Rahu is the point in the sky called the north lunar nodes”. The (ascending) node is the north point where the orbit of the Moon crosses the ecliptic.

In the ancient Indian text “Bhagavat Purana”, Rahu became the head of the dragon.

Rahu represents that karma which causes our worldly desires, externalizing energies that push us forward or even cause us to overextend ourselves.

It is only natural that if Rahu indicates worldly desires, it is capable of giving power, fame, political success, money, and beauty.

Like most desires, they are insatiable and therefore, happiness or satisfaction may not necessarily result from the attainment of these benefits.
Considered one of the “Vedic Planets” Rahu is associated with the crystal Hessonite (aka) Gomed. It is associated with the balance of peace within us and subjugates our self-esteem.
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