Moon in Simha (Leo)

Simha are fanatical about their freedom and independence if they are born with the Moon in Leo. Despite being superior, Leo is ready to sacrifice for their loved ones, expressing their views frankly and assertively. The typical Leo nature is to outshine the achievements of others in their enterprising streak.

With a riveting intellect, Leo can judge the inherent worth of man and observe things from a higher point of view. They are good in organizing things and allocating tasks. Just as the Sun pierces through everything, their nature can and will judge the personality of others in its persistent, aggressive manner. A well-developed Leo is dependable, although less developed natures may not admit their mistakes.

Known to many as the “child of the Sun”, Leo is swift and perfect in fulfilling their duties, and is never satisfied with ordinary mettle, since he always sees the larger picture of accomplishment. Leo is choosy in his choice of friends, and once a friend, you are always a friend. The disposition is jovial, committed and at times wrathful at unintended slights. Leos are charming, loyal, generous and warm by the moon dominance. They like to be dignified and are indulgent and officious by nature.

Greatest Gift: Confidence, Passion
Birthstone: Peridot, Ruby
Gemstone: Peridot
Colors: Gold, Orange, Yellow
Metals: Gold
Flower: Gladiolus
Zodiac Symbol: Lion
Zodiac Element: Fire
Zodiac Quality: Fixed
Planet: Sun
House: 5 th House
Chinese equivalent is the Monkey
How to: bring change to your life
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