have been used for centuries throughout all cultures, religions and empires. Crystals bring amazing benefits to the healing arena! Andrew has one of the most extensive collections of crystals and crystal information on the Internet.
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San Andreas Fault Stone

Properties: The San Andreas fault is a crack in the Earth's crust in California, some 684 miles long. These series of "plates" have been moving very slowly over the Earth's surface for millions of years. Two of these moving plates meet in western California; the boundary between them is the San Andreas fault. In the West is the Pacific Plate, which moves northwest relative to the North American Plate in the East, causing earthquakes along the fault. The San Andreas is the "master" fault along an intricate fault network that cuts through rocks and extends at least 10 miles within the Earth's crust. The fault is so massive that it is divided up into five major segments. From the Northern segment to the Southern segment, there is also the Creeping, Parkfield and Central segments and therefore the type of rock found in each area varies to some degree, as does their metaphysical properties. Geological researchers have been able find significant amounts of the mineral serpentine, granite, shale and sandstone. Therefore, in addition to the properties below, these conglomerate stones will also take on the metaphysical properties of the minerals they are fused with!

Recently, I was lucky enough to visit the Southern Segment of the infamous San Andreas Fault on a recent visit to Palm Springs. This earth line crosses the Coachella Valley from the Chocolate Mountains in the southeast corner and along the centerline of the Little San Bernardinos. The fault traverses California's Coachella Valley on the east side. Because of this fault, the Valley has many hot springs. The Santa Rosa Mountains to the West are part of the Lake Elsinore Fault zone. The results of a prehistoric "earth slide" reveals rocks from the Precambrian, Tertiary and Quaternary formations bringing forth stones from the earth's inner sanctum. These earth stones are grounding especially during times of upheaval in our lives. Considered a "guardian stone", it embodies the elemental powers of fire and earth, molding together material that brings security, guarded protection and steadfastness. This stone can literally change your life's "landscape" and offer you a whole new picture or perspective on something that may have been lying just beneath the surface. A great stone to encourage new beginnings.
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Sapphire: This aluminum oxide corundum stone is found in a number of beautiful colors (except red) from blue, green, pink, purple to clear. It is related to ruby due to its mineral makeup. Sapphires are known as stone of prophetic wisdom. They have a long standing use in history. It is a stone of strength and gives great will power. Lessens tension and aligns the mental, physical, and spiritual planes. Can be an important stone for people with spiritual confusion or depression, those involved in situatations out of their control, and anyone with concentration problems. Pink sapphire is an emotional balancing crystal used to transmute energies.

Feng Shui: Sapphires used in the North area of your home or business for personal journeys, in the Northwest for travel, Northeast for wisdom and Soutwest for love.

Crystal Cleansing: Sapphires should be discharged and recharged at the same time in dry sea salt. Avoid excess exposure to sun.

History: Found in the US, Australia, and India, sapphires (AL2O3+Fe, Ti) have a long standing use in history. This aluminum oxide corundum stone is found in a number of beautiful colors, except red, as red is considered ruby. In fact in India, other colored sapphires were considered "unripe rubies". Sapphire is found numerous times in the Bible. Sapphire was one of the 12 stones in the Breastplate of Aaron. Sapphire was highly regarded in antiquities by kings and emperors. Persian tales told of how the Earth balanced on a brilliant blue sapphire and its reflection gave color to the sky. Church and state have both used sapphires as stones representing wisdom, confidence and sincerity. Sapphires have been regarded as priceless, powerful stones used in jewelry, talisman and crowns. Sapphire is one of the stones in the Crown Jewels of Britian. It has been crushed and used for makeup, coloring the robes of kings and as polish for violins. Sapphires held a very special place in the healing remedies of Hildegard Von Bingen. It was believed she used sapphires successfully to treat people possessed by the devil.

Blue Sapphire: is a crystal used for communication, insight, intuition, clairaudience, inspiration, spiritual prayer/devotion and peacefulness. Its folk history has it attuning to the pituitary and thyroid and was used in history for cooling fevers, stopping nosebleeds, assisting with hearing problems, epilepsy, burns, as well as, being a great detoxer for the skin and body. It is often used as an antidepressant. Its cooling color contracts, soothes, and reducing inflammation. It is one of the best stone for the nervous system and meridians. Strongest if next to the skin. Especially wonderful for the Throat Chakra. It is a stone that is said to bring happiness. Blue sapphire is attuned to pisces and is one of the 9 sacred Vedic stones associated with saturn. Blue sapphire was one of the 12 stones in the Breastplate of Aaron.
* one of the 9 Vedic Stones

Yellow Sapphire: is a healing stone for the Solar Plexus Chakra. It offers strength of will and encourages the balance of self power. Use this stone to increase your sunny disposition. Famous for stimulating the intellect, it is a crystal that helps one to see the bigger picture in life. This stone is considered a wealth drawing stone. Keep one in your place of business, cash register or on your desk. Folk remedies used this stone as one of the best detoxifiers. This is a stone that is said to bring success and prosperity. Yellow sapphire is attuned to gemini and is one of the 9 sacred Vedic stones associated with jupiter.
* one of the 9 Vedic Stones

Star Sapphire: has an aqueous inclusion in its makeup that creates a refracted five-pointed star on the stone's surface. Black sapphires are more grounding and useful for protection. May strengthen your resolve by posing challenges to overcome. This star is a focus point in the gem. Recommended for people who wish to awaken or heighten their psychic abilities. Works as a relaxing agent during times of extreme physical exertion. Healers of the spirit and and body are often drawn to this stone. This stone is used in anticipating the intentions of others. One of the stones used for contacting extraterrestrial beings. Star sapphire is attuned to libra.
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Properties: This is a crystal for protection. It is believed to protect one from crime. Grid this stone in the four corners of your home, around doors and windows or any area you fear theft can occur. As a protection stone it is also recommended for explorers and those engaged in combat. Its protection qualities are ancient. Information about this stone can be found in the Book of Revelation, used in the breastplate of Aaron and one of the twelve foundation stones used in the wall of the new Jerusalem. Sardonyx has a mineral make up of sard and onyx. It is often layered in black, white, red, orange and/or brown bands of cryptocrystalline quartz. Take care to consider the color combination of the stone. Red stimulates, brown is grounding, black is absorbing, and white is purifying. The colors do not cancel each other out. They do, however, buffer each other and maintain a median balance that allows you to affect change.

I love this stone for motivation and focused thinking as it assists us in the search for a meaningful life, virtuousity, integrity and happiness. It gives strength, vigor, stamina, will power and self control. It is therefore a wonderful stone for boosting self esteem. This is also one of the best stones if you are being hesitant. In Chinese medicine it is referred to as a gallbladder issue, manifesting as not being able to make a decision, move forward or being indecisive. Sardonyx stops the hesitation and allows one to propel forward with clearer thinking.

A wonderful marriage stone, as it enhances communication between partners and brings about stability and happiness within a marriage or even for business executives and partnerships. Sardonyx helps you to utilize all your senses, as well as sensory perception. Use this stone to grid your garden. Sardonyx is used to engage capricorn into having a better sense of reality and shows aries what is really essential in life.

Folk Remedies: This mineral has been suggested for open wounds and conditions of the blood. Can be beneficial to the cleansing organs and in strengthening to the mind. Best known for its effect upon the bones and lungs. It is recommended for grief and depression, boosting mood, motivation and seeing the positive side of life. Use this stone to help with issues of the nervous system. Sardonyx is very beneficial for boosting the immune system. This stone has also been used as an ancient remedy for cooling the eyes by placing two stones over both eyelids.

Feng Shui: Use this stone in the Center area for health, balance and stability. Especially good in the Soutwest area for love and partnerships (always use two together), in the West area for projects and the Northeast area of your home or office for obtaining wisdom.

Crystal Cleansing: method 1 - 3 and method 5 - 8 (loves midday sun).

History: Sardonyx (SiO2+C+Fe O OH) is a kind of chalcedony that is found in rocky cavities or veins, hence its latin meaning "veined gem". This trigonal crystal has a long standing presence in history. In ancient Egypt it was the "every man's stone", accessible to most people, it was a stone the common man fell in love with, since royalty had there lapis, garnet and rubies. Information about this stone can be found in the Book of Revelation. In the Book of Exodus, there is a description of the twelve sacred gems used in the breastplate of Aaron. Sardonyx is one of the twelve foundation stones used in the wall of the new Jerusalem. Sardonyx has been fashioned into cameos in Greek and Roman times, worn by Napoleon on his watch chain and given by Queen Elizabeth I of England as a ring to the earl of Essex. Hildagard Von Bingen used sardonyx as a remedy against fever and to calm irrational tempers.

Special Note: these particular tumblestones were used by Andrew in a solemn spiritual ceremony in Paris. They were divined at a burial mandala for the infamous spiritist, Allan Kardec. You can read more about Andrew's Lunch with Allan Kardec!
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Properties: Sard symbolizes justice. It is reddish brown stone, one step away from carnelian. It is named after the ancient city of Sardes. It encourages openness with one's fellow human beings, getting you out of your shell and introverted behavior. It assists in counteracting selfishness. Sard can work between the Root Chakra and the Sacral/Spleen Chakra. This stone has a direct link to scorpio. The Greeks and Romans called this the "stone of fire".

Crystal Cleansing: method 1 - 3 and method 5 - 8 (loves midday sun).
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Sedona Vortex Stone

Properties: famous for its energy centers or vortex, Sedona has become a magnet for those seeking powerful enlightenment and a spiritual presence. These amazing stones pulse with energy! My stones have been gathered at the Cathedral Rock Vortex. This vortex, also lovingly referred to as "mama rock", has a compassionate, nurturing, feminine energy that engulfs you when you work with these stones.

