Properties: This “stone of fire, light and illumination” is considered the stone associated with Archangel Seraphiel who rules with the highest order of angels, the Seraphim. Seraphinite, is derived from the Latin word “seraphin” referring to this order. The allusion to angels is due to the feathery wing patterns made by the silvery Mica contained within the stone. Seraphinite can be used to purify space and to accelerate manifestation and transformation of any kind. Seraphinite assists one in healing on all levels, through provoking an understanding of unconditional love. It helps dispel negative energy, especially when there is difficulty in a relationship. It is the premier healing stone of this age. It is the tool most suited to bringing the physical body into line with the Light energy. While the beautiful green shade is perfect for the Heart Chakra, it can be used on any Chakra or any other part of the body where enhance and harmonized energies are desired.

Folk Remedies: Psychic impressions of this stone suggest this is the most effective stone for cellular regeneration and can cause a flush of pure healing energy. It acts as a trigger, causing old patterns of disease or imbalance to all away and new patterns to be created.

Feng Shui: Seraphinite is used in the Northeast area for self cultivation, in the Southwest area for partners and relationships and for dispersing negative energy in any room.

Crystal Cleansing: method 1 – 8

History: Seraphinite (H8 Mg5 Al2 Si3 O18) is a type of chlorite (clinochlore) with silvery chatoyant fibers much like charoite in a deep green gemstone with feathery iridescent markings. With some specimens the resemblance is quite strong, with shorter down-like feathery growths leading into longer “flight feathers”. Seraphinite has chatoyancy, like cat’s eye and has a hardness between 2 and 2.5 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. It comes from a mine in the Lake Baikal region of Russia. Russian mineralogist Nikolay Koksharov (1818-1892) is often credited with its discovery. It occurs in the Korshunovskoye iron skarn deposit in the Irkutskaya Oblast of Eastern Siberia. The word seraph is from Isaiah 6 in the Hebrew Testament, and refers to winged angelic beings in service of God.

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