Properties. Ulexite is called the “TV Stone”.  This stone magnifies anything placed beneath it.  This TV stone is due to its unusual optical characteristics. The fibers of TV stone act as fiber optics, transmitting light along their lengths by internal reflection. This white translucent stone offers insight into the self and others. It assists in seeing solutions to many of our difficulties. Some find it helpful for amplifying dreams, imagination, imagery and fantasy. Consider this stone to help you to inspire creativity.

When a piece of this stone is cut with flat polished faces perpendicular to the orientation of the fibers, a good-quality specimen will display an image of whatever surface is adjacent to its other side. This crystal is wonderful for helping one make decisions. It is also used for furthering a particular objective. This stone helps one look at situations in a more realistic way. It can prevent the owner from being too trusting. This is also great for people/students who wish to improve their memory and willingness to learn.

Folk Remedies: This stone is said to have anti-bacterial and disinfecting properties. It has been used for eye problems. This stone is not recommended if one has addictive or escapism tendency.

Feng Shui: Use this stone in the Center area for harmony, in the West for creativity and in the Northeast for learning and knowledge.

Crystal Cleansing: method 1  (Ulexite may decomposes when soaked in water).

History: Ulexite (NaCaB5O6(OH)6•5(H2O)) (hydrated sodium calcium borate hydroxide) is a mineral occurring in silky white rounded crystalline masses or in parallel fibers. It was named after the German chemist Georg Ludwig Ulex (1811−1883) who first discovered it. This stone is composed of three borate tetrahedra and two borate triangular groups. It forms from the evaporation of water in intermittent playa lakes. The precipitated ulexite commonly forms a “cotton ball” tuft of acicular crystals. Ulexite is also found in a vein-like bedding habit composed of closely-packed fibrous crystals.

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