Cathedral Rock Vortex is famous for sacred Native ceremonies of the heart, as well as weddings. Referred to as the "Cathedral without walls" this magnetic vortex has concentrated energy rising from the earth. You feel a range of sensations from a slight tingling on exposed skin, or a vibration emanating from the ground, but most often this vortex is felt by a palpable sensation across the nape of the neck and the shoulders.

This amazing red stone has a warm and grounding energy to it. It connects to our Root Chakra, brings about sensations of fire, desire, awakening and power. Each ancient stone comes with its history, how to use it as an energy tool, a related meditation, as well as how to cleanse, care and nuture it.
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Properties: This is the mineral gypsum. Its white/clear striated crystaline body is a sheer source of calming, spiritual light. It works with the higher spiritual Chakra in accessing our higer consciousness, spirit guides and the angelic realm. Beacuse of its striations, like tourmaline, it works along the spinal column grounding and anchoring our Earth vibration and utilizing kundalini to rise freely up our light body stimulating each center as it vibrates. This stone is highly recommended for meditation and working on the sacred spiritual in your life. Through meditation with selenite, growth and mental focus is attainable. People find selenite to be a luck stone. Considered a centuries-old recordkeeper of events/information, its information is gained through telepathic means. Holding this crystal, visualize it bringing white light/energy (higher ideas/consciousness) from your transpersonal point above your head down through body, out through feet into earth/physical plane. Place on 3rd eye for obtaining stored information. May help physical and emotional letting go as it taps into the emotional light body of the aura expanding sensitivity and your field of awareness. Wonderful stone for boosting confidence and self esteem. Use in energy grids for protection, wisdom and intuitive insight.

Folk RemediesThis mineral has been used to work against cancer and is known to stabalize epileptic disorders. It is considered a strong immunity booster. Working along the spine, selenite affects the nervous system through the nerve endings along the column. Especially helpful for emotional and athletic flexibility. This stone is used for issues of fertility, hair loss and sensitivity to light. In powder form, this is used for skin issues such as acne, psoriasis, age spots. Consider using for allergies and addiction. A great detoxer used in homeopathic remedies.

Feng Shui: Use this stone in the Center area for health, balance and stability. Especially good in the Children area and Helpful People area of your home or office.

Crystal Cleansing: The very soft stone benefits most from method 1

History: This distant cousin of calcite, selenite belongs to the Satin-Spar crystal family along with Aragonite. Selenite (CaSO4·2H2O) is a hydrous calcium sulfate, as it is composed of oxygen, sulfur, hydrogen, calcium and water. It is a major rock forming mineral that produces massive beds, usually from precipitation out of highly saline waters. Since it forms easily from saline water, gypsum can have many inclusions of other minerals and even trapped bubbles of air and water. Gypsum has several variety names that are widely used in the mineral trade. Selenite has been found in a variety of environments and geological locations and growing in different forms. Selenite can be found floating in beds of clay not attached to any type of matrix or host stone. It can grown in curved patterns and flower-like petals and are called Desert Rose. One of the most beautiful Selenite formations in the world is the Cave of Swords in Chihuahua Mexico. Over 97 million years ago water began seeping through ancient limestone formations dissolving the sulfide ores within producing a sulfuric acid. The water also absorbed large amounts of calcium and as this reacted with oxygen and hydrogen, Selenite "swords" or "wands" began growing. Specimens from the Cave of Swords are some of the clearest and largest in the world.

Special Note: these particular tumblestones were used by Andrew in a solemn spiritual ceremony in Paris. They were divined at a burial mandala for the infamous spiritist, Allan Kardec. You can read more about Andrew's Lunch with Allan Kardec!
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Desert Rose

Properties: (Selenite) has rose-like flower buds. This beautiful form of selenite forms clusters like rose buds. Very healing and powerful "tool". Works on all the Chakra, especially the Heart Chakra and brings a sense of calmness and tranquility the longer it is with you. It is helpful in releasing old belief systems and useful in strengthening affirmations with intent. Known to help new moms increase breast milk
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Septarian Stone

Properties: Septarian concretions or septarian nodules, AKA Dragon Stone, are concretions containing angular cavities or cracks, which are called "septaria". The word comes from the Latin word septum; "partition", and refers to the cracks/separations in this kind of rock. Septarians nodule were formed during the Cretaceous Period, around 50 to 70 million years ago. Sea levels were much higher then and the Gulf of Mexico reached inland to Southern Utah where many of the septarian nodules are found. They are also found in Madagascar where conditions were similar.

Septarian is a healing stone beneficial to overall health and well being. It gives relief for muscle spasms, nurtures, grounds and works on the Root Chakra. Septarian brings calming energies which have a nurturing feel to them, and can bring feelings of joy and spiritual uplifting. Septarian is used to enhance and nurture communication with groups, making it much easier to speak clearly and kindly in group settings. Septarian is also used to assist with communication with Mother Earth and opens psychic abilities. It is said to bring unconscious foreknowledge needed by the user to help him or her always be prepared for what is coming up. In crystal healing folklore, Septarian is used for healing of the blood and kidneys.
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Properties: This stone of fire, light and illumination is considered the stone associated with Archangel Seraphiel who rules with the highest order of angels, The Seraphim. Seraphinite, is derived from the Latin word "seraphin" referring to this order. The allusion to angels is due to the feathery wing patterns made by the silvery Mica contained within the stone. Seraphinite can be used to purify space and to accelerate manifestation and transformation of any kind. Seraphinite assists one in healing on all levels, through provoking an understanding of unconditional love. It helps dispel negative energy, especially when there is difficulty in a relationshp. It is the premier healing stone of this age. It is the tool most suited to bringing the physical body into line with the Light energy. While the beautiful green shade is perfect for the Heart Chakra, it can be used on any Chakra or any other part of the body where enhance and harmonized energies are desired.

Folk Remedies: Psychic impressions of this stone suggest this is the most effective stone for cellular regeneration and can cause a flush of pure healing energy. It acts as a trigger, causing old patterns of disease or imbalance to all away and new patterns to be created.

Feng Shui: Seraphinite is used in the Northeast area for self cultivation, in the Southwest area for partners and relationships and for dispersing negative energy in any room.

Crystal Cleansing: method 1 - 8

History: Seraphinite (H8 Mg5 Al2 Si3 O18) is a type of chlorite (clinochlore) with silvery chatoyant fibers much like charoite in a deep green gemstone with feathery iridescent markings. With some specimens the resemblance is quite strong, with shorter down-like feathery growths leading into longer "flight feathers". Seraphinite has chatoyancy, like cat's eye and has a hardness between 2 and 2.5 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. It comes from a mine in the Lake Baikal region of Russia. Russian mineralogist Nikolay Koksharov (1818-1892) is often credited with its discovery. It occurs in the Korshunovskoye iron skarn deposit in the Irkutskaya Oblast of Eastern Siberia. The word seraph is from Isaiah 6 in the Hebrew Testament, and refers to winged angelic beings in service of God.
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Properties: This stone is an excellent stone for meditation. It can be used to clear clouded areas of all the Chakra and especially to assist in opening the Heart Chakra. It is also believed to help activate the kundalini, or 'serpent fire' energies. By placing this stone on the Crown Chakra, it initiates the movement of kundilini energy up the spine. Relaxes one's overall nature. Serpentine helps us with better control in our lives. It is believed to assist in balancing the mental and emotional hurdles we encounter. A lighter color of this stone is considered Infinite Stone. It's actions are just as powerful but more subtle

Folk Remedies: Serpentine emits a profound healing vibration and facilitates the energetic activation of cellular regeneration. Renders assistance to disorders in all areas of the body, the emotional system, and mental structure. Works on the heart and lungs by helping to withdraw toxins and activates the absorption of nutrients and oxygen. It is used in the treatment of diabetes and hypoglycemia, eliminates parasites and used to increase the absorption of magnesium and calcium.

Feng Shui: Used in the North area for personal journeys and in the Center area to increase spirituality and find balance.

Crystal Cleansing: method 1 - 3 and method 5 - 8. Serpentine can be placed in the sun for recharging of its energy for a few hours. (Be careful that this stone does not get too hot!)

History: This stone is light to dark green to whitish green in color and displays what appears to look of skin from a snake, due to its inclusions and variations in color. Worn as an amulet to protect those from snakebite during ancient times, this stone is especially used as a decorative object and is used a sculptor stone in Zimbabwe.
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Shiva Lingham:

Properties: Lingam is the sacred Sanskrit word for phallus. In Tantra, the shape embodies the masculine energy; dynamic expression and knowledge. The markings or Yoni depicts female energy; wisdom and intuition. The Tantric Shiva Lingam unifies the dualistic female/male world into harmonious balance. This Sacred Stone relates to the Heart Chakra, and represents the harmony and balance of the soul that is maintained within the hearts of all of us. Shiva Lingham stones are used for spiritual detox, allowing us to see the higher knowledge within ourselves. The stone gives us the capacity for hanging on to the beliefs which work the best for us and letting go of those beliefs which no longer serve us. When used during meditation, lingam shows us how to connect with our physical and spiritual energies and therefore, our higher selves.

Folk Remedies: This fertility stone is a powerful second Spleen/Sexual Chakra healer and has been used traditionally for births and conception assistance. It is also helpful for those who have second Chakra related illness due to uncommon rearing and lack of nurturing as infant/child. This stone is used on the spine, especially on the sacrum for fertility issues, anywhere on the back for pain issues, prostate issues and menopause. This is also a very powerful male energy connector.

Feng Shui: Use this stone in the Center area for grounding, in the West for children, East for community and family and Southwest for relationships (use two stones).

Crystal Cleansing: method 1 - 3 and method 5 - 8 (charging it in the sun for 30 minutes).

