Moon in Vrishabha (Taurus)

The good-natured Vrishabha moons are sociable, good company and sensual. Life is worth living for them. They are emotionally balanced, inwardly and outwardly reliable and steady. They like to finish a project, before they start a new one. In turn they lack a bit of spontaneity.

They like a regular life and they need a secure hold. Easily they overestimate material securities. Therefore they develop the capacity to make a lot of money and – above all – to keep it. Avarice is not their problem, therefore they enjoy life too much, and they are preoccupied with their bodily well being. Taurus – moons should learn not to take money too important.

In relationships they are devoted, tender and steady. Since they are emotionally steady and radiate tranquility, they give energy to others. The are logical and loving in nature and are also conservative. They are known as the most sensual moon sign of all.

Greatest Gift: Contentment, Comfort
Birthstone: Emerald
Gemstone: Diamond, Emerald
Colors: Mauve, Green, Pale Blue
Metals: Silver, Gold, Copper
Zodiac Symbol: Bull
Zodiac Element: Earth
Zodiac Quality: Fixed
Planet: Venus
House: 2 nd House
Chinese equivalent is the Snake
How to: bring change to your life
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