sex-dream    Sex dreams are so common, they often will physically arouse us from our sleep. They are one of the top 10 most common dream themes.

Men tend to have more negative erotic dreams while women tend to have more positive ones. Women seem to have fewer sex dreams but they are happier ones. While men have more sex anxiety dreams, often associated with performance.

The theme comes up so often in our dreams that it can take the form of many “phallic” objects giving the meaning of sex without the blatant act of sex. It has been the basis (and argument) of both Freud and Jung’s theories.

Sometimes our sex dreams have to do with fulfilling a deep or secret fantasy.

Mostly, the reveal how we tend to view ourselves and those around us, then they do our sexual desires!

The power of role play in dreams is another very common theme. It often tells us how we would like to express our deeper desires, but more so, it tells us about our own personalities.

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