History: This stone is a variety of jasper. Shiva Lingams originate at the Narmada River in the central western part of India, which is one of India's seven holy sites. Accessible only during the dry season, these stones are collected from the river bed. Lord Shiva is the supreme being revered by Hindus, and this fertility stone is often worshipped as his embodiment. Lingam describes the egg-like shape that is hand-polished to balanced proportions.
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Properties: This Wonder Stone is known for its protective properties. It works as a powerful shield against the man-made electromagnetic fields (EMF) bombarding us constantly on a daily basis. Computers, microwaves, X Ray machines, TV, cell phones and antennas are just a few of the low and high frequency electromagnetic fields that continue to assult us as our population grows and the need to advance technology at the speed of light increases. Shungite is an extraordinarily positive stone, with a range of diverse healing properties. Generally, Shungite cleanses, neutralizes, regenerates, eliminates and absorbs all that imposes a hazard on living beings and have been cherished over the centuries to guard against the "evil eye", repelling negativity. Jet black Shungite is truly a visionary stone, said to help achieving spiritual growth. Like diamond, Shungite is a form of elemental carbon. It is mined in the remote Russian region of Karelia, where Czar Peter set up Russia's first spa, making use of Shungite's purifying.

Not only are they helpful in finding relief of physical pain but they help us reveal healing through closure. This stone is deeply penetrating. It has been used to clear the subconscious of deeply held memories (including past life experiences) and embraces its user in a protective aura. Due to the stone's sheen, it acts as a mirror, showing us negative patterns and the root of these patterns. Because of this, it is associated with the Root Chakra and therefore, it encourages ones survival instincts, is very grounding and has a strong earth connection. Shungite is believed to hold zero-point energy or Orgone energy. It is believed to infuse the auric field with light, allowing only positive and beneficial energy to reach its user.

Shungite chunks are used to purify water. Shungite absorbs chemical pollution and heavy metals, but also gives healing properties to the water. This water is recommended as a treatment for various health issues.

Folk Remedies: Shungite normalize the nerve processes, influencing the exchange of neurotransmitters, improving the work capacity of a person and his resistance to stress. They have clearly expressed anti-inflammatory and antihistamine effect, therefore they are helpful in relieving pain, suppressing the development of many allergic disorders and improving immunity. It is easier to obtain a steady remission of some chronic diseases of gastrointestinal tract, liver, kidneys, and metabolic processes with the help of the Shungite water. Skin disorders are remedied much more easily when Shungite water is sprayed over problem skin.

Feng Shui: Shungite is used in the Center for balance, health and the Earth element, in the Skills/Knowledge area, Career area, Helpful People/Travel area and for dispersing negative energy in any room.

Crystal Cleansing: Cleansed by placing on a piece of selenite for a day or two and placing in the sun. An alternative method is cleansing in cold water and then placing in the sun to dry out. Do not cleanse shungite under running tap water that contains chlorine or other contaminants. Distilled, reverse osmosis (RO) or filtered (clean) water are best.

History: Shungite (CO2), is believed to be metamorphosed oil shale. Fullerenes have been discovered in this rock. Fullerenes are a form of carbon molecule that are neither graphite nor diamond. Clusters of fullerenes join diamonds and graphite as the third known form of crystalline carbon. Fullerenes were discovered in 1985 by Robert Curl and Richard Smalley. Together with Harold Kroto they synthesized these three-dimensional forms of carbon while trying to simulate the high-temperature, high pressure conditions necessary for the formation of stars. Their discovery won them the Nobel Prize in chemistry in 1996. Fullerenes were nicknamed after Richard Buckminster Fuller, an architect known for the design of geodesic domes which resemble spherical fullerenes in appearance. A spherical fullerene looks like a soccer ball and are often called "buckyballs", and the cylindrical fullerenes are known as "buckytubes" or "nanotubes". Shungite has a hardness of 3.5-4 on the Mohs scale of hardness. It is found in only one place in the world, which is Zazhoginskoye deposit near Lake Onega in the Shunga region of Karelia, North West of Russia. Shungite is a hard black, amorphous, coal-like material composed or more than 98% carbon. They consist of spherical, ellipsoid or cylindrical arrangement of dozens of carbon atoms. Shungite rocks have also been classified purely on their carbon content, with Shungite(1) having a carbon content in the range 98-100 weight percent and Shungite(2), (3), (4) and (5) having contents in the ranges 35-80 percent, 20-35 percent, 10-20 percent and less than 10 percent. In a further classification, shungite is subdivided into bright, semi-bright, semi-dull and dull on the basis of their luster (the terms matt, polished, dull, unpolished are all used to describe its sheen).

Shungite has been used by the military for EMF protection. It is excellent for high frequency emissions and is used in protective EMF paints and patented designs for aircraft. And is currently being explored for many uses including UVF protection in make-up.

Shungite is used in some large city reservoirs to clean up the water and sold for home use to use in the bottom of water jugs for sparkling clean water that is mineralogically active. It is an excellent sorbent, purifying air and water from many organic and inorganic compounds and the abundance of free radicals.Russian scientists have been studying shungite for over 100 years and calculate its existence on earth at almost 2 billion years. Even though shungite is a fairly new discovery and is still relatively unknown, it has already been coined The Stone of Life. The Stone of the 21st Century and Medicine of the 21st Century.
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Properties: This metal is excellent for mental, emotional, and physical releasing and cleansing. Works on mind/emotions to see life's overview, our emotional balance, and need for patience. Like the moon's energy, silver has a gentle, cool, smoothing effect. Therefore, it reduces inflammation, fever, nervous system stress. Best with the gentler, cooler-colored gems. Works with pituitary and upper energy centers, therefore, works well on the psychic mind, unconditional love and healing. Generally, it has a cooling Yin energy. Wear this metal when you feel attracted to it. Silver works best as a communicator. It assists in verbal and representational communication. It should be worn only when it feels right. Mental activity is clarified. An increase in your ability to approach intellectual problems. Also known to lessen anxiety over problem-solving. Silver is a symbol of wealth and prosperity. Since it increases the power of most stones, it is suggested to use in conjunction with agate, coral, jet, moonstone, and turquoise.

Silver Settings: Silver is ruled by the Moon a feminine planet, and therefore imparts a softened less assertive emotional energy to crystals & minerals that are mounted in it.

Folk Remedies: Silver benefits the circulation and detoxifies the blood. Used in the prevention of festering of wounds. Helps the body recognize imbalances or high levels of hormone and chemicals more readily, enabling them to be naturally corrected. Helps the lungs and throat and reduces irritation by pollutants and other impurities in the air. Improves the transmission of nerve impulses. Assists those with degenerative brain disease, poor memory, irrational fears, and emotional imbalance. Like blue lace agate, silver helps balance the functions of both sides of the brain. It can be worn as a belt (buckle) to improve fertility. Can help resolve sexual problems that result from dysfunction or impotence. In our ancient past, silver was used to purify water. Paracelsus (1493-1541), physician who established the role of chemistry in medicine, wrote of the healing properties of silver. Karl Wilhelm von Nägeli (1817–1891), botanist who discovered chromosomes, found the antimicrobial effects of silver are primarily due to the silver ion. Dr. Carl Crede (1884) discovered that silver had the ability to cure a disease that had been responsible for causing blindness in thousands of babies. William S. Halstead, M.D. (1852-1922), surgical educator and a founder of Johns Hopkins Medical School, advocated the use of silver in dressings for wounds. Robert Becker, M.D., orthopedic surgeon, noted biomedical researcher and twice nominee for the Nobel Prize, proved the accelerated healing properties of electrically generated silver ions.

Feng Shui: Silver can be used in any area where metal is needed such as the Children and Helping People areas. Use in the center area for spirituality and to find balance.

Crystal Cleansing: Start with plain soap and water. The first thing to do is to wash your silverware or silver jewelry with soap and water to remove any dust or oils from the surface. You'll be removing the tarnish by way of a mild chemical reaction, and want to wash away anything that might block the tarnish from reacting. If you have larger items, line a pan with aluminum foil and add enough water to completely cover the piece of silver you want to clean. Stir 2 tablespoons of baking soda into the water in the pan and stir to dissolve. Bring the water to a slow boil and remove from heat. Add your silver pieces. Submerge the silver in the hot water. Make sure the silver is in direct contact with the aluminum foil. The whole process can take several minutes, but it shouldn’t be long before you start to see tiny yellow or black flakes in the water, or notice that the aluminum foil is turning black. What’s happening is that the hot solution of baking soda and water is separating the sulfur from the silver and transferring it to the aluminum. This easy homemade tarnish remover takes advantage of the fact that sulfur is more chemically attracted to aluminum than silver. Remove silver with tongs and rinse in lukewarm water, then place on towel to dry. Once dry, you can rub it with a cloth before storing.

