test-taking-exam  One of the top 10 most popular dream themes, test taking or test taking anxiety dreams are one of the biggest fears we dream of.

The dream is usually where you forget about an exam, haven’t studied or don’t recognize the words on the page. These are among the most common anxieties.

They usually begin in childhood and continue into middle age. Their variations are specific to the person having them.

Actors and dancers may not dream of walking into a test unprepared, instead they may dream that they forgot about an audition, forget their lines or can’t remember the steps.

These are all symbols of someone judging and evaluating you. It has to do with feeling exposed.

To what degree you handle it in your dream, can tell you what degree you need to work on in your waking life. They always often have to do with your securities (or lack of them) around a certain subject, person or particular situation.

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