Properties: This stone is most famous as an amazing over all healer for illnesses in the physical body and mental/emotional issues. Turquoise is known as a stone of protection and communication on every level. It is a stone most attune to the thymus gland. The thymus is located in the upper part of the chest between the heart and the throat and produces T-lymphocytes (white blood cells that fight infections and destroy abnormal cells). It is an important organ of the immune system. This is exactly why turquoise has an effect on the entire body.

Use turquoise at the Throat Chakra, to encouraging communication between heart and mind as well as expressing your desires and dreams. It opens the Throat Chakra, for clear communication, creativity, serenity, spiritual bonding and uplifting through verbal expression. Turquoise can be placed at the Heart Chakra to energize the thymus, heart and immune system. Opens this Chakra for giving and receiving. Symbolizes our source (spirit/sky) and spiritual love for healing and helping.

It is known as the stone which connects heaven and earth. Balancing Yin Energy and Yang Energy, energizing the meridians and cleansing/clearing the Aura. Turquoise is used at the Third Eye Chakra for increasing our psychic connection to great spirit through intuition and allows for much deeper meditation.

Turquoise is a stone that purifies the spirit. It truly helps us see our anxieties as simply thoughts that pass us going downstream, giving them no more value than that. This stone helps us alleviate anxiety by showing us the bigger spiritual picture and dissolving negative energy.

This stone is one of the oldest and most universal gemstones used by almost every culture on the planet. Turquoise is an ancient absorber of “negativity” and give protection from the “evil eye.” It is said to bring wisdom and truth. When worn on the skin, it can easily change color from perfumes, oils, soaps and perspiration. It is believed to also change color when the wearer is ill or when danger is present. Turquoise is sensitive to strong sunlight. It protects one on all journeys, near, far, spiritual or physical travels. It is a great stone for astral travel. It offers the mental and spiritual clarity to see your own path in life.

Turquoise helps to regulate life energy otherwise known as Qi or prana. Truly reflects the individual carrying or holding it. Tunes into the energies of the person and transmits them back into the world. Can also help you get more in tune with others. Recommended for healers, those involved in negotiations, optometrists, veterinarians, and those who must rely on communications skills to get complex ideas across. This stone has been given to women for creating a sense of happiness and contentment, as well as for men to guarantee power and success.

Folk Remedies: Sympathetic to all maladies, this stone is the great immune booster. Like amethyst, it protects and detoxifies from alcohol, poison, pollution, x-ray/sun radiation. Helps anorexia, headache and fear. Treats the throat and lungs for issues of asthma, infections, teeth, TMJ, hearing, high blood pressure, creativity block and depression. It is used for muscular/skeletal pain, backache, arthritis, whiplash and post operative recovery. Used also for stress related skin disorders. If you are sick, Turquoise helps to put you at peace. A great anti-inflammatory stone.

Feng Shui: Turquoise is used in the area of North for personal journeys and in the Center area for grounding, protection and balance. It can also be used in the Southwest direction for love and partnership (always use two pieces in this area).

Crystal Cleansing: method 1 – 3 and method 5 – 7 Turquoise is sensitive to strong sunlight so it should never be charged in direct sun. Fades in sunlight, sweat, oil, dishwater. Avoid bleach/chlorine!

History: A hydrated phosphate of aluminum, acetate and copper, turquoise (CuAl6(PO4)4(OH)8+4H2O) is grape-shaped from the triclinic group. It is often found in crevices of aluminum rock, close to copper mines. Turquoise is an excellent conductor of energy due to its high copper association. Throughout history, this stone has been used as a universal healing stone, a colorant for clothing, make-up and paint as well as for jewelry, pendants and as elixirs for healing.

Turquoise is given its name from the Middle Ages and an old French word “turqueise” meaning “Turkish stone“. It is derived from the ancient Greek word “callais” (kallos lithos) meaning beautiful stone. Used in ancient Greece and by the Egyptian for adorning tombs, making jewelry and producing color from everything from paint to clothing dye. It was used by the Chinese, Tibetans and Hindus for healing and good luck. This gentle, cooling, soothing stone is a Native American classic used in the healer’s medicine wheels, bags and remedies. This stone was also hung on the end of their spear tips to ensure accuracy. Turquoise was documented by Shakespeare in the Merchant of Venice with the ring given to Shylock by Leah. It was one of the twelve fundamental stones used by Hildegard Von Bingen in her naturopathic remedies and one of the twelve stones in the Breast Plate of Aaron.

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