History: This mystical metal, Silver (Ag), atomic number 47, has been utilized throughout history for its, chemical, electrical, healing and metaphysical properties. Purification rites practiced by the Egyptians called for special basins made of Silver. These practices even found their way into contemporary rituals. With Catholic, Anglican and Lutheran religions, their chalices for mass must be constructed of Gold, Silver or Vermeil. Persian king, Cyrus the Great took an unusual approach to his subjects' physical health. During his reign, between 550-529 BC, he set up one of the first boards of health and established a medical dispensary. As well, drinking water was drawn from a special stream, boiled and then stored in massive Silver containers. The area of Anatolia (modern Turkey) is considered the first major source of mined silver, having provided the resource to craftsmen throughout Asia Minor. The Anatolian region served as the major source of silver for the Western cultures flourishing in the Near East, Crete, and Greece. From 1500 through 1800, Bolivia, Peru and Mexico accounted for over 85 percent of world production and trade. The remaining production in the period was derived largely from Germany, Hungary, and Russia, with lesser amounts from other European countries, Chile, and Japan. In 1792, silver assumed a key role in the United States monetary system when Congress based the currency on the silver dollar, and its fixed relationship to gold. Silver was used for the nation's coinage until its use was discontinued in 1965. The dawn of the 20th century marked an important economic function for silver, that of an industrial raw material. The explosion of technology that enabled steam-assisted drilling, mining, mine dewatering, and improved haulage was a major breakthrough. Further improvements in mining techniques enhanced the ability to handle ore and allowed the exploitation of larger volumes of ore that contained silver. Silver has attracted man's fascination for many thousands of years. Ancient civilizations found silver deposits plentiful on or near the earth’s surface. Relics of these civilizations, include jewelry, religious artifacts, and food vessels formed from the durable, malleable metal. This metal took on near mystical qualities in marking important historical milestones throughout the ages, and served as a medium of exchange. The Mesopotamian merchants were doing just that as early as 700 BC. Today, silver is sought as a valuable and practical industrial commodity, as well as an appealing investment precious metal.
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Smithsonite: Light blue, pink, or lavender fuzzy bubbles. Harmonizes and aligns Heart, Throat, and Brow Chakra for smoother communications, leadership, perceptiveness and depth in relationships, and expansion into new areas. Meditation clarity, and receptiveness. Insight via dreams, dream recall. Versatile; Historically works well in many areas, especially Throat Chakra, nose, lymph, immunity; tissue elasticity. Chakra corresponds with stone color. Suggested for security and a balanced life. Also helps you deal with difficult relationships.

Smoky Quartz:

Properties: Smoky Quartz is a grounding stone. It is used most often to overcome depression, soothing nightmares and stress. Quartz stimulates the natural crystal in body tissues and fluids to resonate at the highest healing frequency. The clearest smoky quartz are the most intense, powerfully opening the Crown Chakra emanating light down to the Root Chakra, therefore, inducing Alpha/deep meditation. Because of this situation, it's benefits also include channeling higher guidance, deep relaxation and helping with unconditional love. Heightens your understanding of nature and concerns for the environment. Smoky Quartz helps store information well for easier recall. Because it is associated with the Root Chakra, it helps to alleviate fear, anxiety and associated emotional depression. When placed opposite other smokies in a crystal grid these stone vibrate at a high energy level. It is the perfect stone for grounding the Etheric Layer of the Aura. This makes smoky quartz a great stone for detoxing, clears ambivalence and fortifies resolve. For those dealing with body image issues such as feeling too fat, skinny, short, tall, smoky quartz is for you. Of all the grounding stones, it establishes the most gentle and loving connection with the body.

Folk Remedies: Smoky Quartz crystals' dark color is caused by impurities, usually carbon, iron, or titanium. The color of some Smoky Quartz is caused by the effects of minute amounts of decaying radium, within the crystal itself. Because of the presence of this natural low-grade radiation, Smoky Quartz is good for people with radiation-related illness or those in chemotherapy. It is best to avoid the heavily irradiated crystals. Natural Smoky Quartz crystals, like other brown stones, are closely in tune with the anchoring energy of the earth. Often suited for ailments of the lower torso. The reproductive organs, muscle tissue, heart, and nervous system all profit.

Its power over reproductive imbalance can be useful for situations such as helping to correct infertility and PMS. A gem essence tincture is recommended for fertility for both men and woman to drink over a long period of time.

Feng Shui: Quartz can be used anywhere that balance or cleansing is needed. Use quartz in the Center area for grounding, balance, good health, spirituality and protection. Use in the West area for projects and creativity.

Crystal Cleansing: This stone can be cleansed and discharged of negative energy by running it under warm water and charging it over night on a crystal cluster, preferably quartz.

History: Smoky Quartz (SiO2 + Al, Li, Na) is considered solidified light and oxygen. Quartz encompasses a large family of stones and crystals, all of which are made up primarily of silicon dioxide, one of the most common and most important substances in the world. Crystals of pure quartz, generally six-sided, can be found in all shades and colors. Quartz crystals grow singularly or in groups and take on different shapes according to the temperature at the time of their formation. Smoky, root beer, or chocolate-colored quartz, gets its hue from natural sources of radioactivity that is close to where quartz crystals are formed. The Chinese culture used smoky quartz to stimulate the meridians, and India's yogis to raise kundalini. The Romans saw smoky quartz as a mourning stone, allowing those who carried it to overcome their grief. Naturally irritated smoky quartz is still transparent and the best form of healing stone. Quart can also be artificially treated with radiation. These stones have less natural healing properties and are often much darker or nontransparent.
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Snowflake Obsidian: See Obsidian.


Properties: This stone is most recognized for healing, meditation and wisdom. This a good stone for general communication for self and writing. It is used for expressing logic and ideas due to its connection with the Throat Chakra. It is also used at the Brow Chakradue to the fact that it can access fine levels of intuitive information and promote the understanding of these concepts. It is also known to enhance community relationships. Considered a stone that is still evolving, sodalite can strongly affect changes in your attitude about yourself. It helps you be more objective and less critical about ways of dealing with existence. It is a stone associated with studying. This stone should be worn or carried around as a touch stone for a long period of time in order to reap its full benefits.

Folk Remedies: Known for balancing body energy levels via thyroid, pituitary, lymph, and other glands. Helps insomnia, as well as neck, mouth, hearing, and blood sugar issues. This stone is cooling and is used for drawing out infections, cooling burns, sinus inflammation and high blood pressure. Suggested for balancing the metabolism. Beneficial for the cleansing organs and can boost the immune system. Effective in combating the effects of natural and artificial radiation and is recommended for those who work around X-ray equipment or are involved with radioactive material. This stone's Latin name, sodanum is said to mean "a cure for headaches". Too much of this stone can be exacerbating to anyone who is already in a long termed depressed state.

Feng Shui: Used in the East area for community, in the Southwest for relationships, Northeast for wisdom, North for career and South for success.

Crystal Cleansing: method 1 - 3 and method 5 - 7

History: Sodalite (Na4Al3Si3O12Cl) is found in North America, as well as in Brazil and France. The mineral structure of Sodaite often makes it confused with Lapis Lazuli. Sodalite is named for its high sodium content and often has veins of white.
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Spectrolite: See: Labradorite

Spinel: Red, Blue, Green. Calms alleviates stress, depression. mental rejuvenation. Most commonly used to aid in detox (together with fasting, enemas, and alcohol/chemical detox of blood and organs, including skin). Red: Also for strength, kundalini. Many of the larger ''rubies" in the world are actually spinel.

Crystal Cleansing: method 1 - 3 and method 5 - 8 (charge only a few hours in the sun).

Found in the US, USSR, Sri Lanka, Italy, and Germany. Encourages moderation of all excesses and aids in the detoxification of both the blood and the mind. Helps lessen anxieties. Benefits the skin. Said to be an aid in fasting.

Star Ruby: Known as the "star of purity", "star fire" or "ruby crystal" is said to promote dreaming and tends to stimulate connection between the self and your spirit guides. Used as a rod-like conductor, it provides the pathway from the user to the electrical and magnetic forces. It assists in purifying, and correcting disoriented energy which leads to atrophy. It helps to align the auric and physical bodies as one. It is an excellent stone for releasing blocks which keep you from a spiritual path. Star Ruby is a stone of great energy, development and protection. It releases negative energy and serves as a tool of empowerment. It helps in the focus of healing energies and chosen pathways.
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Staurolite: "Fairy Cross"

Properties: This mineral is a talisman of good luck! Historically, this stone is said to be formed from the tears of fairies when they were brought the news of the death of Christ. Formed in the shape of a cross, this amazing stone is beautiful and powerful on your alter or meditation space, around your neck or in your pocket. Represents four elements and joining of spirit with earth/matter. Spirituality, compassion, allowing, dis-attachment. Focus centered on the here and now. This stone provides protection and grounding energy and therefore, is most often used at the Root Chakra.

Folk Remedies: This stone is said to provide a connection between the physical, astral and extra-terrestrial planes. It can provide an overpowering "release" in stressful situations and provides support, initiation and incentive in dealing with detrimental habits. Used for addiction, especially for those who wish to stop smoking, this stone helps to transform ones' healing experience. This stone provides grounding energy. For this reason, it is a great stone for reducing fever and has historically been used to treat depression.

Feng Shui: Use staurolite in the Center area for grounding or Northwest area to insure safe travel. Carry with you as a talisman of safety, grounding and good luck.

Crystal Cleansing: method 1 - 3 and method 5 - 7

History: This beautiful and rare stone crystallizes in the form of flat and short prismatic crystals with cruciform crossing or cross-like extrusions. This twinning of crystals occur frequently at right angles to create a cross shape. Taking it's name from the Greek word, 'stauros" meaning cross, this stone has been carried in processions of faith and worn as a talisman for centuries.
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Stichtite: Stichtite is usually found as a deposit on another mineral, for instance, serpentine. It is rarely found in veins from which half inch or inch thick pieces of the pure mineral can be taken. Stichtite is formed when continental plates collide. It brings one higher awareness of one's emotions. In the home, it creates a tranquil environment, and can be useful in adapting children's behavior so that it is more acceptable. It also encourages one to be true to one's word, to keep an open mind, and to treat all ( including oneself ) with gentleness. Stichtite eases the passage of Kundalini energy through the Heart chakra.

Stilbite: Pale pink/gray/white. Pink is especially helpful with loving, creative energy, accepting, allowing, letting go, manifesting May vivify/heighten physical senses, esp. taste. Detoxifies. Gentle self-expression.

Stromatolite: See Butter Stone.

