Properties: This “stone” is most noted in helping us to investigate past-life experiences. Makes the user more aware of nature. It is a warm earthy stone, which is used at the Root Chakra, encouraging ones survival instincts and is grounding. Petrified Wood is also believed to energize the Heart Chakra. In mythological times, petrified wood was believed to possess divine power and to this day, stands as a symbol of man’s true connection to the natural world. This stone helps with mental longevity, helping to sooth emotions, generating calm and relieves stress.

Folk Remedies: Sympathetic to the maladies of the skin, muscle tissue, and circulatory system. Athletes are well-advised to carry petrified wood with them and use it in healing layouts. Benefits people with arterial sclerosis, arthritis, rheumatism, senility, and blood clots.

Feng Shui: Petrified Wood is used in the area of North for personal journeys and in the Center area for grounding and protection.

Crystal Cleansing: method 1 – 3 and method 5 – 8, charging it in the sun for 30 minutes.

History: Petrified Wood SiO2 (C,Fe,OH) is formed from the petrifaction of ancient trees that have remained airtight for millions of years. These trees then fossilize as the organic material is replaced by mineral growth taking over the tree. The mineralized stone is often made up of agate, chelcedony, opal or quartz. Usually comes in shades of brown but can also have stripes of black or gray in it. Found worldwide. Throughout history, these stones have been used as touch stones, pendants and as elixirs for generating the memories of former lives.

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