A solar eclipse occurs when the moon comes between the sun and the earth. This blocks the light of the sun from the earth.

A solar eclipse emphasizes new beginnings as they occur on the new moon. They may have a way of changing perspective. They can help you do things you never thought you could do. A solar eclipse is a very meaningful new moon. This makes this moon a time of dramatic change, both within and without.

Since the Sun and Moon are in the same zodiac sign, the energies of that sign are supersized. It’s a concentration that can greatly impact you.

Usually a new moon is often a restful atmosphere of quiet and darkness. A solar eclipse blocks the Sun, a symbol of radiating outward and conscious awareness, along with all worldly attributes. The Sun is vitality, personal will, making this a highly charged, yet internal moment. It’s how we see ourselves (identity), and our own shared reality.

Dreaming of an eclipse of the sun shows a warning that continued excesses will cause some major health problems if the dreamer does not mend his ways. This is the conflict between the external and internal emotions.

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