Sugilite: "Lavulite/Royal Azele"

Properties: This stone enhances psychic abilities. Gets you in touch with your Spiritual Guides. Protects, absorbs and dissolves anger, hurt, unwanted energies. Sugilite brings spirit/light into the physical body and heart for healing, especially when placed on the Brow Chakra. This stone helps to alleviate depression/despair, stress. This stone brings peace of mind, well being, spiritual love and is considered androgynous. It is one of the purple stones, which help to balance right and left brain function. Used to help anyone "integrate" into the world or new surroundings.

Folk Remedies: This crystal is an important healer's stone used to gently draw out pain (headaches too), inflammation, stress, dis-ease, toxins, emotional blocks. Balances adrenal, pineal, pituitary, and Lt/Rt brain.

Feng Shui: Sugilite is used in the Center direction for balance and any area where there needs to be a shift or transition.

Crystal Cleansing: Discharge the negative energy from this stone, once a month, among tumbled hematite stones. This stone does not need charging as it is full of energy! My suggestion: use your intuition.

History: Sugilite (KNa2 [Fe2Mn2Al] 2 Li3Si12O30) is also called "Lavulite/Royal Azele" It can be solid, violet pink to purple. Found only in the first half of the 20th century, first in Japan then in South Africa, this stone has been commonly used in the making of jewelry.
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Sulphur (Sulfur):

Properties: This stone represents the power of protection, willpower and healing energy. Solid/clear yellow. Rejuvenating, especially if one does a great deal of thinking/mental work and little physical exercise. Mental clarity, focus, analysis, understanding, willpower, discipline, confidence. Sulfur is considered to be related primarily to the solar plexus chakra, but it can purify and detoxify environments, thoughts, and even the auric energy fields of other people.

Folk Remedies: Traditionally very healing for wounds, cleansing and healing skin, sinus, pancreas, liver, syphilis, appendix, indigestion, insomnia, depression. Used in Egypt and modern hot springs/baths for arthritis, pain, rheumatism, swelling, lymph, cysts, hemorrhoids. Strengthens endocrine glands. Found in garlic, mustard, chives, onions and horseradish. Sulfur is a wonderful mineral to assist assimilation and digestion. Sulfur is a good stone to take with you when traveling. When traveling and eating unfamiliar food, it can be difficult on the system. Therefore, sulfur can assist in weight loss by allowing the food to digest and assimilate properly. It is also used to detoxify the body of accumulated toxins and environmental pollutants. People will use it as a fumigant to discourage infestations of insects. Repels garden bugs. Sulfur helps repair injured joints, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissue. Sulfur helps build sulfur-bearing amino acids which detoxify the liver, nourish the hair and skin, and build flexible muscle. Angstrom-sized sulfur is as or more biologically available than MSM (methyl-sulfonyl-methane). Sulfur is found in rainwater and in plants dependent on rainwater for survival. Many foods are grown agriculturally and in greenhouses and thus are deficient in sulfur. The greater part of the sulfur present in the human body is contained in the two sulfur containing amino acids, methionine and cysteine. In the body sulfur is found only in combination with some other constituents of the body. It does not exist in a free state. Sulfur from foods is absorbed as an organic compound and after metabolism, it is converted into sulphate and excreted in the urine.

Feng Shui: Sulfur is used in China for honoring health, wealth, protection. Use in each of these centers of the house for the best results.

Crystal Cleansing: method 1

History: Sulfur (or Sulphur) (S8) is a pale yellow, non-metallic element. Sulfur is a mineral species in the Orthorhombic crystal system, the chemical composition is pure Sulfur, sometimes contains Selenium and Tellurium. The refractive index is around 1.95 and the specific gravity is 2.07. Sulfur is a very soft mineral, only a 1-2 on the hardness scale. Sulfur is usually seen as vivid yellow crystals on matrix. The main localities for this mineral are Mexico, USA, and Italy. Sulfur potentiates all other minerals allowing them to be absorbed and utilized more efficiently. Sulfur creates permeability. It works synergistically with vitamin C to create the super-protein collagen. Sulfur helps alleviate wrinkles, and skin damage, including scarring. A natural form of sulfur known as Shi liu huang was known in China since the 6th century BC and found in Hanzhong. By the 3rd century, the Chinese discovered that sulfur could be extracted from pyrite. Chinese Daoists were interested in sulfur's flammability and its reactivity with certain metals, yet its earliest practical uses were found in traditional Chinese medicine.


Properties: This stone is a kiss of sunshine, crystallized. Honors the God, brings good luck and fortune. Energizes and empowers one's self. Warms the heart and lifts/rejuvenates the spirit. Sunstone is used for protection, life force, and grounding. Sunstone is a great stone to use with "energy vampires", or those who drain your energy from you. This includes parents, children, lovers, patients, bosses or anyone who is possessive, aggressive or overbearing. Sunstone breaks these bonds and allows light, separation and clarity from these energies. This stone clears and brightens both the entire Chakra and unbounds the Aura. Sunstone does great justice when placed on our power center or Solar Plexus Chakra. Sunstone is a great stone to relieve stress and overcome fear. This stone is so brilliant that it can bring optimism, happiness and joy to anyone! Use this stone to help bring awareness to your spiritual realm and encourage the priorities of life. This is one of my favorite stones for depression. A good stone to strengthen the psyche as it promotes cheerfulness, good humor and a benevolent temper.

Folk Remedies: Sunstone has been used for centuries for the health of the throat, feet, bones, cartilage and spine. It is used for ulcers, body odor, food poisoning and rheumatism. Since it has such a great affect on both the Chakra energies and the aura, it is used to regulate the autonomic nervous system. This stone invigorates the diaphragm and heart and improves circulation. This stone has been used in ancient Greece for depression. Use this stone for gridding around the physical body to help with the above issues. Use also as an elixir or a gem essence.

Feng Shui: Sunstone can be used in the Center for spirituality, good health, balance and stability. Use it in the Northeast for self cultivation and in the North for your own personal journeys.

Crystal Cleansing: method 1 - 3 and method 5 - 8 (loves the sun!)

History: Sunstone is considered an Oligoclase Na(AlSi3O8) + Fe, a variety of feldspar with gold-orange metallic sheen created from the inclusions of Goethite and hematite. Allow though most notably known for its sunny orange yellow color, there is a green version of this stone known as aventurine feldspar from the quartz family. This triclinic crystal has been a symbol of healing through centuries. It most notably found in India and used in sun healing rituals as it was also used in ancient Greece for depression and for treatments of gout with sunstone water. Sunstone was dedicated to the sun god Helios because of its amazing gold sparkle. This belief was further perpetuated by its people who thought this stone kept the sun on course and protected the earth from disaster. It was also a stone offered for protection from "evil spirits" by the Native American Indians.
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Tanzanite: Rare, Clear, blue-purple-violet Zoisite crystal. (Use clear ones for healing meditation.) Placed on brow, it powerfully opens brow plus Crown centers for clairaudience, visions, spiritual connectedness, protection, manifesting. Helps expand our physical and mental seeing, hearing, hair, skin. It was first discovered in Tanzania, which is how it got its name. This stone stimulates both the Throat chakra and the Third Eye chakra, and bring together all aspects of communication and psychic power. Tanzanite is a "stone of magic" that facilitates spiritual awareness and stimulates insight. It is also said to relieve depression. Tanzanite is known to both dispel and transmute negativity. See also Zoisite


Properties: Tektite is a type of natural glass, chemically and structurally unique, is created from the meteoric impact with the earth. The heat is so intense that both the meteorite and the earth's surface melt on impact. As this mixture of space material and earth material cool together, this unbelievable crystal is created!

Tektite assists one in attaining knowledge, abundance, reasoning and learning lessons throughout the travels of life. Balances the feminine/masculine (Yin/Yang), provides insight, strengthens one's energy field. Can stimulate thought transmissions. Use this for astral travel, meditation and mental communication, especially with our higher, spiritual self. This stone promotes deep insight into ourselves and helps us to grow spiritually. Tektite is used on all the Chakra points, balancing each area in a different way and bringing about the best from each energy center! As it can strengthen a person's bio-sheath, it makes an excellent stone for cleansing the Aura.

Folk Remedies: Tektite has been used to reduce fever, stimulate oxygenation of blood and improve circulation and flow. It is one of the best stones for infertility and was believed to be used for psychic surgery.

Feng Shui: Use in the Center area for balance, Northeast for self cultivation, Southwest for fertility or any direction for creating change.

Crystal Cleansing: method 1 - 3 and method 5 - 8

History: Tektites are found on earth within a narrow equatorial belt 80 degrees wide. They have been found in Thailand, Australia, Vietnam and the Philippines. Tektites usually have a heavily pitted surface. Many have the appearance of being stretched while in a molten state. They appear black, but when held up to the light, you can sometimes see a golden tint in translucent areas around the edges.
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Properties: Thunderegg stones are rough spheres usually containing centers of chalcedony in several form and will take on the metaphysical properties of that particular mineral, which are often agate, jasper, quartz or opal. These stones look like ordinary rocks on the outside, but when sliced in half and polished, they often reveal a star-like pattern or other intricate designs and colors. Thundereggs also take on characteristic feature of the individual beds they come from and therefore can vary in appearance. Thundereggs are found globally wherever conditions are right.

Thundereggs are different than geodes or agate. A geode is a simple term for a rock with a hollow in it, often with crystal growth. A thunderegg is a nodule-like geological structure that tends to have the hollow of its rhyolite shell filled in with minerals such as agate, jasper, quartz or opal. Thundereggs have two different theories as to how they form. One theory believes it is due to expansion and rupturing of rock by gases. Others believe the pattern is due to a drying process of a colloid or gel.

Metaphysically, these powerful, energetic stones have been used for decreasing hostility and anger. They bring about community and unity among like minded people. They truly employ the affirmation of "energy follows thought". This stone shows us that where we place our thoughts, our energy will follow. Thundereggs link physical awareness and action with our emotional intention.

Folk Remedies: These stones have been useful in calming the central nervous system, offering a calm and peaceful mind. A great tool for helping with stress and stressful situations. Also great for group meditations.

Feng Shui: Use in the Center area for balance, Northeast for self cultivation or any direction for improving intention.

Crystal Cleansing: method 1 - 3 and method 5 - 8

History: Dr. George Kunz, Tiffany's famed gem authority, estimated that as much as $20,000 worth of opal-fi lled eggs from one Oregon deposit had been marketed in 1892. By 1965, thundereggs were designated Oregon's official state rock . Thundereggs are also famous for being found in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada, as well as within a rhyolitic lava flow region. Mount Hay, Australian Thundereggs are called "Amulet Stones". It was their belief that if they were powerful enough to contain and hold the energies of a volcanic eruption they could also store the energies of humans making them ideal for healing or protective amulets. Germany is also an important area for thundereggs (especially sites like St Egidien and Gehlberg).
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Tiger's Eye:

Properties: Used historically for bringing more luck into your life. This stone is most recognized for attracting money, psychic protection, courage, confidence, willpower, clear thinking and speaking to show us the personal power in life that we have. Very versatile for the Yellow/Solar Plexus Chakra, Third Eye and Crown Chakra. The root of our intuition is from our Solar Plexus. The "gut feeling" is what's considered the root, while our Third Eye receives the vision. Tiger's Eye works on our mental plane by amplifying thinking and manifesting what you think about. Helps separate thoughts from feelings, more centered, less emotional. Tiger's Eye allows us to recognize both our talents and our faults. It can reveal your true needs without our self-serving or rigid mental attitudes getting in the way. Use Tiger's Eye with malachite or pearl to benefit from their synergy for mental/emotional balance and true understanding. This stone helps change anxiety, fear and obsessiveness into practicality and logic. Has the grounding energy of the earth, but is embellished with a glowing warmth. A stone for people who need more confidence to accomplish their goals. Draws helpful people and material things to the wearer. Centers energy and mental focus. This stone helps us to find our closest version of perfectionism without obsessive behavior.

Folk Remedies: Known for treating digestion and stomach disorders such as diverticular disease, anxiety and ulcers. Helps with the mending of broken bones and the alignment of bones in the spinal column. It has been used for disorders of the eyes such as night blindness. Rub with essential oil on front and bottom of stone before placing it at your solar plexus for detoxification. Tiger eye relieves high blood pressure. The Chinese categorize this stone as a true balancer of Yin and Yang. Therefore, it balances both sides of the brain, bringing awareness to perception.

Feng Shui: Used in the Center area for balancing and grounding. The Chinese categorize this stone as a true balancer of Yin and Yang.

Crystal Cleansing: method 1 - 3 and method 5 - 8

History: A member of the Quartz family, (SiO2 + FeOOH) Tiger's Eye is often confused with Cat's Eye. The difference is in the fibers of crocidolite that have been replaced by silica in Tiger's Eye, which are twisted. (The fibers in Cat's Eye are straight). Tiger's eye is mined in Western Australia, South Africa, USA, Canada, India, Namibia, and Burma. Roman soldiers wore tiger's-eye for protection in battle. Tiger Eye was thought to be all seeing due to its appearance. The bands in Tiger's Eye display chatoyancy, which resembles an eye of a tiger, receiving its name due to its similarity.
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Red: Strengthens your body force/energy, is grounding and is used at the Root Chakra.

Green or Blue: See Hawk's Eye.

Topaz: The stone of "true love and success in all endeavors". It can be used to manifest health and correct disorders within the body. They promote understanding, compassion, kindness and empathy. They open and heal the hearts of those who have closed them while also protecting the open-hearted from too much pain. Instrumental in visualizations for healing and attracting in meditation and projection. Helps one to creatively change personal world, enhance awareness, expansiveness and manifestation.

Most common Topaz has a radiant yellow color, but can also be found in shades of green, blue, and brown. Mined in the US, Mexico, Brazil, and Sri Lanka. Sends out positive energy to all who need it. For those in crisis or in need of motivation. Recharges and increases the user's energy level. Benefits those who are problem solvers, such as those involved with the arts or science. An excellent stone for relaxation and comfort. Calms the nervous system and lessens tension. Also benefits the blood. Sheds light on the path to your goals. Those in tune with Topaz's positive energy will feel limitless and philanthropic. They will experience an increase in their personal abilities.

Crystal Cleansing: method 1 - 3 and method 5 - 8

Golden or pink/"Champagne" Topaz: The most powerful, electromagnetic of yellow/solar plexus gems. A strong, steady, high level gem for mental clarity, focus, perceptivity, high level concepts, confidence, personal power, stamina. Helps mood swings, insomnia, worries, fears, depression, exhaustion, nervous system stress, stomach anxiety. Also works somewhat with the Crown Chakra. Liver/pancreas detoxification, bloodsugar balance, tissue and backbone strengthener (physically and emotionally). Radiates warmth,sun/light energy, protection. Excellent for water signs, teachers, excess work stress, manifesting, higher-self connection. Brings emotions and thinking into balance.
Pink and Champagne: Works also especially with the heart for love, spiritual compassion.

Blue Topaz: Alignment with our higher self, creative expression, writing, focus on your path. An empathetic stone. Gives out its warm glow quite readily.
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Properties: A powerful, electromagnetic, striated gem. Tourmaline strengthens body, spirit (and meridians), as it transmutes lower frequency thought/energy to a higher frequency of light and brings light/spirit into the physical. Therefore, it can actually balance ALL the Chakra centers. Tourmaline radiates light protection for wearer. This stone clears higher frequencies, effectively as it forms a protective shield all over the body (Aura). Tourmaline is a rod of power. I equate this crystal to that of the spinal column. It makes us stand up for ourselves, promoting confidence, self realization, inspiration, tolerance and compassion. Therefore, it is one of my favorite crystals for alleviating fear. It banishes the victim mentality. Like the spinal column, tourmaline works like a lightning rod of energy from the tip of the coccyx to the apex of the axis, tourmaline affects every aspect of the physical to the emotional. The strength of tourmaline is in its many colors due to its mineral make up. Again like, the spine, tourmaline brings balance. It brings balance to both right and left brain hemispheres, transforming negative thoughts to positive thoughts, finding equilibrium between Yin and Yang and male and female energies. All these traits make this an amazing healing stone.

Crystal Cleansing: method 1 - 3 and method 5 - 8 (except Pink Tourmaline), which should not be charged in the sun.

Black: (Schrol) The keyword for this crystal is Alignment. As a grounding stone, black tourmaline can be used whenever energy feels scattered and disconnected. It therefore, bring awareness back to a grounded state of mind. Tourmaline does not absorb negative energy. It repels it. It is the best crystal to use against the ill effects of low frequency and high frequency electromagnetic waves (EMF) and protects against smog, radiation, psychic attacks and repels all kinds of negative energy. It grounds energy as it is connected to the Root/Base Chakra. When the tourmaline is rubbed it becomes charged with magnetic electricity. Electromagnetic fields are present everywhere in our environment but are invisible to the human eye. Electric fields can be produced by the local build-up of electric charges in the atmosphere associated with thunderstorms. They are also produced by man-made sources including X-rays, the electricity that comes out of every power socket, various kinds of higher frequency radio waves via TV antennas, computers, microwaves, radio stations or mobile phone base stations. It is suggested to carry this stone when you feel surrounded by negativity.

A valuable stone for crises and for periods of extreme stress. Helps you defend against debilitating diseases. Strongly suggested for persons with weakened immune systems. Black tourmaline is a wonderful stone for coping with grief as it is a valuable stone for crisis and for periods of extreme stress and times of intense difficulty. Black tourmaline is a remedy for debilitating diseases. It strengthens the immune system, treats dyslexia, joint pain and arthritis, provides pain relief and helps align the spinal column.

Special Note: these particular tumblestones were used by Andrew in an amazing healing ceremony in the Arizona desert. They were divined at a clearing mandala meditation circle and used to represent the element earth. You can read more about Andrew's incredible experience with this crystal!

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Blue Tourmaline (Indocolite): Same basic qualities as green, red, or watermelon tourmaline. Especially benefits the upper torso, the pulmonary system, and the immune system. Some believe it has a religious nature and that its purpose is to teach spiritual oneness. Works well at the Throat Chakra.

Brown Tourmaline: (Dravite) : is said to bring a realization of the God-within. It protects one from the effects of bad karma, and is very gentle for use in grounding. Dravite balances the chakras, cleanses the aura, and brings a warm sense of Earth and peace to the Higher Self. It also is used to treat intestinal tract disorders.

Clear Tourmaline: (Achroite) Has many of the qualities of the other tourmalines but in a more low-key manner. Beneficial for the immune system and for detoxification of the entire body. Suggested it is for the eyes and for nervous disorders such as epilepsy. This stone opens the Crown Chakra.

Green Tourmaline: (Verdilite) A healing stone that some gem healers consider the strongest of all green stones. This stone attunes to nature. Helps achieve balance in all areas. Extremely beneficial for the nervous system, brain, and immunological system. Stimulates creativity and communication. Helps you recognize and avoid negative energies before they become damaging. Recommended for people who wish to better understand their own spirituality. Business, Success. Taking heart, will to live, life-force, prosperity, compassion. Energizes Central Nervous System (for neuralgia, migraine, burns, etc.) Opens/heals physical and emotional Heart Chakra. Treats lung issues such as asthma, difficulty breathing and allergies. Cleanses meridians and blocks, stimulates new growth, rejuvenates heart, lymph, immune system. Thymus and entire body health. Yang energetic.
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Opalized Tourmaline: Almost the reverse of Cat's Eye Tourmaline. The inclusion, resulting from water, heightens the effects of the stone. The additional refraction of light helps intensify the healing energy, accelerating its benefits. It is rare. A valuable addition to one's collection of healing stones. Forcefield, Protection Stone. Powerfully deflects/shields against unwanted or dark energies, especially for sensitive people. Grounds spiritual/light energy into Root Chakra, for centeredness amid chaos. Neutralizes fears, resentment, neurosis, obsessions, intestinal or spine energy blocks, toxins, constipation. Place at feet, knees, or base of spine for groundedness during/after healing. Radiation protection.

Pink: Emotional and spiritual love, healing loss, emotional pain, fear, self-gentleness (especially with severe illness like cancer, emphysema). Best in combination with counseling. Most powerful together with Kunzite or Rhodocrosite. Self-love, compassion, release of old hurt. Use for trust. Do not charge in sunlight. (See Rubellite).
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Red (Rubellite): Strengthens, grounds/rejuvenates, warms. Unites heart and body for love, courage, passion, energy, stamina, steadiness. High Lithium content (thus pink/red color) brings emotional balance, lovingness, devotion in a down-to-earth way. Balances body's electrochemistry. Heart and Root Chakra. Helps detach from personal pain. Releases reproductive, blocks; stimulates fertility. Used to strengthen and detox blood and immune system and to ease radiation effects. Yang.

Watermelon: (Red/pink and green) This complex make up of minerals contains the best colors for treating issues of the heart! Draws Love. Brings together compassion, passion, depth of heart with life-force and grounding Red). Emotional and spiritual love (light pink) expressed in the physical heart (Green) Excels for immune system and life-threatening illnesses. Balances metabolism, endocrine system; harmonizing. Empowers other tourmalines. Yin/yang balance. This stone is believed to work on the muscular skeletal system and therefore is beneficial for degenerative disorders and autoimmune disorders such as lupus, chronic fatigue and multiple sclerosis.

Tourmalinated Quartz: Sometimes found embedded in Clear Quartz, Tourmalinated Quartz provides an energy or " solving atmosphere". Used to actualize an innate strength in the body. It helps eliminating "crystalized " patterns in the body which have been destructive in a physical and mental manner in one's life. It also helps in adjusting imbalances throughout the body.
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Folk Remedies: Tourmaline is tension reliever, therefore, making it a great tool for spinal adjustments and muscle tension. This stone is especially for the nervous system and blood/lymph toxins. This crystal works on mental issues of anxiety, stress and paranoia. Wonderful for helping with dyslexia and therefore, good for hand-eye coordination. This crystal brings about the correct flow of energy, blood and lymph fluids. Tourmaline works as a great detoxing stone. It affect on mental issues, physical ailments and blood related disorders make it so.

Feng Shui: Use this crystal in any house/direction/center to treat (and neutralize negative energy). It can be used in the North for personal journeys, life paths and career. Use in the West for creativity and child-like wonder. Helpful in the Southwest for love and partners (use two pieces together here) and in the Northeast for widsom, self growth and harmony.

Crystal Cleansing: method 1 - 3 and method 5 - 8

History: Tourmaline is often considered a single mineral, this crystal is actually a group of related minerals. Tourmaline is a crystal silicate that usually occurs in long, slender columns. It is distinguished by its three-sided prisms. Tourmaline comes in a variety of colors including yellow, blue, green, pink, red, black, bluish black, brown and multicolored. Some types of the mineral change color when viewed from various angles. This stone gets its name from the Singhalese word turmali, which means different stone. This crystal has both piezoelectric and pyroelectric effects. This stone has been used throughout history for its beauty and stength. Adorning the crowns of Russian royalty, in pieces of Nordic jewelry and made into an intaglio of Alexander the Great. The famous gemologist, George F. Kunz introduced this mineral to Tiffany & Company. In England, the black version of this stone (Schorl) was used in Victorian times as a mourning stone.


Properties: This stone is most famous as an amazing over all healer for illnesses in the physical body and mental/emotional issues. Turquoise is known as a stone of protection and communication on every level. It is a stone most attune to the thymus gland. The thymus is located in the upper part of the chest between the heart and the throat and produces T-lymphocytes (white blood cells that fight infections and destroy abnormal cells). It is an important organ of the immune system. This is exactly why turquoise has an effect on the entire body. Use turquoise at the Throat Chakra, to encouraging communication between heart and mind as well as expressing your desires and dreams. It opens the Throat Chakra, for clear communication, creativity, serenity, spiritual bonding and uplifting through verbal expression. Turquoise can be placed at the Heart Chakra to energize the thymus, heart and immune system. Opens this Chakra for giving and receiving. Symbolizes our source (spirit/sky) and spiritual love for healing and helping. It is known as the stone which connects heaven and earth. Balancing Yin and Yang, energizing the meridians and cleansing/clearing the Aura. Turquoise is used at the Third Eye Chakra for increasing our psychic connection to great spirit through intuition and allows for much deeper meditation.

Turquoise is a stone that purifies the spirit. It truly helps us see our anxieties as simply thoughts that pass us going downstream, giving them no more value than that. This stone helps us alleviate anxiety by showing us the bigger spiritual picture and dissolving negative energy. This stone is one of the oldest and most universal gemstones used by almost every culture on the planet. Turquoise is an ancient absorber of "negativity" and give protection from the "evil eye." It is said to bring wisdom and truth. When worn on the skin, it can easily change color from perfumes, oils, soaps and perspiration. It is believed to also change color when the wearer is ill or when danger is present. Turquoise is sensitive to strong sunlight. It protects one on all journeys, near, far, spiritual or physical travels. It is a great stone for astral travel. It offers the mental and spiritual clarity to see your own path in life.

Turquoise helps to regulate life energy otherwise known as Qi or prana. Truly reflects the individual carrying or holding it. Tunes into the energies of the person and transmits them back into the world. Can also help you get more in tune with others. Recommended for healers, those involved in negotiations, optometrists, veterinarians, and those who must rely on communications skills to get complex ideas across. This stone has been given to women for creating a sense of happiness and contentment, as well as for men to guarantee power and success.

Folk Remedies: Sympathetic to all maladies, this stone is the great immune booster. Like amethyst, it protects and detoxifies from alcohol, poison, pollution, x-ray/sun radiation. Helps anorexia, headache and fear. Treats the throat and lungs for issues of asthma, infections, teeth, TMJ, hearing, high blood pressure, creativity block and depression. It is used for muscular/skeletal pain, backache, arthritis, whiplash and post operative recovery. Used also for stress related skin disorders. If you are sick, Turquoise helps to put you at peace. A great anti-inflammatory stone.

Feng Shui: Turquoise is used in the area of North for personal journeys and in the Center area for grounding, protection and balance. It can also be used in the Southwest direction for love and partnership (always use two pieces in this area).

Crystal Cleansing: method 1 - 3 and method 5 - 7 Turquoise is sensitive to strong sunlight so it should never be charged in direct sun. Fades in sunlight, sweat, oil, dishwater. Avoid bleach/chlorine!

History: A hydrated phosphate of aluminum, acetate and copper, turquoise (CuAl6(PO4)4(OH)8+4H2O) is grape-shaped from the triclinic group. It is often found in crevices of aluminum rock, close to copper mines. Turquoise is an excellent conductor of energy due to its high copper association. Throughout history, this stone has been used as a universal healing stone, a colorant for clothing, make-up and paint as well as for jewelry, pendants and as elixirs for healing. Turquoise is given its name from the Middle Ages and an old French word "turqueise" meaning "Turkish stone". It is derived from the ancient Greek word "callais" (kallos lithos) meaning beautiful stone. Used in ancient Greece and by the Egyptian for adorning tombs, making jewelry and producing color from everything from paint to clothing dye. It was used by the Chinese, Tibetans and Hindus for healing and good luck. This gentle, cooling, soothing stone is a Native American classic used in the healer's medicine wheels, bags and remedies. This stone was also hung on the end of their spear tips to ensure accuracy. Turquoise was documented by Shakespeare in the Merchant of Venice with the ring given to Shylock by Leah. It was one of the twelve fundamental stones used by Hildegard Von Bingen in her naturopathic remedies and one of the twelve stones in the Breast Plate of Aaron.
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Ulexite: "TV Stone"

Properties: This white translucnet stone offers insight into the self and others. It assists in seeing solutions to many of our difficulties. Some find it helpful for amplifying dreams, imagination, imagery and fantasy. Consider this stone to help you to inspire creativity. This rock is also known as TV stone due to its unusual optical characteristics. The fibers of TV stone act as fiber optics, transmitting light along their lengths by internal reflection. When a piece of this stone is cut with flat polished faces perpendicular to the orientation of the fibers, a good-quality specimen will display an image of whatever surface is adjacent to its other side. This crystal is wonderful for helping one make decisions. It is also used for furthering a particular objective. This stone helps one look at situations in a more realistic way. It can prevent the owner from being too trusting. This is also great for people/students who wish to improve their memory and willingness to learn.

Folk Remedies: This stone is said to have anti-bacterial and disinfecting properties. It has been used for eye problems. This stone is not recommended if one has addictive or escapism tendency.

Feng Shui: Use this stone in the Center area for harmony, in the West for creativity and in the Northeast for learning and knowledge.

Crystal Cleansing: method 1 (Ulexite may decomposes when soaked in water).

History: Ulexite (NaCaB5O6(OH)6•5(H2O)) (hydrated sodium calcium borate hydroxide) is a mineral occurring in silky white rounded crystalline masses or in parallel fibers. It was named after the German chemist Georg Ludwig Ulex (1811−1883) who first discovered it. This stone is composed of three borate tetrahedra and two borate triangular groups. It forms from the evaporation of water in intermittent playa lakes. The precipitated ulexite commonly forms a "cotton ball" tuft of acicular crystals. Ulexite is also found in a vein-like bedding habit composed of closely-packed fibrous crystals.
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Unakite: We often think of the emotions as originating and residing in the heart, and Unakite can soothe Heart Chakra issue, but another place where they live, often imprisoned, is in the solar plexus. As young children, discouraged away from the full expression of our emotions, we learn that shallow breathing helps us not to feel as much. The repression of feeling can become automatic, and life, while perhaps less painful, also has less joy.

Unakite can be very helpful in the steady release of feelings long held in. An opaque coral and olive-green stone (two colors associated with the solar plexus), it consists of three minerals: feldspar, epidote, and quartz. When one is supported by deepened self-esteem and self-awareness, it is easier to allow old feelings to arise so that they may be released.

Crystal Cleansing: method 1 - 3 and method 5 - 7

Unakite lends another element to self-awareness. In working with this stone people have noticed that they were able to go deeper than the physical symptoms of an illness and understanding the mental and emotional sources for it. It is also believed to help release conditions which have been inhibiting personal growth.
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Variscite: Solid cool, pale green. eases depression, fear, worry, anxiety, impatience, stress of a hectic/pressured day by bringing calm and stillness to even the most busy/talkative mind, thus a good meditation stone. Works on astral and etheric level for healing via the nervous system (Central Nervous System) and at DNA level. Centers the Solar Plexus and Heart Chakra; also slightly helpful for intuition center. Skin and blood vessel elasticity, impotence/male reproductive healing.
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Worry/Stress Stones: This is not one particular kind of stone, but usually any crystal that is sliced into a thin piece and often have a groove carved into the stone for the thumb. Worry stones are great to use in a stressful situation. You simply rub the flat stone with thumb and forefinger. It is said that the stone will absorb the stress from your body the more you gently rub the stone. Stones that are easily cut, such as agate, onyx, and quartz, make great Worry stones.
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Wulfenite: Translucent yellow to red, mostly orange crystal. Invigorates and harmonizes emotions, passion, appetite. Warms and grounds. Helps us get in touch with feelings. Used for healing and warming reproductive (especially women's). Spleen and yellow chakras, and digestion/nutrition assimilation. Cleanses and uplifts emotions, muddiness, stuckness or imbalance in spleen
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Zebra Stone: With black stripes to match it's name sake animal, Zebra stone is one of the best stones for pain management.
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Zircon: All colors. Clear, colorless, natural form: Works with the Crown Chakra and transpersonal point (and pituitary and pineal) for Universal Truth, intuition, durability, steadiness, integrity and connection with "All That Is." Eases depression, insomnia. Also historical poison detoxifier.

Crystal Cleansing: discharge and recharge in dry sea salt.

Man-made (cubic Zirconia or "CZ") is not nearly as strong/effective as natural. "Pink Ice" is pink CZ.

Zoisite: Green and black, often with red streaks of ruby. For trust in the universe, releasing fears. Strengthens heart, energy/adrenals and reproductive Chakra. General health. This stone can be used to dispel laziness and idleness. It is often used in treating disorders of the middle and upper jaios in Chinese Medicine, considered the heart, spleen, stomach, pancreas and lungs. When Zoisite is shared with ruby in it's matrix, it shares the same metaphysical properties of both stones. When this stone is found in the colors of the upper Chakra, clear, blue, purple, violet, it is considered the rare stone, Tanzanite.
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Stone/Crystal Properties A-I

Stone/Crystal Properties J-R

Find Crystals:

Crystals by Ailment

Dis-ease is the body out of balance. Crystals have been used as an adjunct therapy for centuries. Physical health is a state of heightened energy and vitality; freedom from pain, disability, and disease. Here you can find indepth healing methods, listed by ailment or take a look at Andrew's quick crystal remedy reference.

Crystals for Ayurveda

Ayurveda is the principle medical system of India and is over 5,000 years old. This "Science of Life" is considered the art of living in harmony with nature. Crystals are practical tools for healing, energizing and connecting to three primordial humours, call dosha. The Chakra are the subtle energy body centers and have coordinating crystals. In practice, there are crystals use in ayurveda for cleansing and clearing energies and crystals associated with the 9 vedic planets.

Crystals for the Chakra

Crystals are used to help balance the energy of the Chakra and can affect us on a daily basis. These crystals allow you to work through each center on a mental, spiritual, as well as a physical level and assist in ways to re-align, balance and manage your energy in a positive way! Crystals are suggested for each Chakra center here.

Crystals by Color

The color behind Earth's minerals can be felt the minute you put a crystal in your hands or near your physical body. The Mineralogical Society of America has extensively logged, categorized and classified every mineral on the planet! Andrew has organized the crystals by their primary colors of red, yellow and blue, as well as the secondary colors of orange, green and violet, including the blend of red and blue, creating indigo.

Crystals by Element

The Elements are the forces of nature that express their energies on earth and within us. They are the fundamental building blocks of many paradigms from every culture. Crystals have an affinity and association to the elements based on their structure, make-up and historical connections. Discover crystals for air, earth, fire, water, metal, wood, ether.

Crystals by Emotions

Although the mind/body connection has been acknowledged only relatively recently in Western medicine, the interaction of emotions with the physical body is an essential aspect of traditional Chinese medicine. Learn how crystal therapy can teach us about our seven major emotional states and how it relates to our physical health by understanding anger, joy, worry, pensiveness, grief, fear, and shock (fright). Discover more about our emotions and the mind/body connection.

Crystals by Holiday

Every month there is something to celebrate. Crystals can be used to create intention, encourage change or decorate for a holiday! Crystals are associated with the New Year, Valentine's day, St. Patrick's day, Easter, Mother's Day, Halloween and Christmas.

Crystals by Name

Gemstones have names. A crystalline substance is uniquely defined by the combination of its chemistry and the structural arrangement of its atoms. Crystals differ in physical properties, such as hardness, cleavage, optical properties, heat conductivity, and electrical conductivity. They can be known by their scientific name (silicon dioxide), their common name (quartz), their nickname (snow quartz) or by their metaphysical properties (magic quartz). Here you will find thousands of fact, folklore and ancedotal information on the metaphysical properties of crystals.

The Crystal Quiz

What crystals are right for you? Crystals and Gemstones are one of the most beautiful, mystical and profound "energy medicine" tools, which have been used for centuries throughout all cultures, religions and empires. Andrew has one of the most extensive collections of crystals and crystal information on the Internet. Take the crystal quiz. Search through our tumblestones, crystal jewelry, spheres, clusters, crystal fountains, or unique crystals and specialty gifts.

Crystals by Season

The seasons influence our energy. Whether it is a bright Summer day or a rainy afternoon in Fall, crystal can be there to boost our mood, keep us energized or calm our restless mind. Unearth the most important crystals you need for the renewal of Spring, the heat of the Summer, the transitions of Fall or the introspective Winter.

Crystals by Shape

Symbols throughout the world can have a variety of different meanings. In almost every religion, culture and part of the world, shapes have significance. Regardless of their origins, certain particular shapes are Universally recognized and play a part of our subconscious mind in one way or another. When crystals grow or are faceted into these shapes, they take on the Universal energy they share. Learn more about how they influence our own energetic field.

Crystals by Zodiac

Astrology has an amazing connection to crystals in the form of our birthstones. Other crystals can be used to complement and assist us in our path to enlightenment Discover which crystals are essential for Aries * Taurus * Gemini * Cancer * Leo * Virgo * Libra * Scorpio * Sagittarius * Capricorn * Aquarius * Pisces

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These crystals bring the "group energy" to the surrounding environment, enhance harmony, bring peace work as a charger for other crystals and are wonderful healing tools!


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One of the simplest ways to reconnect to nature is with an indoor fountain. They create a peaceful, harmonious indoor environment. Use them as a natural room humidifier, meditation tool, sleep aid, stress reducer, air cleanser and positive energy circulator.

Find A Crystal Therapist

The International Energy Medicine Therapist Directory is a free to list, free to find resource for any and all types of energy workers from crystal therapists, guided imagery therapists, massage and reiki therapists, chakra, aura and EFT therapists, acupuncturists, herbalist and designers of metaphysical products.

Crystal Quiz

With all the hundreds of beautiful crystals on earth, how do you know which ones are right for you? Take our Crystal Quiz! As you learn a little bit more about yourself, you will discover which crystals are best for you to work with. You read more about your choices and even purchase what you need right now! Learn which crystals should be in your life!....

Working With Crystals

Here you will learn all about how to choose a crystal, cleanse it and begin learning how to accept it's energy. You will unfold techniques for working with your specific crystals, creating a sacred space, meditation with your stone and unleashing its hidden vibrations. Use our crystal remedy reference too!


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*Chakracology - A Workbook and Manual This workbook format allows you to look at the energy of the Chakra and how they affect us on a daily basis. The book allows you to work through each center on a mental, spiritual, as well as a physical level and then find ways to re-align, balance and manage your energy in a positive way! Want to know more?

*What's Your Heart Telling You? Finding Love and Romance - The Workbook and Journal Andrew Pacholyk, MS, L.Ac. has now published his newest work based on years of personal intimacy, clinical experience, counseling and client research on the ways to navigate love, sex, romance and relationships in a modern day world. Andrew has devised this very thorough workbook and journal with questionnaires, exercises, quotes, tips, meditations, feng shui, aromatherapy, massage and herbal applications for creating the perfect scenario for finding, coping and keeping love in your life! Want to know more?

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What is your experience with crystals? Sharing your own experiences often helps others. We'd love to know in the Peacefulmind Community.

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